The Modern Most Creative Designers Cultural Studies Essay


Designer Karim Rashid is one of the the modern most creative designers, He has won more than 300 awards, he is a legend, once worked in 35 countries, He is a legendary designer, Karim Rashid is an Egyptian British and Egyptian, half-breed. A USD4.99D rubber material trash is his famous product. The Karim Rashid use of a unique design concept to design unique product. The Karim Rashid's product caused a great resonance, Him to have a strong national culture style, Karim Rashid use this strong national style into his design philosophy and products, This strong national style in his product design and interior design have obvious features.


Karim rashid is the famous design star from the USA, He was born in 1960 in Cairo of Rome, Karim rashid grew up in Canada. Learning design in Italy, He has his own studio in 1993, Karim rashid has many famous customers, including Umbra、Idee、Nambe、Issey Miyake、Estee Lauder、Totem、Tommy Hilfiger… …

His Products is in various museum collections in the world, For example, Garbo ash-bin, designed for Umbra (Oh Chair). Karim Rashid's interior design is also very famous, For example, Semiramis hotel, Athens Philadelphia Hotel and Restaurant Morimoto. The Karim Rashid cooperation customers are Dirt Devil and Method, They creation of democratic design. Then he designed in cooperation with Magis and Artemide furniture. Karim Rashid designed high-tech products, as Samsung Electronics and LaCie. He also designed luxury goods for Swarovski and Veuve Clicquot. He has designed the brand identity for the modern automobile and Citibank.

Karim Rashid regular access to a variety of design awards, including, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, Red Dot Award DSA Industrial Design Excellence Awards, ID Magazine Annual Design Award.

Karim rashid particularly fond of the plastic material is translucent and color-rich design products, To give people the feeling of his works, the sexy, fresh and varied, so some people gave him a nickname plastic poet.

The dominant influences in Karim Rashid life

Karim rashid is a much love design and wife of the man.

The man in the 33-year-old, still no have achievement.

Many large tattoos on Karim rashid arm.

Karim rashid is a man that like wearing white and pink clothes.


Karim Rashid once said: I have a dream to design all things of human, I especially like to design some of the things that has great benefits for life, Such as aircraft, cars, houses, clothing, machinery, etc. My dream is to be able to create the future of the world, I think the future is human life in heaven, We continue to innovation and experience some of the things, we have all the things, but all things are not their own, becomes just experienced in the past. I would like to design a small museum, creating music and host a TV show. I want to travel around the world, to anywhere, experience any thing, allow yourself to become more creative.

The 45-year-old man is designed to star in New York, Karim Rashid designed manhole covers for the government of New York, designed for Giorgio Armani flagship store, His fourth personal Portfolio (Design Your Life) upcoming.


Karim Rashid is a half-breed, His parents experienced love like a Hollywood love story,His mother name is Joyce is British, his father name is Mahmoud is Egyptians.

HKarim Rashid's father is a professor of art and device designers, in the 50s of the last century, Karim Rashid's father Mahmoud was have Egyptian government scholarship to study art in Paris, The Karim Rashid mother Joyce met his father Mahmoud on vacation, They married in Greece, emigrated to Egypt. They between 1958 and 1960, respectively, gave birth to two sons,

Hani and Karim. The family has continued to migrate to the ideal. They've been to Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the Alpha and Elijah, Canada, etc. Karim Rashid and Hani has a very good talent in the design field from their dad Mahmoud. His father often took him to sketch the church in the United Kingdom. His father also taught him how to observe things, he realized everything has its bright side. In the Karim Rashid childhood he would like to draw small things, For example, glasses, radio and shoes and so on, Karim Rashid's brother Hani, is a well-known architect in New York.


Karim Rashid prefer to live in the city, he have LOFT at here, Karim Rashid's office in Manhattan also there, Karim Rashid have a house in the suburbs, he just slowly began to learn to enjoy the suburban life, Outskirts of him is a new place. In the outskirts of the time he will feel the peace and quiet, but sometimes feel lonely. Karim Rashid's home, few have their own products, he likes to close some of the works of other designers, Such as table lamps, chairs, tables, and so on, other things are of his own design. He likes to often move furniture, change the shape of the room every month. To do so just to create some freshness. Karim Rashid and his brother's design style, the same style, because they grow up together from childhood, They like the future, never too much discussion of the history. Karim Rashid does not like to wear black, because he is a freedom-loving people, and want to get more freedom to break the traditional bound,He believes that white is pure, free, black to give him the feeling of binding, so he does not like.


Karim Rashid arms has 12 tattoos, they represent, globalization, restrictions, light, feeling, love, the soul, they are his personal symbol. 12 tattoos come from different places, including Tokyo, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, London, etc. But each tattoo has a special meaning, are the close ties between the Karim Rashid whit cities. Karim Rashid is often tattoo Figure case into the design,He thinks those tattoos design inspiration to him, he always think they are very beautiful, so used in the design must be fun.

He began in the 80s of the last century, he design for some large companies design products, But some companies are not the designer's name printed on the product, so do rubber products, like the above has a symbolic pattern, to represent their own works. This is a hide their own name on the product method, In the past 20 years, more than 55 image logo designed by Karim Rashid. He the furniture design AITALI, for EGIZIA vase series, NORITAKE designed bone china and carpets, etc. In these designs, he will spend a lot of the image pattern, which is his exchange and the customer's use these patterns to tell people his design philosophy.

Karim Rashid design philosophy / methodology

Karim Rashid’design philosophy

His design philosophy is independent inspiration, demand, process, color and material, etc., the simplest way is his design to include natural, simple, geometry, science and technology.

Karim Rashid design is a very personal thing, personal feelings, so he chose to join the living elements inside, of course, was also very effective. He likes to put some special design into in his design inside, Karim Rashid's design philosophy is to emphasize the poetic design, However, to reach this realm, there must be a lot of accumulated experience and accomplishment, In many countries the life experience gave him a lot of help, and he likes to break the traditional design gratitude, can often be seen in the design of Karim Rashid, free, fresh, and all possibility. Karim Rashid in the first book, "I want to change the world": says I want to create a future world, constant innovation and experience new things. Karim Rashid do many of his designs in tableware and jewelry has a distinctive style, His design, including MOMA and SFMOMA 14 National Museum permanent collection. The Karim Rashid particularly like the use of translucent and colorful expected to design products, Karim Rashid's design, fresh, varied, sexy, so he had a nickname (plastic poet).

The Karim Rashid idol is Andy Warhol, he gave Karim Rashid great influence, Andy Warhol ,1928.8.6-1987 .2.22, he is considered one of the most prominent figures of the art world in the 20th century, Andy Warhol is the leader of the pop art, is also the biggest artists of the pop art of shadow, His bold attempt letterpress printing technology, gold foil, rubber printing technology. In addition to being the leader of the pop art, Andy Warhol, filmmaker, rock songwriter, writer and publisher.

The The the teenager Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, Jack descendants of immigrants. He loves painting, once at the Carnegie Institute of Technology) Learning, 1949 he was 21 years old, he left Pittsburgh to New York to develop, he understands achievements in the visual arts in the United States, you must be well-known, the mass media gave a lot of inspiration.

Andy Warhol in 1954 when 26-year-old get American Graphic Design Awards, In 1956 when he was 28 years old in 1957 when he was 29 years old he continuous artistic director of Club Unique Achievement Award and the highest achievement awards. In 1962, he exhibited known for soup cans and Buli Luo soapbox (sculpture). He has packaged Marilyn Monroe, Mao Tse-tung, the Velvet Underground) band, the dollar and Chanel No.5 perfume, Coca-Cola, He designed (the Velvet Underground), the band became the miracle of music history. Was young Warhol initially responsible for the design of illustrations but on New York soon made ​​a name. His film and television work (Blow Job, 1963) (Kiss ,1963-1964) (Empire, 1964) (My Hustler, 1965), and (Harlot, 1965). But his most famous works is that we all know (Marilyn Monroe) avatar.

Andy Warhol, is this person a great sense affect Karim Rashid.

Karim Rashid’design methodology

Karim Rashid's design approach is arrogant temperament of the artist's imagination, the poet, the pursuit of perfection, his life and work is no mystery, he this strong performance desires, Karim Rashid never care evaluation of others, just stickown style.He is a design geeks. His work is his life, every day thinking, living, breathing, to create a new concept, his advantages and disadvantages are the pursuit of perfection. His views on the design, designers must be social responsibility to know what a product listed.Design before he will do a lot of investigation, Product material adverse effect on our living environment What are the drawbacks or benefit only a multifaceted thinking in order to make the product even better.

Lconice design of Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid's famous works is a USD 4.99D Rubber trash can, His use of a unique national culture, this distinctive national culture into the design, and also branched out into interior design and product design boutique market. The appearance of the avant-garde of the design can be for indoor use, and can also be used outdoors, people and a strong curiosity and his appearance, so that the person you want as much as possible to use it, so this trash environmental strong.

The Karim Rashid Other Works


Interior Design

preferable material /materiality

Karim Rashid design products preferred material, plastic, rubber, iron, glass and wood, but his favorite material, translucent plastic material with bright colors.This is his greatest characteristics.





Japan's history of design originated in the modern movement began after the Meiji Restoration in 1868.In World War II, when no important design,After the Meiji Restoration, gradually entered the era of industrialization, True design development in Japan's history, after World War II, especially in 1953, the end of the Korean War. Japan with very time, the development of modern design from around 1953, probably in the 1980s, has become one of the largest countries of the design world, Design is not just commodities, which also includes durable consumer products, this product has reached the world class,They also design the cars, electronic goods, but the design of electronic products require high technology and science and technology, so the people of this long-term develop expertise in this area, and now also reached the world's advanced level, Now countries are favoring Japan, but why the design history of Japan developed so rapidly it is also a very important issue.

Japanese design history

Japanese design history of the development of history its origins in 1953 after World War II, especially after the Korean War in 1953, began the modern design. Japan is a developed countries. but not Western countries, The only Asian countries, The Industrial Revolution more than 100 years later than in Western countries, Japanese design, cultural roots, ethnic traditions are different from Western countries. Japan, though small, but the population a lot of Japanese living in the cramped space, their rational design, traditional Japanese design and modern design has a sharp contrast.

  What was the founding ideas or philosophy behind the era

Japanese design has distinctive characteristics, whether traditional design or a modern process design are very characteristic, in general, two types include modern design and traditional style.

What were the preferred materials, shapes or colours?

Japan design favorite color, red, pink, yellow, purple and other colors, coupled with a black bottom, colorful, more eye-catching. The material is generally used in metal, wood, rubber, plastic, glass, fabrics, etc.


List the designers following this era.

Yayoi Kusama March 22, 1929, known as the classic artists of Japan, born in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture of Japan. In 1956 he moved to the United States, now in Tokyo of Japan.

The representative works Yayoi Kusama 1666 (Love Forever).

2. Rei Kawakubo October 11, Kawakubo1942, Japan's famous fashion designer, was born in Tokyo and graduated from Keio University.

Her brand

Her costume design style is simple and trendy, bright colors, but I feel very comfortable.

3. Shigeo Fukuda, 1932 - 2009, he is a professor in Japan, very influential in the fine arts.

His design style is simple, but very expressive.


Learning through this paper, I learned a lot about the design philosophy and method,I understand that by learning what should be considered in the design of a product before, Product designers are also socially responsible product design must be close to life, the benefit of mankind, and how to choose the material of the product. Learn the history of the development of Japanese design and Japanese design philosophy.