The Book On Number Of Stars English Literature Essay

Kaylee Crabtree

English 7-5

The title of my book is Number the Stars. It was written by Lois Lowry. The book is a fictional book made up of some stories her friend had told her about growing up in Copenhagen. During the German occupation. She took these stories and put them together to make this book. The main idea is that a girl named Annemarie, her sister, Katie, help their friend, Ellen, and her families escape Copenhagen to freedom before the German soldiers could capture them and "relocate" them.

Annemarie is a lively, young girl who loves her friends and family. She is very tall with dark hair. Her personality is friendly, considerate, and lovely. Annemarie is very curious and smart she does not like the fact that the German soldiers have come to Denmark. Her, her family and lots of other people had a lot of more freedom before they came to her country. Annemarie had an older sister who was in the Resistance and got run over by a German soldier.

Annemarie, Kristie, and Ellen were coming home from school. Annemarie wanted to race Ellen so she started to run. She was looking behind her while still running. Ellen had a worried and scared expression on her face. When Annemarie turned around she saw a German soldier stranding in front of her. The man looked at her, Ellen, and Kristie, then back to her. He looked and asked, "Why are you running?" Annemarie was scared on the inside but acted like nothing was wrong. She told the man that she’s practicing for the big race at school that she is participating in a tall, long necked soldier, that her and Ellen call "The Giraffe", came over. Because he knew them he let them pass.

One afternoon Annemarie’s father got a call from the Rosen’s, Ellen’s parents, and seemed much panicked. When he got off the phone he called for Annemarie’s mother then went to the kitchen to talk to her, afterward they both came out panicked. Annemarie did not understand what was going on but just went on with her usual business. Her mother told her and Kristie that Ellen was coming to stay the night. That night they had a magnificent dinner with food left for second helpings, which was very unusual during these times. After they all finished dinner everyone headed to bed. Ellen and Annemarie talked themselves to sleep and had a good time. A little later Annemarie was woken by a few bangs on her apartment’s front door. She got up and watched what was happening threw the little space left from the door not being shut all the way. Her parents were talking to some German soldiers at the door. They came in and looked through the house. When the soldiers had finished tearing apart the front rooms they asked to see all the children. Annemarie’s mother came and got her and Ellen but left little Kristie asleep. The soldiers asked if Ellen was their actual daughter or their good friends, the Rosen’s, daughter. Her mother said no that she was their daughter Lise. Her father had to show them a baby photo of Lise to convince them. The soldiers threw the photos on the floor when they were convinced and left.

Annemarie, Ellen, Kristie, and Annemarie’s mother all headed up to her Uncle Hedrick’s place. Annemarie could tell there was a secret plan her mother wasn’t sharing with her but she just blew it off. After a few days she was told that her Great Aunt Birte had died and that her casket was coming to the house. Annemarie thought back to all the old family stories her mother had told her and thought about all the pictures she had seen but remembered no Great Aunt Birte. Early that afternoon a vehicle barring the casket of her fake Great aunt Birte arrived. About 6:00 that night person after person came to the old farmhouse. Sometime later familiar faces caught her attention. She saw the Rosens come in with her almost brother in-law Paul. Later that night some German soldiers came in and raided the house. After being disrespectful and inconsiderate they left. Then, the plan her mother had been keeping a secret from was revealed. All the people who had come to the house were Jews and her mother, Paul, and Uncle Hedrick were helping them escape to Sweden. The casket was opened and inside it were old ratty clothes, blankets and clothes they were going to use for warmth in the cold, damp, nighttime air. After a whole confusing, exasperating, energy using process her friends were free from German control.

My story is called Number the Stars it was written by Lois Lowry. It’s about a young girl’s life during the German occupation. Annemarie lives in Copenhagen with her friends and family during the German occupation. The year was 1943 and it was the beginning of the "relocation" of Jews. Annemarie helps her Jewish friends escape so that they might have a shot at a better life.