The World Of Fashion Cultural Studies Essay


In the world of fashion, women are more eager to make themselves look fabulous and gorgeous at all times than men do. Because of this fact, women dictate the world of fashion even until today. Why men are so left at the back when we talk about fashion? Was it because of their attachment on the type of garments they are going to wear? Was it they are afraid to try something new and opt to the clothing they are most comfortable of wearing? , the globe caters more to women. As such, women have more choices, While, in the past men were considered to be pretty alright with what was available for them, today, things have become much different. The world of men's fashion has changed Men's fashion changes have been slow, but have been pretty definite. Women's fashion changes every season and these changes are very stark but with men's fashion, the changes are slight but sure. If you consider the changes that have happened over the past, say, 50 or so years, these are radical but if you look at the past 10-15 years, you wouldn't be able to see a very stark difference. This, however, does not mean that there have been no changes. Men's fashion has evolved and will continue to evolve. With the coming of new-age designers, the possibilities are endless. Men's fashion is never boring and over the coming years, we might just be able to see something very drastic and completely different from what we're used to.

The purpose of the paper to Identify the current situation of the Men’s Casual sportswear Industry in Sri Lanka, Idea behind this to Identify the Limitations and causes for limited growth of the market find opportunities and threats and provide a solid solution to overcome those facing problems to gain a rapid and concrete growth to the men’s casual sportswear Industry in Sri Lanka. My passion for men’s casual wear designing led me to select the above subject matter as I am really concerned about developing a Local Casual sportswear brand which is equal to an International Casual Sportswear brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, GAP. And throughout the thesis research I found out that there are very limited sources to gather information even though the Sri Lankan common Joes does wear casual sportswear they are not knowledgeable about that most were even not familiar with the term Casual sportswear so another purpose of mine is to provide a solid research to best of my ability where some other designer can take it as for future reference and where there will be sufficient to do an article for a magazine where the knowledge can be distribute to common Joes.

The main reason to use Abercrombie & Fitch is that I am a fan of the Brand, as a designer freedom, expressiveness, originality are few significant traits that I find in the brand.

So in order to complete my study I will be starting off my thesis with History of the men’s casual wear in the early colonial era which it’s the main influence era of an evident change in the men’s casual wear in Sri Lanka and there after I will be discussing about the significant change in the men’s attitude towards the sense of fashion, and I wish to discuss about the traditional men’s attire "The Sarong" which was the casual attire in Sri Lanka for centuries. As my topic is on Casual sportswear I should mention about the impact of the American culture in the sportswear as it’s a crucial point in the thesis, the sportswear was believed to be appear in the America during the 1930’s as designs which suits for the practical day to day life because in the stylish 30’s both the British and the French designers were traditional while the Americans were more in to practical wear

Further moving on, in my depth study to provide a solution to casual sportswear industry I will be exploring to the roots in order to find out about as many as causes so the I can gain a depth knowledge in the subject.

History of Sarong

Starting with the common attire of the Sri Lanka the "sarong "the origin of the sarong is called to be in the 15th century, The sarong has been the main item of clothing to the natives of South East Asia, In South East Asia, both men and women wore the sarong. Indeed, for the male in the warm tropics, the sarongs have been up till today, the only piece of clothing wore! How when and where did it all began?

Portuguese writer Duarte Barbosa according to him, the man of Malacca wore only a sarong for everyday pursuits at the beginning of the 15th century. Garment was home spun - from banana or pineapple fiber and colored dyes made out of vegetables, the garment reaches from the waist to the calf or to the ankle, with an unsown hem.

The garment had endless practical uses. Apart from being the daily attire, it was used to cover the whole of the body like a sheet when retiring to bed, and used to cover the body while bathing as a bathing suit as the adults do not bath naked as a custom in the rural. There were several other uses of the garment like using for the cradle or to carry things using the sarong as a bag. It also served as a blanket. Come to think of it there was no other garment in the history which has so many uses and which was so practical.

Men of all ethnic groups wore sarong either with a banian most of the peoples occupation was farming so while doing work they just wore it bare bodied. The way of wearing the sarong was difference from one another the Sinhalese wore the sarong in an easy wrap, knotted in the front using the same garment or using a piece of cloth as a belt. In the Tamil community the tamil man wore the sarong, they called it as verti. The sarong has reemerged in the last few decades and accepted as a trendy garment for the Sri Lankan male.

Impact on American culture in Sportswear

The sportswear was emerging to the American culture during 1930’s by the designers like Clare Potter and Claire McCardell. They came up with new and innovative designs that suits for practical lifestyle. The Paris designs were more traditional where the American designs were more practical and suitable for realistic lifestyle. The sportswear was design as a ready to wear garments which were widely available and express the individuality.

The Americas had a unique culture of sports like basketball, baseball and football which had unique styles. The baseball jersey was trademark of the youth that show their style and the sportiness. The American high Scholl culture played a major role in emerge the sportswear into the day-to-day lifestyle. The Letterman Jacket is a trademark of the high school youth that time. The golf wear were a casual smart option for men at that time.

The American fashion has a major contribute to the sportswear which classifies the American culture. That gives you comfort, style, freedom, express the individuality and liberty.

Abercrombie & Fitch Brief History

I chose Abercrombie and Fitch as the base Brand in the thesis so I will be going through History of A&F and A&F Manufacturing process to selling the product to the client, Marketing and Branding, Pricing for SL market in order to maximize the sale and capture the market

David T. Abercrombie and Ezra H. Fitch together ventured Abercrombie & Fitch in 1892 it was originally started as a sporting goods store which sold hi end hunting gear camping gear and fishing gear to the nature lovers who do outdoor activities it was very popular among the rich lads during that time as they provide the best in the market. The Manhattan flagship store was forced to shut down as they went bankrupt in 1977. Houston based sporting merchandise company was owned Abercrombie & Fitch from 1978- 1979 and it opened stores in , Dallas, Beverley Hills and in New York City, until it was owned by The Limited, a Ohio based company. Michael Jeffries became the CEO of the Abercrombie & Fitch and develop the brand which started as sporting goods store, in to a multimillion clothing line which sells an "experience" that fit the company's new casual luxury lifestyle. Mike Jeffries as CEO the company has ventured in to a new market by open many flagship stores and mall store all around the country as well as internationally.

Abercrombie & Fitch list their mission statement as, "We are committed to providing comfortable and long lasting clothes that look good"