The Autobiography Of Fazeel Nadeem Bhatti English Literature Essay

Fazeel Nadeem Bhatti

It was Mian Badr-ud-din Bhatti, son of Mian Kamr-ud-din Bhatti, who migrated from the small village of Faazil Shah just across the Pakistan-India border. He came to settle in Tehsil Haroonabad of district Bahwalnagar. His eldest son was Mian Yasin Bhatti, my grandfather, and his son was Nadeem Ahmed Bhatti.

1994, a normal year same as many had already passed. March 7 of this year is my Birthday and I was born in Sargodha, Punjab as the eldest son of my parents. I was named after my father’s mother, Fazeelat Begum, who had died in a car crash when my father was merely 9 years old. Naturally, I don’t have any memories of my earlier years except from the ones I have heard from my relatives and my parents. At that time my mother’s family was settled in Sargodha and my father had just been promoted to the rank of major in the Pakistan army. Three months after my birth my father was posted to Uthal, on the coast of Baluchistan and me and my mother lived in Karachi with my father’s family at that time. At that time my grandfather was involved in a booming business of cotton trade and that’s why his family was settled in Karachi. As I said before I do not have any memory of these days so now I will start to narrate some of the latest years of my life.

After Uthal my father was posted to Kohat, KPK in 1995 where his unit 22 field Artillery was also deployed. After two years the unit moved to Siachen on the LOC and my father went with it. At this time me and my mother came back to live with my mother’s family at Sargodha. After one year the unit moved to Chunian garrison near Lahore and our family went to live there till the next posting came. Before the unit moved again my father had the chance to do the Intelligence Staff Course. For this we shifted to a military school (whose location is confidential) in Murree. During this time we lived in a two story wooden house, with LPG as fuel for heating and cooking. One incident that I can recall in bits and pieces from Murree is that: One day when my father was at his classes and I was playing outside my house I decided to go on an adventure. I had a friend who was the neighbor’s kid and my age-fellow. The military school was located on a slanting hill and we started to go down from where we were. We walked and bypassed the security and reached the main road. Where, being stupid at that time, we decided to stop some kind of transport and travel to someplace else. So, two three and a half year old boys were standing on the edge of the road, waving and shouting at every car that passed to no result. Finally when we saw no more hope in stopping a vehicle we decided to move farther downhill into a local village. When we entered the village some locals inquired about who we were and took us to their home. They offered us food and water and took care of us until both of ours parents came looking for us worried sick. The adventure was a good one and my parents still recall this story to me more than often.

After completing the course from Murree my father was posted to Muzaffrabad, Azad Kashmir in 1998. It was in Muzaffrabad that my proper schooling started. I had gone to playgroup in Sargodha when I was two years old but not completed it. So in Muzaffrabad I joined the Army Public School. I spent almost two months in playgroup and then joined prep. We lived in Muzaffrabad for almost two years after which my father was posted back into his unit at Chunian. In 2000 the unit moved to Kotli, Azad Kashmir again on the LOC and our family with it. Kotli was a small city and had a river flowing on one of its boundaries. The LOC was not far from here and Artillery fire was always expected. In kotli I was enrolled in the APS there in class two. My father was second in command in the unit at that time. As my father’s unit was of Artillery it was their job to return fire. During the Pak-India escalation of 2001 we were there and we had to face blackouts during the nights and Artillery fire was often exchanged. The Indian Army’s fire rarely reached the city as it was naturally defended by a mountain towards the border side. But still sometimes we did get to see some shells and bombs sent our way by the Indians. The escalation lasted till 2002 and it was a pretty stressful time for my father. He had to move from place to place and monitor all deployments of the unit. And this was when he suffered a heart attack and we had to move him to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC) in Rawalpindi. After getting treated here, coincidently he was posted to Rawalpindi.

In Rawalpindi I joined SLS, a private school, in the last term of class three. I was always an average student and my position in the class fluctuated from second to fifth. In 2005 we got proper Army accommodation at unique road near CMH Rawalpindi, a place where former president Pervez Musharraf had also lived during his early years. Here I made friends with almost every age fellow in the neighborhood. Living there I made friends with Tayyab, Rizwan, Waqas, Fahad and Haris. Being sons of Army officers, we had much similar personalities. Tayyab is a gentle hearted and nice person who always thinks the better of everyone else and rarely participates in something that would land him into trouble. Rizwan was the naughtiest of us all and his mischief would sometimes land us into trouble. Waqas is simple minded, funny and an overall nice personality. Fahad’s ego in front of others still creates problems for us. Whenever some adult will caught us doing things like playing football on his yard or in front of his house in the street, Fahad was the one whose anger would flare up and he would start talking without considering who he was talking to. Haris is the bright mind of this group in terms of cunning. These friends of mine were not extra ordinarily bright in their studies. But still they are a nice bunch of people. As the time passed and we matured we became very close friends and enjoyed each other’s companies and gained each other’s trusts. These are some of my closest friends still and I can trust them with my life. I remained in SLS till class eight and made a few very good friends namely Omer, Faizan, Musayab, Adeel, Ahsan, Nauman and Bilal. I was always a reserved guy and only made few very good people my friends. These five people are still included in few of my closest friends. After finishing our eighth together the three of us Omer, Bilal and me decided to join Saint Mary’s Academy, in Lalazar Rawalpindi, for our O’ levels. The school and college were established in 1961 during the Ayub Khan era and it is now one of the most prestigious institutions in the region. Covering 53 acres the school houses a big oval multipurpose ground with a cricket pitch and two football matches could be simultaneously played on the ground. Apart from this, this Institution has another proper football ground adjacent to a lawn tennis court, a volleyball court and a Basketball court. There is also a proper Cricket ground towards the backside and a two minute walk away from the main school building. A small lake also lies adjacent to this ground.

When the three of us joined St.Mary’s four others also got enrolled in the same class. These were Awais, Ayub, Moiz and Saeed. Of course, there were others but I became instant friends with these four people. Ayub and Awais are cousins but their personalities are as different as water is from fire. Awais was a somewhat dimwitted but hardworking person, who always tried hard to achieve something but in the end only half achieved it. He was quite burly and would always get into a fight with someone over some petty matter and then we would have to clear his mess by "talking" to the other person. Whereas Ayub was a cunning personality coming out of Chand Bagh(a boarding school near Lahore)and joining St.Mary’s for his O’ levels. He will always participate and mostly lead us all into the mischief we later became popular for in the school. He is a good student and always managed to secure good grades when it was required the most. Then there was Moiz, the most smart, cunning and mischievous of us all. He was smart in thinking out all the other things except his studies. He never paid much attention to his studies but still, was not that bad at them either. Saeed was again a burly fellow and tall of height. He had an annoying habit of hitting any one of us at any random moment just for fun. But he was quite useful whenever Awais’s "talks" could not be handled by words only. Omer who had come with me from SLS was the socialite of our group and was on good terms with almost everyone in the batch. He had a special gift for comedy and would make us laugh by insulting any one of us, or for that matter anyone. We were that group of our batch that was popular for bunking classes, harassing our juniors, making fun of others and messing with the teachers. Sometimes we did get into fights but never intentionally and tried to end them without coming to blows. I am not ashamed of any of this as it was always done in good fun and our intention was never to offend somebody and would apologize at the instant someone complained. We never took our school exams that seriously and I failed in two of my subjects in the finals but scored well in those papers which I was supposed to sit in later that year for the Cambridge assessment. We gave our first Cambridge O’ levels papers at the end of the ninth class. The subjects were History and Islamiat and I was strong in both of them. I got A’s in both of these subjects and this marks one of my first significant achievements.

After this we were promoted to class 10th. After getting good grades in the previous year my confidence was high and one could say that I was a bit over confident. I became lax in my studies and put more time into hanging out with friends, participating in extra-curricular activities and skipping classes. During my time at St.mary’s I had started playing Hockey, Football, Basketball and Volleyball. Moiz, Ayub and Omer did not enjoy playing any sports but still we would sometimes play football together. Saeed was a good football player and I was average at football. My main strengths were at Hockey and Basketball. An incident from this year that I still remember and would maybe never forget was when; our group was caught bunking school one day. We had never been caught before and this was the first time, and our punishments were somewhat severe. The four of us including me, Saeed, Ayub and Moiz decided to skip school and hang out at a gaming zone almost a kilometer away from our school. Coincidently almost fifteen others from our batch were also bunking school that day and were there in the gaming zone. Out of almost twenty people only the four of us attended the classes with the same chemistry group. Our teacher knew of our strong bond and friendship and suspected that the four of us being absent together could not be coincidence. So while we were at the gaming zone, Saeed got a call from his father. Who asked him about his whereabouts and we suspected that something was amiss. So Saeed did not lie and told his father the truth, who in reply told him to report back to the school at once. After that Saeed rushed back to the school. After about 20 minutes Moiz’s phone rang. After attending it we heard the teacher screaming at Moiz and Ayub asking them of their whereabouts. Now it was their turn to rush back to the school. Then it was my turn. I got a call from my father who inquired the same and then told me to report back to my teacher immediately. I rushed back to the school and reported to the main reception adjacent to which my three friends were standing with their heads down but a grin still on their faces. The receptionist told me to go and stand with them and wait till the principal was ready to see us. The three of them welcomed me and Moiz made a joke at that time which made all of us laugh and made us forget about all the deep trouble we were in. We were ashamed of-course, but standing their together in each other’s company we couldn’t get serious and a few minutes later the receptionist told us to stand separately facing the walls. We stood there for about two hours as our Principal was Sir Cecil Chaudary, an air force war hero from 1965, who knew how to handle a group of miscreants as we were later called. After that we were brought into his office and handed our suspension letters and a meeting was to be held with our parents the following day to discuss our matter. As any parent would do, all of us got a good scolding from our parents at home that day. The next day the parents came. The meeting was held and we were allowed to join the next day after being given a warning. One would think that we would get serious after that, but it is said that the strongest bond is developed with those who are there with you during the bad times. This was the case with the four of us and after this incident our friendship became even stronger.

Whilst reading through the last paragraph one would think that we were some spoilt brats, who took no interest in studies and lacked suitable character. But let me tell you that the same year before this incident I had been nominated as a Deputy Prefect by my teachers, but had lost the elections that year to a student who had been studying at St.mary’s for the past ten years. In the end Ayub had got six A’s and two B’s in his O’ level finals and I had five A’s and three B’s. Moiz’s and Saeed’s results were not even that bad and they were able to get above average grades. During these two years all of us were taking extra tuition classes as due to some policies of the new Principal Cecil Chaudary, some of the best teachers of St.Mary’s had left their jobs to join other institutions. In our tuitions I regularly met with my friends from SLS and my friendship with them failed to deteriorate. So our second year at St.Mary’s ended with mostly good memories. After completing our O’ levels it was time to join a college for A’ levels. Me, Moiz and Ayub decided to stay back at St.Mary’s along with our other batch fellows. But Omer left to join Roots with Faizan for A’ levels as he also had good grades and was getting a scholarship there, Saeed left to join LGS Islamabad branch and Awais went on to pursue F.s.c. after his O’ levels. So now, only the three of us were left together of our original group.

During all this time, I would always come back home and in the evening find time to hang out with my childhood friends. It was with them and my school friends that I entered the puberty year and I matured in their company. During the winters of 2010 we, including me, Tayyab, Haris, Waqas and Fahad, were old enough to get out at night and go for an early breakfast at around 3 am in the morning. We would occasionally walk a kilometer to a place that was always open and enjoy fresh "Parathas" sitting outside in the chill of the night. Apart from that during Ramadan we would play football till "Sehri" and it became a tradition then, to hold "Aftar parties" at each of our homes once during Ramadan. This tradition is still alive almost after 6 years when each of us has become busy in pursuing our higher education. These are also some of my unforgettable memories.

I joined A’ levels in August 2010, with Moiz and Ayub of course. Omer and Saeed’s place was soon filled by three new people admitted to the college for A’ levels. These were Shehryar, Hassaan and Mohsin. Shehryar and Hassaan were both from Gujrat and had come to Rawalpindi for their A’ levels. They used to live in a hostel just a few minutes’ walk from our college. Both of them are honest hearted and good people. Hassaan is a good student and Shehryar an average one. But living in a hostel at that time without any supervision their first year A’ level results were not that good. Mohsin is still the most dim-witted person I know. He’s only good at two things; playing football and snooker. Whatever we tried, we could never make him study during the time when he needed to do it the most. He would always mess with the wrong people and sometimes unknowingly insult the teachers, who would in return make him look like a fool in front of the whole class. There was no love shown to him by the batch as everyone thought of him as a dumb fool. But he has an honest heart and a good personality underneath. Due to this he became a part of our group and also because he could be trusted. During my AS (the first year of A’ levels) I became a part of the school basketball team and was also elected as a senior prefect after beating a rival from my batch. I had five A’s in my O’ levels, so I was studying on a 60% scholarship. During our AS at the most we had five classes a day. This meant three to five hours of free time every day. During this time we used to go have breakfast of "Halwa Puri" at a place nearby and also to the Shehryar and Hassaan’s room at the hostel. Here we would switch on some music and "relax" for some time or watch a movie to pass the time. 2011 started and our exams were near. We joined the extra tuition classes and studied are heads off. But in May 2011 I was somewhat not ready for the difficult paper that the A’ level examiner had set for us and neither were many other people from our batch. That was the year St.Mary’s had produced the worst result for AS level. I got two D’s and one B at that time. The B was acceptable but the D’s landed me into a lot of trouble. My parents were angry with me and I was put on a whole lot of restrictions. I wasn’t allowed to meet my friends and only put my mind to studying and retaking the exams in the October session. Till now, this was the most depressing and hard time of my life. I myself was ashamed of my result. I used to go to the college in the morning to study in A2 (second year of A’ levels) and during the evening I would spend time in tuition academies studying all the time for the retake exams. Till the day my result came of the retake exams, I had not had any fun in a long time. It was in January 2012. I had improved both of my D grades and now they were A’s.

Hence, after that one of the best years of my life started. After getting good grades I was allowed to drive myself to the college and to wherever else I wanted, but not to skip classes. Shehryar and Hassaan had left us and gone to Lahore. So; me, Moiz, Ayub and Mohsin used to go to all the places about town and enjoy ourselves during our free time at the college. Roots was In DHA Rawalpindi and we used to go there to pick Omer and then go to a small roadside restaurant, known as "Dhaaba" in Urdu, to have some tea. The fun filled memories are the best in my mind till this day. Being the senior most class in the School and College now we were not afraid of expulsion or anything else. As being seniors in a traditional school like St.Mary’s means holding all the high positions of the Student council. Due to our miscreant like reputation we were never made part of anything that our batch did but we least bothered. I became the Basketball team captain as I was the only senior who used to play well. All the teachers now knew us as it was our final year. As I had learned in the previous year not to take my exams easily, I studied hard this time and appeared for my final exams in May 2012. After this came the vacations and the time for SMAMUN (St.Mary’s Academy Model United Nations). It is an event in which a Model of the United Nations is set up and it contains different committees of the UN. Delegations from other institutions are invited and assigned a country which they would represent in a committee. Debates are held in the committees, and each country presents its point of view and a resolution is draft up in the end. There are debates held for three to five days during the day time and social events are held in the evening which include; the Global Village, in which people dress up like the people of the country they have been assigned and show off the traditions and specialties of that country, the concert, and the themed dinner. I have always had an interest in foreign relations and the situations molding up around the world. I had participated in many intra-smamuns; a smaller version held only for the students inside the school and includes only three hours of debate. I had attended SMAMUN 2011 in a private delegation with Moiz, Omer and Ayub. We had been assigned Argentina. Moiz and Ayub attended the event mainly for the fun filled social events but Omer and I intended to attend it for the debate as well as the social events. Apart from that we also attended Roots Model United Nation 2012 in which we were representing Italy. But in SMAMUN 2012 we decided to take part as hosts. Moiz applied for the post of Director Security and got appointed and Ayub and Mohsin joined the security team as well. I at that time decided to join the Social events department whose job was to plan and arrange all the social events. The first was of course by tradition of MUN’s the Global village in which there was nothing to be done by the Host team except security and logistics. So we assisted Moiz in security that day. The second day was to be a horror night. I was at this time appointed to change two whole floors of our college building into a horror house with a limited amount of funds. It was a pretty tough job as scaring people can be difficult sometimes and that too with cheap stuff. But I decided to take the task because if it was done well, the event could be a huge success. We used the history of the school to set up a fake plotline and worked closely with the décor team to put out some accessories and other stuff on the walls. Apart from this I arranged neon lights to be put into the building and also the best system for some sound effects. I worked tirelessly for 6 hours dealing with the volunteers and all the problems that erupted after every 10 minutes. But in the end the event was successful with the horror house the main attraction. I was lauded by all of my colleagues, the directors of the event and also my friends. After attending SMAMUN, time came for the entrance exams of the Universities.

I had opted for engineering subjects since my O’ levels and now it was time for me to start becoming an engineer. I did not know what sort of engineer I wanted to be even during the time I was taking the entrance exams but still I gave the test for every good University. Coming just out of A’ levels it was difficult for me to give an F.s.c. based exam. But still somehow I managed to get a good score in FAST’s exam. This was the only university in which I had a good enough score to get in and that also in Computer Science. I had always had an interest in messing with computer and smart-phone software so I decided what the heck, let’s go for it. Hence I joined FAST at the end of August 2012. I did not make any friends for almost two months, being the reserved guy I still am. I missed my Old friends dearly who had gone their separate ways. But then I made friends with Aazar, Roeyd, Usama, Usman and Arsalan. I also got selected for the Hockey team here at FAST as a right in. Till now the team has played three main matches in which I managed to score a goal once. Scoring in the still pretty weak hockey team was a great achievement. In the end of the first semester I managed to get a GPA of 3.02 and now I intend to complete my degree from FAST during the next four years and emerge as a qualified computer scientist.

I intend to create something that would help mankind and take us to the next generation of computers. I am optimistic about the future and my life. I believe that everything that happens happens for some reason and that God is always there to help us. I hope that God gives me the ability to make my dreams come true and makes me a successful and good human being.