My Experience On Singapores Culture Cultural Studies Essay

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Culture bridge

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4. My experience base on country differences

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1. Introduction

This report is going to explain and contained about cross cultures impact and this report is just on my experience in Singapore. Initially my name is SAN WIN MAUNG and I came from Myanmar to Singapore for study. I have been in Singapore for a year and I have quite a lot experiences about different culture and also from different country people. There are some methods about cross culture during I’m study in Singapore which is I’m going to explain it in this report as well. This report also contained about the communication with Singaporean and others country's students as a foreign student from Myanmar. I’m going also going to explain what are the benefits we will get from cross culture on my experience during studying in Singapore.

2. My experiences base on cross cultural

Culture Bridge

Singapore, a small country with varieties of culture, religion and faces around. Before I step in Singapore I thought it is just a dot on a map, but when I reached here I saw lots of different faces like Asian, American and so on. I am studying in Singapore and it's not surprise me that it's referred to Small Asia, its efficient infrastructure and also its influence by both Asian and Western culture style in the small interesting Lion City. And also I'm shock that people are living by their own way in Singapore and all are going without any argument.

My first real experience of culture shock was probably when I reached to Singapore is that I remember noticing that people didn't seem as friendly as to their other's, once all of those titles were missing, and I wasn't sure how to address anyone. Table manners and other types of etiquette were really different, and I was afraid of doing something rude. Singaporean didn't smile at each other nearly as much as people in Myanmar( Burmese) do, and so I didn't feel as good as in my home country.

But other thing is that I was shock that in Singapore people especially primary school boys and girls are taking public transport without anyone, back in Myanmar we used to go with parents. Nevertheless people are walking like robot on orchard road and I feel so lonely.

3. Communication

English is the official language of Singapore, but it's not uncommon to hear several languages spoken in one day. Singapore's population is comprised mostly of its three largest ethnic groups: Chinese, Malay, and Indian. This cultural diversity has resulted in a colourful collection of traditions, holidays. And also u can hear people are talking Indian, mandarin, Vietnamese, Philippines and so on. And also when I step in school my Singaporean friends are talking similar to English and then I ask them and they said is 'Singlish' which is basically English but in Singaporean style. And is just totally English but for me some part are difficult to understand. English is not my first language but when I'm in school I just speak with English to my friends.

There are lots of Burmese in Singapore but also Myanmar have 7 states and 7 divisions so the languages are not same and we called it Dialect. When I came to Singapore I found a lot of Burmese who study in Singapore and of course easy to make friends, but there still some problem of differential of culture between us. Also we don't know each other language and we only speak in English.

4. My experiences base on country difference = (culture differences)

Everyone was talking about movies or TV shows I'd never seen, and I felt really out of it. I particularly remember being fascinated by the "lights" down the middle of the roads-- my dad explained that they were reflectors, and I felt silly for not knowing something so simple. We were only "home" for several months, but I was glad to get back to a more normal life than in the Singapore.

Singapore also has citizen from different culture likes Chinese, Muslim, Hindi, and some are westerner. I found that in Singapore most of the people dress up like Western style and only a few Malaysian and Indian are wearing their traditional way which is totally different from my home country. In Myanmar people only wear their traditional dress like traditional coat with LONE GYI which they think more comfortable and also I wear like it too. But in Singapore I start to wear like Shoe with Jeans pants and T-shirt. Which make me uncomfortable at beginning. Also it make me wonder that Uniform of school are also like western style and all children are holding phone. But back in my country school children are not allowed to hold phone by their parents unless they passed 12th standards.

The things happening around us in Singapore is so much different from Myanmar, like In Singapore the roads are clean and smooth without any damages, no beggars at all, also traffics are less and no horn is disturbs. But in Myanmar the roads are not clean full with holes and not easy to drive on that road with many traffics and also lots of beggars which are disturbing people and lots of horn which are disturbing the environment.

5. Problem of cross culture

To live in other country like Singapore, means living in a different cultural environment and I think one of the key to achieve successful study in abroad is being able to quickly adapt to the new environment. When I was in other school I start working with my friends who are from different country like me. And I found problem with the communication, speak with people which are not Burmese, especially peoples are from China and Vietnamese. We cannot speaks with people from other country likes we talk to other Burmese.

One more experienced in Singapore was that when my lecturer make groups for a group project or assignment to students and when they mixed Foreign students with Singaporean, most of the Singaporean want to speak and make friends only with their country or same culture people and also they always sit together with them only in class.

6. Benefits from cross culture

Different in culture also have a lot of benefits. Is like when I met my friend from Japan in my group project they always bow when they meet to me, So I feel like special and I respect to it. And also think they are so polite, and how they treat each other. Although I find difficult to speaks English with them but they are still friendly and wants to make new friends. Other friends are from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and other parts western countries, they are also friendly and always ready to help each other.

For Singaporeans, I have got a lots knowledge from my friends who are Singaporeans. They told me about DOS and DONT's in Singapore, and also they told me about their national service experience, because in Myanmar there is nothing like national service, so this is what I heard first time in my life.

During the team work or group assignment in school, we can help each other to get successful great because different culture and people have different ideas and also different way of thinking to solve our projects and problems. Whenever we do group works, we found quite a lot of problem, and because we were different people from different culture and also we have different way to solved it, so that we exchanged the know ledges and ideas and then no problem can stop us to get good great and my group can solve all the problems. And this experience is good, when we graduate from the university, we are going to find a job, because nowadays all the companies are employed the worker with based on the different culture and team work experience. Because when company see any problem in organization and they chose the people from different countries so that they can get different ideas to achieve company goal effectively and efficiently.

7. Conclusion

To be conclude, I believe that cultural shocks are kind of good experience to us in every parts of the world. And if u want to get success on that foreign country u must try to adapt in that cultural and surroundings as soon as possible. It's not always easy to deal with other cultural people who do work differently, think differently, and from different background, but if u combine your mind with them and listen them, share your idea, collect their idea and go for the best one. Also western culture influences are getting more towards Singapore's, and based on my experienced I got great experienced in Singapore's because just living in one country and I can know lots of culture and their background.