A Lost Wallet Or A Purse English Literature Essay

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A wallet or a purse is a valuable item in which most of the people carry things that are more essential and important than money towards the daily life. If someone loses that portable safe of his, then he may be disturbed for the rest of that day because of that. Without that wallet a person could be depressed or cranky for a while because maybe there is something in the wallet which is of great sentimental value. Personally, I keep most of the things of my interest in my wallet, like ID card, pictures, credit cards, money of course and other important documents that I want with me wherever I go.

Once a friend of mine lost his wallet with some very important things in it; he was so depressed and worried about his lost wallet. He couldn’t do anything but pray for it. At that time I was making fun of him, that how he could be that much irresponsible to lose his wallet with such important things in it. All he was doing at that time was sitting silently and listening to what I was saying. I was giving my own example that how I carry my stuff with me with responsibility. I was telling him that I am very good about having my wallet with me always and I never lose it, until recently.

As I said that I have so many things of my concern in my wallet which I want to take with me wherever I go, I store my dire personal items like my license, credit cards, some important documents, few important receipts and also some pictures in it. Along with other things in my wallet, there was also money, like every other person has in their wallet, and some important certificates. I never have been so irresponsible for anything in my life, not for my wallet at least, because I know how important things are stored in my wallet. That is why I always take extra care of my wallet.

This summer, I went for holidays my family. I drove there, carrying my wallet all the time and took it with me wherever I go, like I always do. Well, it is hard to keep the wallet right next to yourself all the times, if someone does not have pockets to put his wallet in. that day same was the case with me, I had no pockets to put my wallet in so that I had to carry my wallet in hands, I came out from the hotel, carrying my wallet along with my keys. I set both of them on the roof of the car. I figured out that in order to get in to the car, I need the keys, so turned it on, I took the keys off the roof of the car and unknowingly left the wallet behind. Then I got myself to the car I sat in the car with door open, I was waiting for my father to sit in to the car, as he was coming towards the car, so we all could go to a diving area. Once he sat in it to the car, I without thinking closed the door and then started the car. I derived about a half a mile while talking to my father about the current situation of country, father was telling me that how the things were functioning before this time and how people are getting irresponsible day by day, when my father used the word irresponsible then I suddenly realized that I don’t have my wallet with me. I immediately pulled the car over and started searching my wallet in to the car. I searched it everywhere inside the car, beneath the seats, on dashboard, under the seats, everywhere I could see inside the car.

Suddenly I realized that when I came out from the hotel towards the car, I set my wallet and keys on the top of the roof of the car, and after my father came I drove the car leaving my wallet behind on the top of the roof of car. I drove back to the hotel where I lost my wallet, I saw for it on the way also and at that lace where I lost it, but I couldn’t find it. All I was thinking that if I did not find my wallet then what I would lose. There was some money in it, few passes for a show I purchased the day before and some other important things in it. But now every ting was gone along with my wallet. My sister found two Best buy cards while walking up and down the road on which my wallet flew off. Though, that was all we found of my wallet but that relaxed my mind a little. After wasting an hour to find my wallet ended with finding nothing, so I and my family stopped searching for it. I was so depresses because of losing my wallet and I kept this feeling for the rest of the day. I was thinking about my friend who long ago has lost his wallet and the things I said to him about being responsible, and specially about setting me as an example of a responsible person, who can take care of his things. I couldn’t believe that I showed that much irresponsibility and stupidity.

I registered an FIR at the local police station about my lost wallet and gave my grandmother’s contact number who was living there, so that if someone finds my wallet and give it to the police station then they could contact us to tell. But inside I was sure that I will never find my wallet, but I did all the formalities. I couldn’t sleep that night, all I was thinking is how can I be so irresponsible, how can I be so stupid to lose my wallet, I was also thinking about the important things in it. It was so embarrassing that I lost my wallet; I never have been so irresponsible in my whole life.

The next day in the evening, my grandmother called me and told me that she was contacted by the sheriff’s department of that area where I was staying in this fiasco. Grandmother told me that my wallet had been found. Then she told me that how sheriff contacted her and how he found my wallet from two miles away from the hotel I was staying in. he gave the information to how and when to contact him if she wants to retrieve the lost wallet. My grandmother gave me that information and I contact the sheriff, I got with him and at last recovered my wallet. Retrieving everything in my wallet I had lost made my day.

Since that event, I was lucky enough to get my wallet along with everything in it back. Think before act is the lesson taught by the carelessness of mine. This is something everybody is taught many times. Now, it is simple for me to apply that lesson to my actions. By following that idea, future problems could be avoided.