Limitation Of Mens Casual Sportswear In Sri Lanka Cultural Studies Essay


This paper discusses the boundaries that come across in the Sri Lankan men’s casual sportswear market. The idea behind choosing the topic is my interest in men’s casual sportswear. And have notice that significant different between casual sportswear market between the international and the Sri Lankan. This paper discusses the differences of the both international and the local markets. The main aim of the desertion is the to find out the what are the boundaries the Sri Lankan men’s casual sportswear market face and come up with the solution to fix it and improve it.

In men’s fashion casual sportswear plays a major role. It’s a complete package which comes with the t-shits, jacket trousers, trainers, hooded tops, caps and more accessories. It comes with different styles, contrasting colors, different cuts which give comfort, style, freedom, express the individuality and liberty to day today lifestyle. The sportswear is an industry associate with high technology world famous brand like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, and Converse. As a major market share in the fashion world the sportswear can make major contribution to the fashion industry in Sri Lanka.

Scope and limitation

This paper only discuss about the limitation of men’s casual sportswear in Sri Lanka. The reason behind that not to choose the women’s were is I have found the men’s fashion industry is far more behind the women’s fashion industry and there are more to issues to be fixed. And other major reason for choosing the topic is my personal interest in men’s wear.

This paper covers history of men’s casual sportswear and the contribution of that to the world of fashion. It also discusses the factors behind the popularity of men’s casual sportswear around the world. The paper mainly discusses the current market position of the men’s casual wear in the Sri Lanka fashion industry. And also the reason behind the limitation and the barriers of the men’s casual wear in the Sri Lanka.


To identify the limitation there are several interview and questionnaires take place with the group of consumers with different age groups, interviews with different retails who currently dealing with men’s casual wear in Sri Lanka. After carefully analyzing the interview and questionnaires, can come to a conclusion of the limitation of the men’s casual sportswear in Sri Lanka. And based on the limitation can come to a solution how we can come over the limitation and improve the men’s casual sportswear industry in Sri Lanka.


Chapter 1: History of Men’s Sportsear

Even though sportswear was initially developed for sports, nowadays men have a preference of sportswear as a form of casual wear. Sportwear is now used for informal and leisure activity. This means we can identify sportwear as two groups: cloths worn by the sports men, and the clothes worn by the people as a casual wear.

New paragraph to describe how sportwear looks and feels different from regular designs. These garments come with different colors, styles and forms which make them more versatile.

Impact on American culture in Sportswear

The sportswear was emerge to the American culture during 1930’s by the designers like Clare Potter and Claire McCardell. They came up with new and innovative designs that suits for practical lifestyle. The Paris designs were more traditional where the American designs were more practical and suitable for realistic lifestyle. The sportswear was design as a ready to wear garments which were widely available and express the individuality.

The Americas had a unique culture of sports like basketball, baseball and football which had unique styles. The baseball jersey was trademark of the youth that show their style and the sportiness. The American high Scholl culture played a major role in emerge the sportswear into the day-to-day lifestyle. The Letterman Jacket is a trademark of the high school youth that time. The golf wear were a casual smart option for men at that time.

The American fashion has a major contribute to the sportswear which classifies the American culture. That gives you comfort, style, freedom, express the individuality and liberty.

The sportswear comes with the whole package. It comes with the t-shits, jacket trousers, trainers, hooded tops caps and many more.

History of innovation in sportswear textiles

The history of sportswear goes to late early 19th century where people put in to practice of wearing in activity such as horse riding. With the industrial revaluation in Europe and the United States the sportswear were enhanced for new leisure activity and most people wore it as a sigh of social status and a luxury. Tansition sentence between 1800s and 1900s

In late 1960’s they came up with the idea of garments which can be stretch and make a boom in the men’s sportswear industry. With this quality they could make sports garments which can be extended with the movement of the person who wear and also it make the garment very comfortable. This group of garments improved form then to till now because most of the people are into active lifestyle like sports and exercising.

In 1970’s the evolutional track suit which comes with Anorak top [1] along with the bottom was very famous among the top athletes. The boiler sport suit which came in 1969 made based on space garment materiel was became very famous as a party wear. The Gore Tex was breakthrough during the same time which was has unique features of breathability and waterproof. They use to Gore Tex for making sportswear garment for ski, golf and expedition activity. This was a beginning of a new fashion era.How? why?

In 1980’s people were introduced to more active lifestyles that included a rage of new sports: aerobics, yoga, squash, jogging, gym exercise and many more. This led to a new era of sportswear. Describe social change

During the same time the shell suit was introduce which had a nylon jogging to with an open zipper in the front and the loose bottom. (what makes this garment a response to the 1980s or the sports)The shell suit came up with the bright multi contrasting colors. It became an ordinary day today fashion to almost all the age groups because it was cheap and people could afford them.

(what changes in people) In 1990’s the polar fleece jacket were introduce and it came up with a wide range. And this was a lightweight garment which makes you warm in an activity like hill climbing and hiking. This suit was casual wear that suits all the age groups and easy to care which was extremely comfortable.

During the Olympics in 1990’s the skintight martial garments came in to the picture. They believe that this material provide comfort and support for the athlete to give their best performance. The sportswear was a booming commercial industry this time. The one piece running suit was very popular with the sprinters then and up to today. They have the special material of fabric that keeps the athlete dry by absorbing the moisture and plus add a cooling effect at the same time. During the Olympics the Speedo came up with the skin tight one piece swimming wear. This was a mater piece worn by the Olympic gold medalist and the record breakers. The Olympic helps the sportswear industry to boom and to come up with the new technologies and the experiment. It was a great platform for the manufactures and for the sports brands to commercialize their product.

The impact of brands on the development of sportswear

The top brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, and Converse endorse their products in top athletic events, sports and the players as a marketing strategy. This helps to improve their sales and market and reach their product to the public.

Today sportswear has come a long way that people adapt them to wear as day today casual wear. Which come with great styles comfort and many more.