Popular Culture Has A Number Forms Cultural Studies Essay

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Popular Culture

Popular culture has a number forms as a result of people’s abilities and activities such as reading, listening, wearing, speaking and communication. Popular culture is a way of living that is embraced or that which many people find to meet or fit their preferences or tastes. This could be in the form of ideas, activities, trends, commercial products or images. This is as a result of people liking a way of life, people opting for a lower lifestyle after identifying or deciding one is of high culture or as a result of mass production for mass consumption (Kilmurray & Lee 128).

Elements of culture are the entities or things found in cultures that are similar or common in different cultures. Some of the elements include; religion, social organization, economic systems, customs and traditions, language, arts and literature and government forms. They are a characteristic in the forms of popular culture. Some of the various forms of popular culture include cultural expressions, social networking, trends in fashion and language.

Cultural expressions refer to ways through which different individuals or group express themselves in a creative manner. These expressions are in the form of literature, visual arts, or performing arts. Examples of performing arts include music, dance, theatre and film. Visual arts include textiles, sculptures and paintings while literature which can be oral or written includes books, poems and stories. Through cultural expressions a number of the elements of culture are captured. For instance, theatre under the performing arts, customs and traditions such as responsibilities, organization and gender are portrayed. Music on the other hand is characterized of elements such as religion, language and economic systems. The lyrics in the music for example reveal the identity of a people in terms of religion, which can either be Islamic, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist, language which points to the point of origin of the song and if slang is used it portrays the socio-economic aspect of a people. Books, films and theatre that are popular influence opinions and experiences of a culture through the information they relay or what they mean thereby are a force in the contribution to popular culture (Kilmurray & Lee 128). For instance, books written by public figures such as politicians, moguls and activists have an influence on masses of people. Paintings and sculptures give stories or show the traditions, customs, government forms and are form of language among the painters and sculptures for they are able to express themselves.

Social networking, a product of internet services and which has contributed to globalization has in itself elements of culture. Social networking as a popular culture confirms that people in it have similarities or things which make it possible. They include language, religion, arts and literature and government forms. For example, people who have access and use social networking sites have government forms that give them the freedom of expression through the social networking sites. It is through freedom of expression that also religion, arts and literature can be expressed as elements of culture so long as language is not a barrier. Arts and literature for example are expressed through how people wear, engagement in activities such as performing arts and selling or marketing of products through the social networks. Social networking is evidence of social organization where for example you will that young people and mostly those that are young adults will tend to use them to form relations of any sort. Dating sites, twitter and facebook are some of the social networking sites that allow for the above to happen.

Fashion trends is one of the most discussed topics in the modern day and age. Fashion is a statement of one’s socio-economic status, origin, religion, occupation, identity and in some cases government forms especially in the Middle East. It is primarily as a result of media influence through; for instance, international fashion pageants such as Miss World where models in the event are from different countries with different cultures and traditions and celebrities as a result of performing arts such as films. Actors and actresses are made into celebrities by media whose activities, images, ideas, perspectives and eve their wearing styles have an influence on masses of people

English is one of the most used languages in the world, why? Language is a form of popular culture in that for example people will tend to converse, use or want to learn English simply because majority of the population in the world know and understand it. It is also as a result of influence from the media and as a result of the many wants such as social networking and performing arts that are presented using the English language. Language is an essential form of popular culture for it allows for communication of both the elements and forms of culture.

In conclusion, the forms of popular culture of which each have their own elements allow for masses of people to embrace, accept and keep up with the changes for popular culture is always changing. It is such aspects of pop culture that dictate what people, prefer, believe in, subscribe to, or associated with. Consequently such aspects tend to define identity of individuals and create some values that with time form the values that are widely subscribed to by members of a particular society.

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