Art And Culture Is Considered Cultural Studies Essay

Art practice will not be as lucrative or popular counterparts in other creative enterprise they will still poor cousin in the creative industries. Essentially, art conquered the creative industry and Singapore art world is changing.

Singapore's vision as a city of art was realized. In the 2011 budget, art was assigned to each year s $365 million up to 2015, double resources from the past few years. From this number, s $40 million will promote art in Singapore's center zone (Chia 2012). In September 2010, the government has set up a group and set up a new strategy that strengthen the art and culture in Singapore. Before the strategy has been massive investment institutions and infrastructure.

Check classification art to the creative industry in Singapore. Singapore is the definition of creative industry classified into the following creative industry cluster or domain:

Arts and Culture:

The performing arts (dance), visual art, literature and art, photography, technology, library,

Museums, galleries, archives, auction, contractor, heritage, performance

Art website, festivals and art support enterprise.


Advertising, architecture, network and software, graphics industrial products,

Fashion, communication, indoor and environment.


Broadcast (including radio, television, cable), digital media (including

Software and computer services), film and video, recorded music and publishing. (erc ci 2012:3)

Art and culture is considered to be the core, and then to the creative industry. The government of Singapore believe that art is important for the culture development of the city. We will see the authorities are offering more and more support for the arts and culture, and the state sponsorship artists and art lovers continue to rise.

In fact, the financial support art in Singapore never more generous. But this process doubts art to creative industries also resulted in its conquest.

Compared to other creative enterprise, such as advertising, development computer games and architecture, art community must be forced to become more efficient in the economy of their creativity. With measurable indicators, media and creative design cluster is proved to be profitable. Therefore, it is thought and continue to state support; In the light, have a kind of feeling, good painter's weight must be "quantitative" that they contribute to the society.

This can be a difficult challenge, as the essence of art it is the premise of the lofty ideal, are not suitable for simple experience index validity minimum condition. But the official point of view is that art can't allow the sacred cow, countries in terms of investment, art also must be "responsible" if it were given tax payers money.

By using infant industry argument, Singapore government support different industry creative industry. For example, the prime minister in September 2010, he announced that the government will spend about $3.2 billion a year in research and development in the coming five years. About 1% of the total number of Singapore's GDP (Chua & Chua 2012). Display the amount of Singapore's commitment to become a "knowledge, innovation driven economy" (Chua & Chua 2012). Design and media clusters as profitable and is generous support the government.

For example, economic and development committee has allocated $500 million of the development of digital media industry in 2006 and 2010 (Balakrishnan 2012). Then, another $500 million purpose is to provide a period from 2011 to 2015. Media production company, such as electronic arts (manufacturer's computer game the SIMS) has the studio is located in Singapore. Bureau of a joint venture enterprise, so Lucas movie more and more production work in George Lucas films, TV programs and the game will be completed in Singapore (Tham 2012). In April 2010, the minister of mica announced a new initiative to attract animation project to Singapore, the government would like to fund up to $5 million for each project. The project must have a local partner but Singapore (Tan, W. 2012). In contrast, between 2003 and 2009, Singapore government funding of the arts to increased through the national arts council, esplanade and art college s $55 million from $99 million(MICA 2012: 41). Normally, the art get less support than other creative cluster. Other creative cluster more worth, because they are more profitable. In fact, the workers in art and cultural cluster belong to economic production. Singapore department statistics compared the relative effective creative three creative industry is concerned that every employee's value (Design Singapore Council 2012; see Table 1).

Arts S$ 40 000 (€20 000)

Design S$ 67 000 (€34 000)

Media S$ 81 000 (€41 000)

So in comparison, culture department don't generate as much revenue and other creative industry and also did not get as much as possible grants. Economic "laggard" in cultural clusters found in art, in the art community members know that they do not have economic benefit of the production rock concerts and auction antique. But as a part of the creative industry means that art will inevitably be compared to other creative enterprise. In the art community members must constantly remind ourselves that they are in the development of commercial culture rather than economic development.

In the Renaissance city 2.0 report, in one of the art to the creative industry, it is said that Singapore must: possible existing and new art infrastructure through the development of our software [human skills) and improve the level of integration and business and industry. At the same time, the agency must change, from "art for art's sake" mentality, the development of the art from the overall point of view, to provide the development of creative industry and our country's social development. (ERC-CI 2012: 14)