Michael Young Was Born In Sunderland Cultural Studies Essay


Michael Young was born in Sunderland, England, and studied furniture and product design at Kingston University in London Department. In London in 1995, he founded his own studio MY-022ltd began to get involved in the field of interior design and product design.

Michael Young as the contemporary world design community one of the most influential designers. He is a very prolific designer, commitment to product design and interior design, the well-known brand for many renowned international design including Cappellini, SAWAYA & MORONI, MAGIS, etc.. Won numerous international awards for his interior design, by many competing internationally renowned media reported.

Michael is currently settled in Hong Kong a lot of design work starting in Hong Kong. As exhibited in May this year, known as "China Industrial surprise for wake concerned about the importance of innovative design" works of art - link. Michael local industry with its own design philosophy combine to bring a new brand reputation for industrial design in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. 15 years, Michael has been the establishment of a solid and extensive global visibility. After 1992, his steel wire woven works once launched will be the Louvre and the Centre Pompidou Collection;, he is referred to a series of furniture for the Tokyo E & Y creation "MidNineties" model for new furniture ", Germany DieNeueSammlung Art Museum and the London Design Museum's permanent collection. The his limited lighting works "SuperSteelStick" also in Shanghai Gallery show. MichaelYoung also occasionally movers and shakers in the fashion industry: in 2007 he and a Lacoste polo shirt launch new season, cloth and plastic together to design a very futuristic clothing. This year, he and orange fruit (boss is Demos Chiang) cooperation, designed a limited edition USB bracelet, people can put the soft touch of digital products "through" the body.

Become a designer

Speaking a bit embarrassing, his childhood disorder literacy, is flawed in reading and writing, but to promote that he was going to find some of their own rules of survival, is going to inspire your own creativity. He found himself interested in the picture, shape, color processing. If you say The Childhood something occurred design influence, which is one of the important factors. And that reading and writing disorder may be present in a family of DNA

At school he always thought I would be in a band, he was - but a bad one, it was quite a shock when he realized he was not up to it because he didn’t bother with my exams , mean while all my friends where about to become vets or pilots , he remember the terror. he waited until he was 21 and got into design school at Kingston as a mature student. In hindsight it was good to do it at that age because it was a ‘do or die‘ situation, I had more determination. he saw all this work by Tom Dixon made of scrap metal and was quite struck by it. It really drove me to create a job for myself were he could feel quite free.

This is a difficult question, because he told Milan almost all designers are good friends, they each have their own characteristics and outstanding. Contact when he began learning to design those designers usually make him memorable. Such as the famous Danish designer vernerpanton, he took him into a gorgeous festive, colorful design world. While tomdixon and jaspermorrison a profound impact on his designer, they helped him learn how to live maverick. In addition, like the konstantingrcic, marcelwanders and richard hutten of people, their expertise in their own work, and always inspired him.

Dominant influences in their lives

Most of the time in a year, he traveled at least sixty to seventy large and small travel times, few stability. Many times, his inspiration comes from travel, but everything comes from life, details will be on the impact of his design for granted in life every day


plastic has been the material of Young favorite, this time in cooperation with LACOSTE, he tried plastic and cloth to create a novel with a futuristic atmosphere, while reflecting the the LACOSTE brand traditional polo shirt. He designed the front direction upstream over clothes behind the pattern of a crocodile with lifelike polo shirt to replace the heat-activated ink for screen printing process to be used directly in a mesh cotton, then be baked to make it foam, into a thick plastic imitation crocodile skin, especially new and interesting

Design philosophy or methodology

When beginning to design, to follow the existing rules and templates.Now he has the development of a sound studio, all mature and complete, from concept or industrial.He do design individual thankful. All material used in the design must be carefully monitored and verified from various aspects.I would like to see the most is that my products will make people feel that they are well cared for

Michael Young, repeated in the same field of design is the most unbearable thing. Although the "cross-border" is nowadays design community trends, but Mike Young to the for Magis Design "Dog House", from Kuro Music of Mp3 Icelandic nightclub Astro, Giant new bike from furniture, jewelry, to Schweppes Tonics the bar supplies, Florence cosmetic surgery clinics decor, plastic cooperation with LACOSTE polo shirt classic ... from space design to industrial design to costume design, span the breadth of real rare. The colorful design career so flooded with his style in all areas of life, his work, simple lines and bright colors dripping essential divergence of the urchin-like charm, people smile, especially novel material with unique fit, often striking

When Young, was invited by Magis, the Italian plastic products manufacturer, to design outdoor furniture with a 'smile on its face', he responded with the engagingly cartoonish Yogi sofa, chair and table. At first glance Yogi looks like children’s furniture, not least because the pieces are so low on the ground. Yet this was a deliberate ploy by Young to ensure that, while children can slip on comfortably, adults will feel incongruous. "Yogi places you in a vaguely humorous predicament and forces you to relax", he says. "You can’t take yourself too seriously".

All his works are almost always bring people to smile design, with comic humor. His upbringing made ​​him more like an artist and not just a designer. British education background give him the freedom to explore, to take shape self, adhere to self. He has his own design thinking and point of view, is the master of the function, technology evolution and how humans adapt to the balance between this evolution. The design has come, "he will not depart from the position. Empathy around trouble sometimes is the starting point for his design. His design can often bring people to surprise, but the surprise is not the most important feature is his basic design. He has designed a set of wine, this series with the graceful arc of glass, ice bucket, ice tongs, ice tray, and with the bartender and stir dual function swizzle stick. Group pleasing design of a successful interpretation of their function.

Michael Young to create the field no boundaries, as long as the performance of the objects and their use outside the passionate, the rest does not matter. The world is a playground. Of course, there is the playground of the rules of the game, in his opinion the problem is that today's design: Design in Europe as a decoration, but many of the works are no longer designed Art Deco. He is more inclined to the results of industrialization, like materials used games, and want people to be able to use.

Almost all Michael Young’s designs are intended to be lighthearted yet practical. Curvily contoured and brightly Coloured, his work is invariably imbued with comic book humour.


The design is actually grateful for the individual. All material used in the design must be carefully monitored and verified from various aspects. I would like to see the most is that my product will make people feel that they are well cared for.

Launched in 2006 the Giant Citystorm bike is with Mr. Jiang Youbai and I teamed up. Citystorm shape fully reserved bicycle descent has increased greatly, but in the science and technology of the hidden telescopic anti-theft lock, hydraulic injection molding technology, the headlights, and the inclination pedal board design, their performance a breakthrough. This is my most satisfying work.

Of course, every product I put a hundred percent effort to do, rather than say this put a hundred percent, that only invest a few percent, I do it in such a state of mind, just out there do not. this also relates to the many factors

Fame for wet and dry lights ︰ Studio is responsible for lighting the called Sticklight 10 years ago, Michael's famous for, is characterized by the same use indoor and outdoor, waterproof Chairman heat-resistant, Michael said the idea for a lamp from the Earth to the presence of airtree, worth about $ 2,000

On here 01 and 02, designed for Magis dog house ($ 5,000) and Yogi Family Chair ($ 1,000), the characteristics of the dog house the upper half detachable become coffee table, while Yogi its name from the morphological the yoga sit cross-legged posture

Practical Sofa ︰ Magazine Sofa Michael (1994), another early works, as the name suggests, is characterized by a set aside a good magazine space.

Table Lamp the strange table lamp ︰ figure named Steel Women is the first thing kicks works metal as rattan play, success a bit.


Japan design history


Japan spent a very short time, the development of modern design from around 1953 to the 1980s, has become one of the world's most important design not only daily necessities design, packaging design, consumer durable products design to international standards,car design, such as the design of electronic products require a high degree of technical background and long-term personnel training complex design category, also reached the international level, so that the world of Japanese design new light. Why Japan can in such a short period of time to achieve such a significant achievement, but also a very important issue design theorists.

founding ideas

The development of civilization in Japan after the Meiji Restoration began studying engineering technology from Germany, borrowed from the British civil service system and learn the essence of foreign civilization on the basis of a large number of ground-based, and the 7th century to the ninth century, to learn from the Chinese culture, and even text reference;social management system; modern enterprise management technology and science and technology from the United States to study, and so on, the combination of these factors, coupled with their own digestion to reach the point of mastery, to form their own unique culture in the aftermath of the Second World War. Design development in Japan, is also based on this model. Therefore, from traditional Japanese design, you can see the influence of China, South Korea; can be seen in the design of modern Japan, the United States, Germany, and Italy's impact. Japan is learning the advanced experience of foreign students, however, is the most able to the experience of others and their own national conditions combined, developed its own unique system of national. Therefore, it can not be said that Japan's experience is just built on top of the copy others experience. Japan for many years to learn the history, resulting in a super digestion and selection mechanism, coupled with the tradition of Japan's civilization, the special geographical environment, social structure and interpersonal networks, so that Japan's cultural, economic, political and minority different Japanese design thus has its own very special form.

Philosophy and characteristics

The design critic El Japanese design can be summarized as two categories, namely:

    l) colorful, decorative, luxurious, creative;

    2) monochromatic, linear, modified, simple and frugal.

The traditional Japanese culture stresses three basic positions, these three basic positions are reflected in the traditional Japanese and modern design, the three positions:

    l) wabi: meaning nothing, zero, is limited;

    2) sabi: meaning is eternal, frugal, unity of function and form;

    3) shibui: the meaning of a grim taste. Refers to a material freehand: frugal, not to show off.

    The traditional architecture of Japan as an example, the analysis is very typical of Japanese design principles and features. Japan's traditional housing and supplies designed with the following design features:


    Lightweight and portability (portability)

    The linearity the form (rectilinearity)

    Selectivity (selectivity)

    Reduce the doctrine characteristics (minimalism)

    The modulus system and standardized features (modularity and Standardization)

    Design patterns from the inside out

Detail to the overall design mode


Naoto Fukasawa, the famous Japanese product designers, household appliances and daily sundries design brand "± 0" founder.His design idea is: with the least amount of elements (fluctuation tolerance is + - 0) to show all of the functions of products.

Packaging design, the modelling of fruit juice packaging show

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