Smart Education To Sublimate Sex Passion English Literature Essay


Prabhu Dayal Public School

Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

We are living in the era of 21st century enabled with e-concepts of life. The high-tech concept of e-learning has started playing a big role in schooling of our children. What for? I think all this is to make the survival of our future generation as easiest as possible.

But still there exists some social and cultural practices in our society that fail to take care of emotions, physical developments and growing needs of young children. And thus these practices create adjustment problems especially for young children.

Our social system and cultural practices try in rigid manner to hide the sexual aspects of the functioning of human body. The home and the school try to keep the child away from the knowledge of sexual developments. This sexual ignorance causes so many evils in the society.

Young children do feel sexual excitement and this may force them to get involved in some unnatural ways to get pleasure. These sexual malpractices are continuously increasing with moral degradation due to expansion of erotic TV channels and easily available material of

Sexual nature because of technological advancements.

Sometimes, the young children may be found busy in some illegal, unusual and unsocial sexual practices. Some of these children may do it willingly; while the others may be forced to do so. The recent hue and cry in Sexual Assaults against girls & MMS cases schools is an indication for all of us to be alert and analyze what is going wrong with our children.

What is this all – release of tensions, stress and insecurity or wastage of sexual powers?

It has been always true that utilization of energy at right time and for right purpose definitely bears fruits.

When a young child starts to become a source of continuously increasing sexual energy; the explosion of sexual desires must be taken as natural. Here comes the role of the home and school organizations to worry and make efforts to teach the young children how to control the sexual passion. These organizations have to explain the young children about the naturality of the sexual phenomena. The child must be kept aware of sexual developments so that he/she feels energized with the right knowledge of right usage of sexual feelings. The parents and the teachers should not get angry and make the child feel guilty whenever the child is having any query about the sexual phenomena. They must not take this as an indication of the badness of the child. They must try to divert the attention of the child. This can be done by offering the child some other kind of stimulating activities.

In his times, Gandhiji also felt the need of imparting sex education to young pupils. To him it seems that it was necessary to impart such instruction to a certain extent. According to Gandhiji, the object of sex education should be the sublimation of sex passion. Such education should automatically serve to bring home to children the essential distinction between man and brute. Gandhiji’s ideal behind sex education can be achieved only if we have the teachers who have attained mastery over their passions. According to him, amateurs are not qualified to teach the science of sex control.

Today, the need is to channelize the sexual energy into CREATIVITY. Creativity gives more pleasure than the fulfillment of sexual desires. It is the best way to stop the young children from wasting their sexual energy.

Our educational system must not ignore the creative feelings of the children at the cost of academics. Creativity prepares the mind for psychological upliftment and it gives spiritual pleasure. The creativity enhances the growth and development of the child, while the wastage of sexual energy may cause for the loss of self-esteem and positive characteristics of an individual. The young children must be taught well to utilize their sexual feelings in art and creative work.

Not to tell, there had been so many great persons on this earth, who managed their sexual desires and did commendable jobs. Lord Krishna channelized His sexual energy into creativity and thought beyond the reach of genius. That is why the music by His flute gave that immense pleasure of spiritual nature which was beyond the reach of sexual eroticism.

Let the whole world shrink. Let us work together for the upliftment of the child from all evils. Let us impart our children – SEX EDUCATION. Let us prepare our children to feel REALITY and TRUTH; so that instead of wasting their sexual powers, they penetrate the space of unknown realities which is beyond our own imaginations.


Draupadi - First Woman Advocate of India

"Who is your sister? I am she

Who is your mother? I am she

Day dawns the same for you and Me"

( Innana’s Journey to Hell 3rd Millenium BCE, translated from Sumerian by NK Sandars)

by Ms. Aruna Bhardwaj

(TGT, Social Science)

Salwan Public School,

Sector-15 (II), Gurgaon

My biological clock gives me a gentle reminder every evening to watch the ‘News Hour Debate’ on the channel ‘Times Now’.

As political inadequacies, scams and current controversies are discussed, deliberated and debated, I wonder at the profundity of knowledge and conviction of each participant to put forward their point of view in a vociferous manner. I think this has rubbed on me the desire to be argumentative if need be and advocate for a cause that I am strongly opinionated.

The love of History coupled with the desire to study ‘Law’ threw me in a state of fantasy as I imagined myself arguing in the imaginary Court of Justice. Contemplating over my future aspirations, I began to recall the names of all the brave women in India who fought for justice. To my mind the bravest of the brave was Draupadi.

Draupadi was indeed the FIRST WOMAN ADVOCATE of INDIA, who felt that she must speak for herself in the ‘Hall of Defame’ (Palace of Hastinapur). Draupadi changed the agenda of the Kurus from POWER TO WAR. Draupadi was informed in the Kaurava palace where she had accompanied her husbands that Yudhishtra had lost everything in the game of ‘dice’ inspite of the fervent appeal of his brothers. Despite being in her ‘time of the month’ when a lady wears sparse single piece of cotton cloth to cover herself and is expected to rest in seclusion, Draupadi is pushed to the ‘Hall of Defame’ where the Kauravas were gloating over their victory. Draupadi was crestfallen to see her ‘husbands’ hanging their heads in shame. She looked at Bhishma Pitama who had once called her his granddaughter__tall ramrod straight with snow white beard cascading down his chin, she wondered as to why he looked so expressionless. For a moment she mistook this unusual expression of Bhishma Pitama as a ‘Sculpture cut in an alabaster’. The men of the ‘Kuru’ clan had one and all failed in their duty to protect the honour of their woman. Draupadi on a split second took stock of the situation as she realized that she alone would have to ADVOCATE her cause for Justice. Herein my respect for Draupadi takes a quantum leap. The next five seconds are concentrated by her on ‘Krishna’. Unmindful of the slurs of the Kauravas the voice of ‘Krishna’ that "No one can shame you; if you do not allow it" rankled in the inner recesses of Draupadi’s head and heart: Courage, self esteem seeped into her at a lightning speed. Seeking the customary permission from Bhishma Pitama, She began questioning the Kurus for the ignoble act.

Like an advocate of repute, Draupadi condemned event by event the hideous act of the Kurus with astounding logic and rationale.


Draupadi argues that Prince Duryodhana had no right to invite her to the ‘Sabha’ as only a husband according to Dharamsutras had the right to call his wife to such a ‘Sabha’. Appealing to the sensibilities of the stalwarts in the Sabha, she said that she cannot be gambled like a ‘bag of riches’ as she had her own individuality, her own identity as a Queen, daughter of Draupad and sister of Dhristadyumma. Sarcastically she looked at the Kauravas who were unable to answer her question.


Not ignorant of the moral codes of kinship, Draupadi looked at Dusshasan and accused him of breaking all tenets of decency when he had pulled her by her hair as no man other than the husband had the right to touch a woman’s hair. She called it an ignoble act. Before ending the argument she vowed that till she would wreck vengeance on the Kauravas, she would never braid her hair__her open hair would always remind her about the insulting act of the Kauravas.


The loud , clear and forceful voice of Draupadi shook the ramparts of the Kaurava palace as Draupadi said that since it was her time of the month; the coarse cotton garment was all that she was wearing. In such a situation no woman can be dragged out of her resting place. She said that the Kauravas had crossed all lines of decency thus proving that the Kauravas were indeed the incarnates, of demon. As Draupadi argued on her stance even the Gods seemed to bow their heads in shame at the unpardonable act.


Vikarna, one of the brothers of the Kaurava clan had some goodness in him and he tried to dissuade his brothers to disrobe Draupadi. But Duryodhana and Dusassana both forced him to remain quiet. Now Draupadi felt the presence of Krishna stronger than ever before. Krishna, to Draupadi was synonymous to courage, logic, conviction and sanity. With clarity of thoughts and in a resounding note, Draupadi appealed to Dhritrashtra and said that she could not on principles be ever gambled by just Yudhishtra as she was indeed wedded to all the five brothers. As such she argued that even if she was being considered as a property, Yudhishtra did not have all proprietal rights over her. Dhritrashtra was moved both by her logic and helplessness and for a while the tide seemed to be in favour of the Pandava.

I often reflect on the timely presence of Krishna. Krishna to me is strength, power and assurance itself. Draupadi immersed herself in Krishna bhakti and felt the presence of Krishna all pervasive. I often reflect on this momentous event in the story of Mahabharata and believe that Krishna is after all ‘shakti’ ‘chintan’ ‘Dhairya’ and reality all rolled into one.


Draupadi then put forth her last legal argument which left everyone speechless and saved her honour. One cannot help comparing Portia of Shakespeares play ‘Merchant of Venice’ to Draupadi at this point in time. Portia dressed as a lawyer tells Shylock to take the pound of flesh from Antonio for failing to pay him the loan on the stipulated date but he MUST NOT LET EVEN A DROP OF BLOOD OOZE FROM ANTONIOS FLESH!! The fifth argument of Draupadi was the most potent argument. She said that Yudhishtra had waged and lost everything including himself before he pawned her. If this be so, he had already become a slave and could not own anything. Given the existing condition, Yudhishtra had no right over her as he was not a free man and therefore he had no right to stake her. The ‘Hall of Defame’ resounded with the cries of ‘Shame! Shame!’ and Dhritrashtra reproached his son and ordered him to stop at once. Guilty, weak and depressed he asked Draupadi to choose a boon and she asked for Pandavas release.

To conclude one feels that Draupadi is a strong motivational force. Cosmic justice protected her as she gradually steered the agenda of POWER TO WAR. Like a woman scorned she cursed the Kauravas in a prophetic tone thus "ALL of you will die in the battle for what you have done. No man will be left to pray for the dead".