Self Leadership Change Project Slcp English Literature Essay

Self Leadership is the ability to direct your life and mold it in the way, you want it to be. It gives you the aptitude to take hold of the wheel of your life so that you can become the source of your success and it also gives you the power of choice and freedom.

Whereas, Personal change occurs through a voyage of discovery. It is to find more about yourself, that how you perform things, how you have been encouraging your options and how you have been dealing with your current situation for yourself. Along the way you will find out a lot more about life and about how you can be indict of your own.The only condition for starting this voyage of discovery is that you are willing to change. If you think that there is something to change in yourself that could benefit others positively, then you should bring a change in you, but if you realize that there are things you have not yet understood about yourself and about life, then you should understand them. What you will learn might be unexpected and surprising, but that is the temperament of discovery.

The only person who can change your mind is YOU. No change will occur unless you allow it. However, you may need some help in finding out HOW to change your mind and your life. Mind is such a potent instrument that whatever you keep in it will affect your life positively or negatively. The change that you can think is possible for you or e changes you can't think of it, will also become possible, as long as you are willing to make it possible. Life can be wonderful and fascinating if You want to enhance your awareness, your perceptive, and your abilities. Limitation can change into freedom, weakness can change into strengths and hard work can turn into pleasure.


Nobody is perfect in this world; everybody possesses good and bad traits. You are the one who can bring change in your life, if you think that you possess something really bad which hurts others and affecting your relationship with the people around you then you must try to overcome that problem and bring a positive change in yourself.

Many thoughts came across, and finally I am able to decide to bring a change in me in such a way that I was an introvert person, find problem in socializing with the people, whether they are family, friends or relatives. I couldn’t able to spend much time with them because I was a good listener and didn’t have much stuff to talk with them over anything and due to this, people thought that I was a shy person, did not have confidence to talk and they stopped showing interest in interacting with me. These all were the hindrance which created problem for me in expressing my leadership skills and it was lowering down my self believe and motivation level too.

I used to remain isolated most of the time and rarely used to enjoy my few friends company. I used to be more prone to thinking, and involved in creating tale entities. I had extreme interest in my own mind. I was more formal, idealistic, less social, talk less and worry about the future. I involved myself very less in social activities or in those activities which demand participation and direct interaction with the people. I used to remain passive and avoid having recognition of any kind. I was a shy and enigmatic. I appeared to be a dull and devoid of enthusiasm to my friends and family. . I thought over it and focused on how to change myself being an introvert person to ambivert to extrovert person.

People who have high level of Self Leadership, they know that happiness springs from knowing that you are a dignified person in every way. They are not only responsible for elevating their own selves but also responsible for elevating people around them at the same time. To bring a change in your personality is not a piece of cake, preparing your mind for a change is a very tough job but I had to bring a change for changing the perception of people about me so I started:

Interacting effectively with my family and friends.

Enjoying my leisure time with the people in my surroundings.

Engaged in resolving the conflicts among my loved ones.

Overcoming absurd, self defeating thoughts and emotions.

Having optimistic approach rather than pessimistic.

Changing attitude towards work.

Showing positive behaviors and controlling on my weaknesses.

Organizing and managing time efficiently.

After following these points, I saw a change not only in my personality but I felt a change in my friends and family attitude as well. They seemed to me more loving, caring and fun loving. They were enjoying my participation and I was enjoying their. Positive attitudes always play a crucial role in your life as it helps you to cope up more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes and helps to make people around you happier, brighter and more successful.

With a positive attitude of yours and your loved ones, you see the bright side of life, become more optimistic, and expect the best to happen. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing. This change has not only effected positively the people around me but has also brought positive changes in me. It has helped me to develop these following traits in my personality.

Expectation of success.

Being inspired with the successful people around you

Always keep your morale high, never think to give up

Learn positive things from the failures.

Have belief in yourself and in your abilities.

Be confident and enthusiastic

Looking for good solutions.

Keep an eye on opportunities


There are many people around you, it is not necessary that you need to change yourself for them. But among those people, there are few, who plays a crucial role in your life, who loves you and cares for you, and who knows you very well. They might be you family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates etc. the observers we have chosen are mother, friend and cousin.


The day , I decide to have a change in my life, I thought to get change first with my mother, she is a lady, who is most special for me. I used to stay in my room, most of the time, never did any contribution in household chores. But at the first day, I went to her, she was preparing meal and I asked her for my help, for a second, she got amazed and looked me with the frowning eyes and gave me a smile. I helped her in cooking and she was looking me with her love but I didn’t showed that I can feel her happiness and realized that if you show some concern to the people who loves you, they love you more. Second day, when I got up, I told her that I will clean the home today, she seemed to me more happy and that happiness motivated me more to bring the change and adopt positive things quickly. Third day, I joined her in the evening when she was going for the jogging, she hold my hand and went to the park. She introduced me with her friends proudly that she is my best daughter, very responsible and caring.Next day, I asked her to go for shopping as I knew that she loves shopping, she was very happy with my such behavior, she was noticing the change in me, and appreciating me with her love. In the following days as well, I did the same job, I did my level best to spend time with my mother as much as possible. I helped her in many other things, I started going with her at her friend’s places, I gave my contribution in other household chores. Once I was sitting with her, she appreciated me for showing such love and kindness to her, and kissed on my forehead. That was the moment which proved my thoughts wrong, I was very happy with my right decision.

Friends play a vital role in your life, you need them in every aspect of your life. I realized the importance of my friends, when I brought a change in my personality, when I started spending good time with them, before that change I used to consider my friends as a time pass, but when I started giving time to them, I felt a positive change in my friends attitude, even they were astonished when one day I suddenly called my 3 friends at home for the lunch, first thing which surprised them was my call, second the invitation and third when they came, they got to know that I have made dinner for them on my own. They started asking me, ‘are you feeling well’ what has happened to you, that made me laugh and even them as well.

We had a great company together, I told them about my decision and they appreciated me alot and started advising me to bring more changes. Next day, we planned to study together, although I never had a group study but for the sake of their happiness, I joined them and tried to study with them in my best possible way. It seemed to an easy job, but actually it was tough to involve myself in my friends suddenly like this, but I had to do. Third day, we planned for the hangout, I agreed to join them we went for swimming first, played few indoor games and had dinner together, had so much fun. My friends were very happy with my behavior, I stared cracking jokes with them, calling them on weekends, tried to be a fun loving person. In the following days as well, we had the similar activities. As we reside in nearby locations, and we were in the same schools, we started going together. Being a neighbor, I was also fulfilling my responsibilities.

Cousins, we have a blood relation with them, they are important relations and demand love and respect. As I used to stay away from my family gatherings, but later on I realized that they are crucial relations and we should have good understanding and bonding with each other. I have male and female cousins of my age mate, they used to go together for hangouts but I never joined them even I avoided to meet my relatives. if I have gone at my uncle’s place, I used to sit alone and never enjoyed my cousins company, Due to which, they stopped asking me for anything. For the time being I didn’t realize this but later on I really feel the importance of them and feel like to join their company as well. So I decided to call one of my cousin. She didn’t believe when I called her, we had a good talk for sometime, I invited her for spending a day at my place, she got agreed. Next day, when she came, I felt so good when I met and hugged, there were good feelings. My cousin was still not believing that how I have invited her for spending a day, she was keep on asking the same question time by time that tell me what has happened to you, and I was just smiling and answering that nothing has happened, you are over reacting. The whole day went good with her and it was a good experience and had a great time with her. next day, I logged in to facebook, there was a birthday notification of my cousin, so I started thinking to plan a surprise for her, finally I came up with an idea and I called all my cousins, firstly it was very surprising for my all cousins that how I have contacted them and moreover for arranging a birthday party, but it was lovely knowing their expressions over phone and even when I met everyone at my place for the arrangements. We took 3 to 4 days in making arrangements, we used to have 3 to 4 hours meeting everyday. In that duration, I got so closed with my cousins, they also appreciated me for the new change, they loved my involvement. So finally we were ready for the birthday party, we gave a surprise to our cousin, when she got to know that I planned that, she kissed me and loved me a lot.

So overall it was a wonderful experience of bringing a change in me, although it was surprising for the people in my surroundings even their responses were surprising for me, as I was not expecting such optimistic behaviours and attitudes from them. I have learned so many good things after experiencing a good change , I have realized the value of the relationships, I have become more socialized and practical. I try to appear more affectionate, active and lively. I have felt that I have become a good leader as well, I can make good decisions, resolve the conflicts that usually occur among my friends and family. I have started living in the present and concentrating in current activities. It has not only enhanced my confidence but has polished my leadership skills too. It has helped me to adapt easily to a given situation and I have started getting inspired and influenced by the events and objects in my environment.

Sometimes I think that how it could be possible for me to bring a drastic change in me, but I made my mind for a change, and people’s responses make me more enthusiastic and forced me to bring on some more good changes in me.

. One’s "way of being" in the world with others is fundamental to success and happiness, as it is the substance of all of our relationships with family, with friends, with business associates, and even with enemies. We know that throughout our lives, we will come across opportunities disguised as challenges, and often these are opportunities to change ourselves.