Randi Sexton Princess Diana English Literature Essay

Mrs. Kathleen Wimmer

English 12

Princess Diana was born July 1, 1961. Her real name was Diana Frances Spencer. Her parent’s names are Earl Spencer and Shand Kydd. She had 3 siblings, 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother. Her parents married in 1954 and divorced when she was 6 years old. She was sent to a boarding school and later attended West health public school. The sport she played was swimming. Her jobs as a teenager were a nanny, sometimes a cook, and an assistant teacher (Princess diana biography).

After her parents got a divorce, the children stayed with the father and the mother moved to London. She went to a series of schools and finally dropped out of college when she was 16. After she dropped out of college she went to live with her mom in London. She met Prince Charles through her sister because they were close friends. They got invited to parties and Diana’s sister Sarah dated Prince Charles but when they broke up she said he was like the brother she never had. Diana started developing a crush on Prince Charles. (Diana, Princess of wales)

Prince Charles described Diana as ‘’a very jolly and attractive girl’’ and ‘’full of fun’’. He proposed to her on February 6, 1981 but it wasn’t official until February 24, 1981. They got married on July 29, 1981. She had a 25 long inch veil and it was the world’s longest. Diana was also referred to as the princess of wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesal, Countess of Chester, and Barons of Rentrew.

They were blessed with their first child named Prince William on July 21, 1982. Their second son Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984. Prince Charles and Princess Diana began having problems in their marriage and Prince Charles was secretly having an affair with a woman named Camille during his marriage with Princess Diana. Diana also had affairs too. The first guy was the horse riding instructor and his name is James Hewitt and the second guy was the body guard and his name is Barry Mannakee. (Diana, Princess of wales)

They separated on December 1992. After being asked to get a divorce Prince Charles agreed but Princess Diana didn’t want to but she finally agreed to get one. Their divorce was final on August 28, 1996. Princess Diana wasn’t allowed to be addressed as her royal highness but the princess of Wales. She also got a large amount of money and they both got joint custody of their sons. Prince William was the first male heir to go to kindergarten. After the separation and divorce Princess Diana still fulfilled her duties and did charities. She visited Africa and worked as a humanitarian leader. Her charities were with diseased children. She was the first high profiled celebrity to touch somebody with HIV. She really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives; she used her popularity for good and promoted things like the needy and the forgotten.

She was really honest with people about her life. She suffered from bulimia and suicide after her marriage. After her divorce she met Dodi Fayed in the summer of 1997 and they began dating alittle after that. Dodi Fayed was the oldest son of a millionaire businessman. As a child their family lived on the queen’s estate. Her father was the eighth Earl Spencer. At the beginning of their engagement Prince Charles wasn’t sure if he loved Diana but in the near future he could love her. He had an intimate relationship with his friend’s wife. She was the president of 100 charities. Royalty was in blood and it was in the family. When Prince Charles and Princess Diana filed for divorce it took 4 years to be official. After their divorce Prince Charles admitted that he had an affair with a lady named Camille Parker Bowles. Diana had a special nickname for her, she called her Rottweiler meaning Ridiculous creature. Diana was the first wife of Prince Charles. Princess Diana’s father died of a heart attack on March 29, 1992. Prince Charles confessed to cheating on television in June 1994. June 25, 1997 Princess Diana auctioned off her dresses. May 1994 Princess Diana and another person saved the life of a man who was drowning in a lake. After the divorce Princess Diana could still have the title princess but not her royal highness. She did a lot of charities with sick people and people who has HIV and AIDS. She hugs them and shakes their hand. She also visited the homeless. She used her image to promote important issues. (Diana?")

Prince Charles has a sister named Princess Anne. In 2005 he became engaged to Camille Parker Bowles and got married in April 2005. He’s the duke of Cambridge. He was born November 14, 1948 in London, England. At school Princess Diana showed an interest in music and dancing. During her first pregnancy she harmed herself on purpose to get the love and attention she needed from Prince Charles but her plan failed. She also suffered from postpartum depression. Princess Diana’s first tour was with her husband Prince Charles and her infant son Prince William in October of 1981. Her first tour alone was February 1984. After Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated Princess Diana still attended important occasions with the royal family. Even though she still did charities after the divorce, she dropped some of the charities. Princess Diana also received a lot of money after the divorce and joint custody of her sons. Her education started at home with tutors and she was sent to three schools called Riddlesworth Hall, Norfolk, and a boarding school. In 1976 her Father remarried to a lady named Raine Legge. In 1977 after Diana dropped out of school, her father sent her to a finishing school. In 1977 Princess Diana and Prince Charles met again and she taught him how to tap dance. When she moved to London she lived with three other girls in a three bedroom apartment her father purchased. February 3, 1981 Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana over dinner at Buckingham Palace. 1986 the public can see problems in the marriage. June 16, 1992 a book was published revealed Princess Diana tried to commit suicide 5 times. In 1996 Princess Diana became interested in landmines. In June of 1997 Princess Diana auctioned her dresses and the money that she earned went to cancer and AIDS charities. ("Separation of Charles and Diana Announced)

All the dresses that were auctioned earned them 3.5 million dollars. In 1997 Princess Diana earned the Nobel Peace Prize for her campaign to ban Landmines. Princess Diana shook a person’s hand who had AIDS in public and proved the myth that was said that AIDS could spread through simple contact. She also attended school in Switzerland. While she was in New York promoting Landmines, She met Mother Theresa. She did projects for Landmines in Travnic, Sarajevo, and Zenezica. It wasn’t until 1975 when Princess Diana became Lady Diana Spencer when her father took earldom. Throughout her life Princess Diana was very popular and famous. People recognized her from her work with her charities and because she was married to Prince Charles. She was a very kind, compassionate, beautiful, and patient woman. She was the most photographed woman in the world. In 1997 she started dating Dodi Fayed. In the summer of 1997 they went on their first vacation with each other to London. It’s been said that during her time with her boyfriend she was very happy, relaxed, and having a good time. (Welcome to the Official Website of the British Monarchy) Dodi has said that they were in love, their relationship was serious, and they were planning on getting married but it was private for now. At this point the paparazzi were notified that they were there. When they arrived in Paris Dodi gave Diana a tour of his house and they set off for going to the hotel. Ten days earlier Dodi Fayed ordered a 130,000 Diamond Solitaire ring from a jeweler named Alberto Repossi. While they were having dinner at Ritz Hotel they were being bothered by photographers so they had to continue their dinner in the imperial suite but they had no plans of staying at the hotel. They decided to figure out how they can leave the hotel without the paparazzi knowing. They waited 5 minutes at the back of the hotel for a different car to drive them away. The driver’s name was Henri Paul who was at home or at a local bar driving. It’s been said that he was under the influence while he was driving. When they drove off some of the photographers followed them. The seating arrangement was Princess Diana was behind the passenger, Dodi Fayed was on her left, and the bodyguard was in the passenger seat. Nobody in the car had a seatbelt on except the bodyguard. As they were driving desperately trying to get away from the photographers the car was going so fast that it hit a pillar in the Alma Tunnel. ("Ten Interesting Facts You Should Know about Princess Diana)

Dodi Fayed and the driver died at the scene. The bodyguard was injured but he was the only one who survived. The Princess didn’t died immediately at the scene, it was said that she was conscious and blinked when she was told that help was on the way. Photographers were trying to take pictures of what happened while others tried to help for instance a fireman who wasn’t on duty and a doctor. It was said that she had severe head and chest injuries. Princess Dina and the bodyguard were taken to the hospital and she had a major wound on her left pulmonary vein. They tried to save her life for two hours but at 3:00 on August 31, 1997. Her funeral occurred on Saturday September 6, 1997. Before the accident the princess seemed to know that she was going to get killed (Death of Diana, Princess of Wales)