The Hispanic American Subculture Cultural Studies Essay

[Diversity Task 2]


A subculture is a set of people within a culture which distinguishes them from the superior culture hence the sub culture has some similar and some unique attributes when matched with the superior culture. For example, in America, all the citizens share the American culture hence believe in freedom of expression, liberty, growth, equality etc. still these citizens may differ in terms of family values, language, orientation towards education, food, health etc. this may be because they have different sub cultural origins i.e. they may be Hispanics, Africans, Asians or Mexicans. African American and Hispanic American are two very major subcultures in America and can be compared for the sake of learning cultural diversity.

Hispanic American subculture

Hispanics are the American citizens that have Spanish origin and share Spanish culture in terms of language, food and other cultural aspects. Usually, in Hispanic subculture, family is a basic unit and also a center of individual’s life. It extends beyond parents and their kids and may include grandparents and cousins. Father normally heads the family while the mother deals with operating home activities (Zenia, 2004). Religion is considered sacred and marriages outside religion are rare. Hispanics love food, rice specially and love to eat five times a day instead of three. This culture was evolved with Spanish culture and the basic unit of family members. This culture was the proper one in the case of guiding the family members. Human being of this culture was having the problem solving capabilities.

African American subculture

Another major subculture in America is African American culture. The African American culture was once severely discriminated but survived the discrimination and has been successful in having representatives in the parliament today (Catherine, 2009). African Americans love their families and traditions; music is a vital part of this culture and African American kids would love to learn music besides getting the traditional and modern education. It was very late that African Americans started getting modern education. Major African American foods are rise, green beans, fried green tomatoes etc (Migul, 2009). African American culture was the successful culture due to the combination of African and American and they also concentrate to evolve the American country in making new elements.

Concepts map of the Hispanic American’s culture

The concept of the Hispanic map has family life, food items and arts and entertainment. Hispanic Americans have great interest in arts.

Hispanic American’s Arts and Entertainment

Most of Hispanic arts works are created in church. The Hispanics artists were appointed to create scared descriptions (Debra, 2008). The tradition of the Santero uses historic styles. Paintings, icons, images were used as a means of transcending the social, cultural and linguistic barriers intrinsic to Spanish and American interactions. This culture of people had showed their concentration in music and arts and also they were very talented people in painting, music.

Hispanic Americans

The people were also concentrated in making the variety of foods. Spanish people were fond of food and take meal five times a day rather three times. They like to have fresh vegetables, fruits and rice (Zenia, 2004). Main food items they like are cassava, beans, sweet potatoes, peppers and bananas. They also like to have meat therefore they also eat beef and mutton, goat.

Hispanic American’s family life

Hispanics are much concerned about family well-being. Marrying and having families at young ages of 20’s was a common occurrence but by the end of 20th century, there has been a decline in youth entering marriage and people would like to delay marriages and setting up families. This culture of people was provided contribution in the case of enhancing the culture, behaviour and habits as well as language. The family of this people was interested and they were leading their family successfully.

Concept map of the African Americans

Like the Hispanics, the concept map of Africans is also about arts and music interestsof African Americans. Additionally they are also very much into enjoying festivals and holidays.

African American music

African American music had its basics that were originating from Sahelean, and Sub-Saharan area. Children of African American learn songs at school and church. Since transformation of music occurred in 20th century, music composers have become very popular in white audience as well. With music, African Americans like to dance that has its roots in the dances of Africa.

Holidays of African Americans

The Kwanzaa is the most famous African American holiday in United States. Participants uphold their African heritage and the position of the family and the community by drinking from unity cup and lighting candles (Zenia, 2004). New Year celebrations begin the night before which is the best holiday for the African Americans since they can enjoy together.

African American Arts

Artifacts like drums, quilts, ceramic vessels had resemblances with comparable crafts in West and Central Africa. Black arts movement of the 1960s and 1970s was a period of growing interest in African American art. In this period several African American Artists grew in national prominence. The African American’s art was extensively collected by fans and original pieces can simply fetch thousands of dollars in auctions and sales.

Similarities of Hispanic Americans and African Americans

There are many similarities between African American and Hispanic Americans. Both have faced racism and still have attached themselves to respective cultures. Art has played a central role in shaping and formulating the cultures. Also both cultures are fond of music and dance hence make arrangements to teach their children music and dance at schools and churches. They were also leading their families by means of satisfying the expectations of family members. Both cultural people were also having the capability to resolve the problems.

Differences between Hispanic Americans and African Americans

Hispanic and Africans are two major subcultures in American culture. The African Americans had characteristically been discriminated for their color or the illiteracy that was planned. The African American make up 15.25% of the population while Hispanic American is of 20.07% of population. Both the subcultures have survived and grown over time and can be compared on the basis of importance both give to the family unit (Zenia, 2004). Both are gradually becoming more oriented towards health issues that is also an indicator to the concern they are now showing towards getting educated and to start their modern careers.

These subcultures differ in many respects for example that the Hispanics are considered far more sophisticated than the African Americans (Migul, 2009). Though the philosophy is changing very rapidly as both cultures are growing in number and literacy. In terms of knowledge the Hispanic Americans are considered better and more advanced than the African American. They were followed different regions that involved to their culture effectively.