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It is an organized process of handling routine and non-routine procedure and maintenance of tasks to achieve anticipated outcomes.

The business purpose is accountable for planning, organizing, and controlling the capitals needed for company’s merchandises and services

In 1893 Coca-Cola, which is also known as Coke is a one of the biggest trademark of freshwater. It is registered in the U.S. In 1886; Coca-Cola's founder was a pharmacist. At that time American people take the Coke (Coca Cola) is an oral drug. Lately when Asa Candler (brilliant businessman) bought Coca-Cola and through it marketing made coke one of the leading dominancy in fresh water .This transformation image of America during 20th century was huge

He said: customer’s first "medicine" Coke is actually a beverage and very delicious and fresh.

This name originates from coca leaves and fruit. These two components has to do a lot with Coca Cola period as people known Asa Candler as "A man's drug world". Currently Coca-Cola is a very famous soft drink global company which consist of a large product line as Coca-Cola Light , diet and lemon etc. Coke has too many vendors and its distribution is so effective that it serves in almost in all shops and mostly in summer or hot areas. It has a network of 200 countries worldwide.


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Role of an operation management in Coca Cola Company:

The role of an operation management is to deal with the productivity system of Coca-Cola Company. Here we need to identify its resources and system of productivity to deal and design with manufacturing products. While considering this we need to have clear idea of development. Utilization, production, design and deliverance of objective into task of Operations management. Supply of Operations management ranges from strategic to strategic and operational levels. Typical strategic matters include shaping of location of industrial plants and deciding the construction of networks, designing expertise supply chains.

Importance of operation’s manager:

Operation manager’s role is very important is satisfying the production requirements and needs that actually focus on long term success which focus mainly on customer’s satisfaction. This management approach is based on the processes and products involve in their work. The importance is shown when operation manager keeps track of the following key sources:

Keeping high in touch with technology

Have different way of looking innovation

Keeps the management’s goal on track

Applying this on Coke, manager is responsible to know about the quality and packaging of products. Distribution to retail outlets and stores are the crucial thing to be done in order to make Coca-Cola available to customers and consumers all around the world. Now keeping good terms with retailer is equally important so that they will self out product and keep close eye on consumer’s choosing and picking up ability. Its Global nature is to provide security and higher standards of quality demand.

Coke uses a system that ensures the level of production, product quality distribution and retailing. This system is a management system known as The Coca-Cola Management System (TCCMS)

Role of operation management:

For being an operations manager, there are many responsibilities and authorities that has to be taken in account for contributing to the effective and efficient production and manufacturing of services and goods. It also takes full responsibility on the nature of structure and task. These procedures differ from each other in terms of following types of operations.

Understanding strategic objectives:

Managers must clearly recognize the goals of a company to make break through vision of achieving it. The motives that are translated into clear vision helps more in benefiting the company’s operation process as this is one of the highest demand taken to be accomplished. It also involves interpreting these goals into inferences for the operation's performance, goals, value, rapidity, dependability, elasticity and cost.

Developing an operations strategy: Number of decision making is involve to develop managers strategy on long term alliances

Designing the operation's products, services and processes: It involves the physical shape and composition of products and processes.

Planning and controlling: This is to decide what and which operations and resources are needed to make management get control over the company.

Improving the performance of operation: Operations managers are likely to repeatedly monitor and progress the overall performance Coke’s operation.

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Competitive Advantage


Coca-Cola has a lot competitive advantages. Two of them are Management expertise, and Market leadership. The Coca-Cola Company delivers the company with executive helps develop executives’ capabilities, facts and experience

As Pepsi has a good name but everyone knows "Coke." Their brand is so popular everywhere which has a major advantage. To imitate Coca-Cola brand is very hard and costly .all super market and commercial stores are using Coke as its biggest brand in the country. In UAE the demand of coke is more than Pepsi as coke has much larger distribution channel and what the only reason they can sustain competitive advantage. Its trademark is not to be impossible

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Analysis and Appraisal of Competitive strategy of Coca-Cola

Market Leadership

Coca-Cola FEMSA is the largest bottler with operations in different parts of the world.

Business partnerships

FEMSA is occupied together with the Coca-Cola Company for branding our products. We have to make people that protective to capture imperative growth occasions in Latin America’s fast-growing.

Cooperative customer relationships

Coca-Cola FEMSA looks to make customers relationship to get the fully deepen relationship to its customers


While implementing a multi-segmentation strategy markets our needs to drive multi market is very strategic.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a chief pillar of our Company’s strategy. It helps in promoting cultural , in communities health , wellbeing and support of distribution channels.

Client Value Management to transfer our commercial models we need to identify and focus on our customers’ value potential and satisfaction by using VBS approach. New model is going to made in Brazil, Colombia and Central America.

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Generally, operations management keeps full control for company Cokes lot. As management operations have many areas, coke has a big distribution network that satisfies the customer in terms of thirst and taste. The direction given inside the organization is the main key role of serving the human resources more compatible to deal with technical and financial programs.

To analyze the profitability of industry, one needs to fully cater the management option to make strategies of profit maximization. All the system, analysis, conclusion result helps to make policy reduction in risk of Coke. Statistical tools with in the industry helps to make qualitative and quantitative analysis for the measurement of exact profit coverage.

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