Blackcurrant Lemonade With Basil Seeds Biology Essay

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Definition of blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds

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Popularity of blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds



Reason for choosing blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds



Composition of blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds



Method to prepare blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds



Step-by-step diagrams and brief description

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Nutrition contents of blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds



Benefits of consumption of blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds

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Blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds is a type of refreshing drink that can rehydrate you when there is hot weather. It is quite popular in our country, Malaysia. Blackcurrant lemonade is made by using simple ingredients like blackcurrant juice, lemon, basil seeds, sugar and ice. This drink is considered as a healthy drink because of the nutrition value in blackcurrant juice, lemon and basil. It is sour and sweet in taste, so sometimes it is called appetizer drink. It is suitable for every age stage of people.

History of blackcurrant

Blackcurrant or cassis was originating in European countries including France and they are used to make drinks or eat raw because of their nutrition value and they contribute the health properties to human. They were rooted out to United States gardens because of the price of the blackcurrants are high at that time, so this can improve their economy and also increase their profits by selling them.

Diagram 1: Ripened blackcurrant

History of lemon

Scientists suggest the origin of lemon is probably in Northwestern India, where the lemons were cultivated for more than 2500 years. In Middle East and Africa also have lemons available because of the Arab traders brought in sometimes after 100 C.E (Common Era). It is believed to have been introduced into southern Italy around 200 C.E; and was cultivated in Egypt and in Sumer, the southern portion of Mesopotamia a few centuries later. At first, lemons were not for categorize as food. It was largely an ornamental or decoration plant until about the 10th century.

The Arabs introduced the lemon into Spain in the 11th century, and by 1150, the lemon was widely cultivated in the Mediterranean. Crusaders returning from Palestine brought it to the rest of Europe. The lemon came into full culinary use in Europe in the 15th century; the first major cultivation in Europe began in Genoa. Lemons came to the New World in 1493, when Christopher Columbus brought lemon seeds to Hispaniola. Spanish conquest spread the lemon throughout the New World, where it was still used mainly used as an ornamental plant, and for medicine.

Diagram 2: Lemon

Lemons were grown in California by 1751; and in the 1800s in Florida, they began to be used in cooking and flavoring. The name "lemon" first appeared around 1350–1400, from the Middle English word limon. Limon is an Old French word, indicating that the lemon entered England via France. The Old French derives from the Italian limone, which dates back to the Arabic laymun or limun, from the Persian word limun. In America, Lemons were cultivated as a commercial fruits throughout the world in 1800s, which is planted in California and Florida.

History of basil

Basil first originated in Asia and Africa. It was brought to Greece by the legendary warrior Alexander the Great, in around 350 BC (before Century). In 1500, it came to England, via India and finally came to USA during the 1600s. Basil held a deep significance for people during those times. It was believed to be a symbol of love & hatred, life & death, and danger & protection. In India, it is termed as the holy basil, and its cultivation in India started 3000 years back in the courtyards or temples.

In Egypt, the basil was used to embalm the mummies while in Greece, because of its embalming effects, it was used as a symbol of mourning. It was known there as 'basilikon phuton', meaning magnificent, royal or kingly herb. The basil seeds, when soaked in water, become rubber like and very soft in texture. These are then used in a number of drinks like sherbet and in sweet dishes like 'falooda'. The various types of basil seeds are sabja, subja, takmaria, tukmaria, falooda, hột é and others.

These seeds are famous of their medicinal properties and are used in Ayurveda. There are various types of cultivated basils such as sweet basil, scented basil, holy basil, camphor basil, purple basil, "Genovese" basil, lettuce leaf basil.

Diagram 3: Basil plant

Diagram 4: Basil seeds before soaked in water

Diagram 5: Basil seeds after soaked in water

Popularity of blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds

Blackcurrant lemonade is also known as refreshing drinks. It is well known around the world due to its refreshing taste when it was chilled in refrigerator. It is usually served cold, because of the refrigerated blackcurrant lemonade will tastes good and refreshing compared to without refrigerated ones. In Malaysia, basil seeds or jellies are usually put into blackcurrant lemonade as a decoration or to make it more nutritious and provides good texture due to the crunchiness and chewiness as well as gumminess of the ingredients.

It can be found easily in western restaurants, café or Malay’s stalls like Mamak stalls or restaurant. It can be used as an appetizer to increase appetite before having a meal due to the sourness of the drinks. Furthermore, this drink is served for everyone, without harmful effects. Nevertheless, the drinks contain high amount of vitamin C and fibers, which helps to improve human’s immune system and digestive tracts. Basil seeds can lubricate the digestive tracts to prevent constipation because of high content of fiber. This drink is very suitable to prepare as a drink in a party, event or celebration.

The price of this drink is inexpensive; it is only costing around RM 2 something. It had become famous nowadays due to the nutrition facts as well as it is pretty easy to prepare.

Reason for choosing blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds

The reason that I choose blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds as my food analysis is I like to drink blackcurrant juice. On the other hand, it is a type of popular drink among the world due to its refreshing taste.

Blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds drink is a very popular drink in our country, Malaysia. This is because it is easy to prepare at home and it can served as an appetizer before having a meal and also act as a digestive after eating oily foods. The sourness of the lemonade is contributed by the citrus fruits like lemon and blackcurrant extract itself.

The reason I put in the basil seeds into the drink is because of the crunchiness, chewiness and gumminess of the texture it provided. In addition, basil seeds are providing a good source of fiber to prevent constipation. It is also a potent antioxidant, antimicrobial properties.

The ingredients that used to make this drink are blackcurrant extract, lemon, basil seeds, sugar and water. Those ingredients stated above, contributes many health benefits to human like improve immune system, improve bowel movement, antioxidant and others.

Composition of Blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds

Ingredients of blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds:

Blackcurrant extract, 100 grams

Lemon juice, 6 grams

Basil seeds, 1 ounce (28g)

Sugar, 1 teaspoon (5g)

Water, 8 fl oz (247g)

Method to prepare blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds

Pour 100 grams of blackcurrant extract into a container.

Add in 6 grams of lemon juice into the container.

Add in 1 teaspoon of sugar into the container.

Pour in 8 fl oz of water into the container and stir.

Soak basil seeds in a cup filled with 30 grams of water and wait for 20 minutes for it to "expand".

Pour in the soaked basil seeds into the mixture.

It is ready to serve, if refrigerate it in refrigerator for 2 hours, it is tastier and refreshing.

Step-by-step diagrams and brief descriptions:

1st step:

Prepare the ingredients like Blackcurrant extract, lemon, sugar, basil seeds.C:\Documents and Settings\Steven\Desktop\20130314_194051.jpg

2nd step:

Pour in the blackcurrant extract and stir well.C:\Documents and Settings\Steven\Desktop\20130314_194720.jpg

3rd step:

Squeeze the lemon into the mixture.C:\Documents and Settings\Steven\Desktop\20130314_194650.jpg

4th step:

Add in some sugar.C:\Documents and Settings\Steven\Desktop\20130314_194808.jpg

5th step:

Stir well.C:\Documents and Settings\Steven\Desktop\20130314_194742.jpg

6th step:

Soaking basil seeds in water and wait it to "expand".C:\Documents and Settings\Steven\Desktop\20130314_221317.jpg

7th step:

Pour in the soaked basil seeds and it is ready to serve. Refrigerate it for better taste.C:\Documents and Settings\Steven\Desktop\20130316_215552.jpg

Nutrient contents of Blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds

Figure 1: Nutrition facts of Blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds

Benefits of consumption of Blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds

Blackcurrant lemonade with basil seeds is not only for drink purpose while it contains a lot of benefits to human. It is an acidic beverage which the sourness of the taste is actually come from the blackcurrant extract and also the lemon. It is good for digestive system, immune system and also help in relieving heat from the body.

Blackcurrant contains high content of vitamin C, potassium and GLA (Gamma- Linoleic Acid). According to a research, the content of potassium in blackcurrants are higher than bananas two times, vitamin C content is four times in oranges and twice the oxidants in blueberries.

On the other hand, blackcurrants contain high amount of phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals called anthocyanin. It got the effects against cancer, aging, neurological diseases and inflammation. Furthermore, it contains anti-oxidant compounds which will help in the prevention of the dementia. Sometimes, blackcurrants are also used to treat diarrhea, whooping cough and gum disease. They are often used to make throat lozenges to relief cough and sore throat. Doctors also recommend patients to eat more blackcurrants, because they can used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

The fruit intensifies weak peripheral circulation caused by menopause and cleans the blood of toxins, wastes and cholesterol. They contain high amount of iron which requires by the body for red blood cell production purpose.

Basil seeds provide concentrated fibers and nutrient. As we know, seeds are used for germinating purpose; therefore the seeds contain the entire essential nutrient including carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fats. Some studies shows that basil seeds are aiding in digestion, it is commonly used to relief stomach upset due to its carminative effects. It can treat stomach cramp, flatulence, constipation and improve bowel movement.

Basil seeds are often used to treat colds due to its antispasmodic effects, help in treating whooping cough. Stress can uplifted by consuming basil seeds as well. It cans relief depression, nervous tension, mental fatigue and others due to its calming effects. It is commonly used for aromatherapy purposes. If basil seeds were crushed into oil, it will help in treating wounds, cuts and skin infections.

Consumption of lemon will bring many health benefits to human such as hair care, skin care, prevent internal bleeding, burns, respiratory disorders, lower high blood pressure and good source of anti-oxidant. Lemons contain vitamin C, vitamin B, phosphorus, proteins, carbohydrates, and phosphorus. According to American Urological Association’s research, consumption of lemonade can cure kidney stone by forming urinary citrate, which can prevent formation of crystal.

Lemon juice has proved in the treatment of hair care, apply lemon juice on the scalp can treat hair fall, dandruff. Otherwise, apply lemon juice on the hair, it will give the hair a natural shining. On the other hand, lemon juice is a natural antiseptic medicine, apply some lemon juice on the bee sting area, it will automatically treat the swollen part. It can also apply on the face to treat acne and eczema.

Due to high content of anthocyanin in the lemon, lemon juice can anti-aging, prevent cancer and inflammation. Consumption of lemon can aid in indigestion and constipation. Lemon acts as blood cleanser and a purifying agent. If someone is willing to keep fit, consuming lemon juice is one way of weight losing.