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In the play, "The Tempest", Shakespeare uses a lot of deviations from the normal representations in plays. The term rearrangement refers to the manipulations that are created in the world systems in order to make it appear new. There is actually nothing new in the world, but there are rearrangements that are made to portray a different appearance of it altogether. These manipulations are designed and created skillfully that the common man may not realize at all. All that someone sees is "newness" in the world, yet they cannot explain what happened to create the new transformation.

In the play, the characters are manipulated so that they must show expressions of being astonished and excited about the new environment that they find themselves in. The rearrangement was done in such a way that there was careful isolation of the obvious and then some transformation was performed so as to have something new. The rearrangement took place on an island, where a lot of magic and tricks were performed. This was carefully done with a lot of manipulation in such a way that the obvious could no longer be recognized by people. Everything looked new, hence creating the "new" world. The magician then returned to Milan after giving up his magic powers so as to rule with conventional methods. If he had held onto his magic, people could have linked the newness in the world to the manipulation powers of magic.

Based on the quote "The new world is most obviously new in being rearranged" (Miko 2), a lot of meanings can be derived to expound on "rearrangement". In his play, Stephen J. Miko uses ironical part instead of speaking of how change is expected to take place.As per to the plot of the play, Miranda is linked with a homicide. The concept behind this linking can be observed as a means of portrayingbeauteous mankind. It is however noted from the play that the linking is just but fiction and cannot materialize in sense. Even though Miranda is portrayed to have brave trait, she is ironically reflected in the play as a naïve character hence cannot match the trait. The idea of rearrangement makes it advance at this state based on how Stephen creates an illusion on the audience capitalized on Miranda’s linking. The new impression of bravery and new world in this aspect captains more about the idea of rearrangement of facts. Following the magician’s revelations about Miranda’s presumed traits, it become clarified that her true nature remains in question. As observed by her close Miranda character astonishes people within her.

The play defies categorization since it does not follow most of the rules of plays. It mixes up different rules that apply to different categories of plays, making it hard to categorize it. For example, different from all other plays by Shakespeare, "The Tempest" leaves a lot of reflection a live in form of metaphor. Readers or those who watch the play have a lot to do in order to place the scenes in the right context. This is because there are a lot of metaphoric phrases that have been used in the play and thus very easy to have a wrong interpretation. The play has even been read as a cipher to the contemporary political, religious and even biographical events. There are also many theories of more general symbolic constructions that have been connected to the play.

The play also has many loose ends which are of every fundamental sort. The art and magic both play a role in the playmaking. This makes one to question the themes as well as its own power. This leaves affirmation of understanding in only limited ways. Beside the typical and usual themes of romance depicted in other plays, Shakespeare takes a totally different turn. The themes of forgiveness, regeneration and reconciliation are not followed. To the contrary, the themes represented are derived from ironic perspectives.

Following the plot of the play, notion of mockery has been used by Stephen J. Miko in many ways. First, Miranda’s world is expressed is brave new one yet it is neither new nor braveas expected in the rearrangement of a new world. Shakespeare’s new world meant rearrangement of how people are expected to live with one another. Miranda’s new world is full of isolation which is opposite of what Stephen meant. Power of magician could not expound on Miranda’s isolation as was expected by many. Forgiveness in new world’s rearrangement was expected not to be seen or heard of anyone. Miranda shows a different story. She forgives her father despite the unforgivable offence that she had with her father. Despite Miranda being mocked, she has a heart of forgiveness which opposes the expectations of brave new world’s rearrangement.

The play reveals weak power that magicians have. Failure of magicians is things of the past that should not be found in the new world. Miranda’s reconciliation with her father was not what the magicpower concludes. Magicians had to return after it failed to use conventional methods in ruling Milan. Illusion is also brought in by character trait of Prospero. Justifying his morals failed to convince those who he was with. Prospero’s character had no morals in them. Another interesting observation regarding rearrangement is depicted in Shakespeare’s and Polixene’s works. Their literature reveals that when any improvement is done in nature there are two factors coming into play, man and nature itself. On the other hand when man’s art leads to worsening it is indeed a demonstration of the absence of natural forces.

In the play, desires and needs that men have are not anything to go by in a matter of being fulfilled. These needs and desires need a thorough check hence Shakespeare represents some form of transformation of emotions into something higher, which should be interesting and intriguing. In the play, nature is an ambiguous term that is all good, yet most evil. True love does not follow nature, but requires civilization in order to be understood. This is a deliberate artificial distortion to the usual "real" world that people are used to. This kind of representation of nature is merely meant to entertain than teach hence showing a different form of analogy.

From the play, it is evident that Shakespeare deviates from the common way in which other plays are scripted. There is deviation in the way themes are represented as well as styles of literature. The play is very intriguing as one is left in suspense of what to expect in the next scenes.

The play of Shakespeare is a comedy. The readers of the play just realize the meaning of the play after they are through with it. The meaning of the rearrangement of the new world only makes sense once one is through with reading. With regards to the quote, at one point the author surprises those who are involved and a time what majority knows that magic power has fails to manifest its mysterious strengths as evident by the magic powers that failed to perform what it was intended to at the island of isolation. Out of it all, those who are open minded breaks into laughter after realizing that they has been conceptualizing the whole story wrongly yet the writer means the opposite of what everyone knows.