The Life Of Mary Tudor English Literature Essay

Dominique Cartagena

Ms Buchala


The Life of Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor also known as bloody Mary was considered to be one of the worst and terrifying Queens in all of English history. Killing innocent people, corrupting Britain’s economy and obsessed with power.

Her parents are Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, though at first Henry wasn’t happy to marry her due to their age differences, Henry being eighteen at the time while Catherine was in her early thirties. But soon he came to love her for she was a very loyal and loving wife to him. It’s because of her honesty and kindness that the people of England loved her for she had never did wrong. At first Catherine’s main problem was being able to fully have baby for she had three children in which two had died when still infants and the other being a miscarriage. This was devastating for both Henry and Catherine making the two start losing hope in ever having a child. , until February 18 1516 Catherine of Aragon gave birth to a healthy girl who she named Mary. The king and Queen rejoiced for they finally had a child, now they can be a happy family, for now that is. Henry VII was so happy when Mary was born that he even showed her to ambassadors and noblemen.

From 1516 to 1530 Mary had a normal childhood for a princess. The people of Britain adored her and she even was considered to be a very important princess in Europe. But of course there that came with a price for her "loving" father would use her as a wager for political discussions. However as years past Henry started to become really desperate in having a son so he can have in heir to the throne. So he decided to have an annulment with Catharine but she quickly refused in fear that if they were to divorce that it will ruin Mary’s life. Unlike Henry, Catherine was deeply loyal to Mary, more than any mother would be to their child; this was due to Catherine having her previous children dyeing before they could even begin their life.

Though Henry wanting an annulment he had stated that she was indeed a good wife and Queen. Still Catherine was put through so much embarrassment because of Henry’s silly actions, claiming she wasn’t providing him a son which was in fact a ridiculous topic to discuss to the Church. He also argued using religious studies saying that since Catherine was married to his brother but only for a short period was considered to be incestuous. This only angered Catherine more; she responded his statement saying the Pope had already approved an exemption making the issue resolved making Henry look more of a fool. The Pope refused to even listen to Henry’s argument for an annulment making the problem even bigger between the Vatican, Spain, and England. Catherine even asked help from her nephew Charles V who agreed to help her to Henry for personal and political reasons of course. None of Henry’s wishes were coming true for he kept getting denied, realizing he much he keeps humiliating himself and the fact that no one was listening, he evidentially gave up but chose to take matters into his own hands.

On 1534 Henry went over Roman’s rules and actually placed himself as Supreme Head of the Church of England and making the annulment happen between him and Catherine. This had officially made Catherine of Aragon and Mary Tudor outcasts. Soon Mary became illegitimate and was no longer called princess but was to now be known as "The Lady Mary". Catherine was now to be called the Princess Dowager of Wales something that Catherine would never accept even in death. Henry even made Catherine move to a different castle in England so she wouldn’t see her daughter; this was a punishment for not accepting the annulment. But that didn’t stop them from secretly writing letters to one another. Shortly after the divorce Catherine he married Anne Boleyn, a woman who he was secretly having an affair with while trying to get an annulment with Catherine. Anne and Mary did not get along for Mary blamed Anne for the separation of her mother and father and making her illegitimate while Anne didn’t want her to take her child’s place as ruler.

On September 1 1533 Elizabeth was born making her the new Princess of England, this did not go well for Mary. But on May 19 1536 Anne Boleyn was executed in Tower Green for supposedly commenting adultery but the real reason was that she also couldn’t provide Henry a son, and it’s because of this event this made Elizabeth be titled as a bastard. Months later Henry married yet again with Jane Seymour, who wanted to bring together Henry and his daughters.

Jane and Henry would even visit Mary once in a while making Jane and Mary get along quite well. Henry soon openly welcomes Mary back home, this pleased Mary very much and so did Jane. On October 1537, Jane Seymour gave birth to Edward VI the son Henry has been desperately waiting for. Mary also made Edwards godmother the day he got baptized. Unfortunately two weeks after Edwards birth, Jane passed away plunging the whole court into tears. But this sadly didn’t stop Henry from marring again; he married Anne of Cleves which that marriage ended quickly due to how devastating the marriage was. Then Henry married again to Catherine Howard, a woman who was 6 years younger than Mary, Mary being 25 while Catherine was 19. This made Mary furious with her now obese father, Mary and Catherine did not get along at all, this marriage was the most pathetic Henry had ever been. The marriage ends tragically when Catherine was executed for adultery in February 13 1542. Henry then marries for the sixth and finally time to Katharine Parr, Mary had a neutral relationship with her.

On January 28, 1547 Henry dies and the crown goes to Edward V making him the new King of England when he was only 9 years old. Mary was very livid for her half-brother was of Protestant faith, she even ignored Edward’s Act of Uniformity and just celebrated Mass which sorrowfully for her had been prohibited. It’s because of this that Edward and Mary never got along causing problems to one another.

In 1552 Edward developed tuberculosis, afraid that once Edward dies Mary will become Queen and bring back the Catholic faith, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland and Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk planned that instead of Mary be next in line to throne that Edward’s cousin Jane Grey will become Queen. Edward soon dies on July 6, 1553 and shortly afterword’s Jane becomes the new Queen but only for nine days.

When Mary found out about this, she was determined to fight for the crown even though some of her peers told her to run away fearing that she can get in trouble or worse killed. Fortunately for her peers Mary had gathered a lot of support and soon the Privy Council in London notices the error that had taken, place, they finally declared Mary as the true Queen of England.

When Mary was close to reaching London, she met her sister Elizabeth who wanted to congratulate her and she even rode place of honor with the new soon to be Queen. On October 1st Mary Tudor age 37 had officially became Queen of England. As Queen the first thing she wanted to do was declare that parents, Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon marriage was indeed valid and legal. Next she wanted to revoke all the religious laws the Edward VI passed but it was hard for her to do so which will soon cause problems later.

Then Mary was to find a husband and one of the closes choices was Edward Courtenay, the last descendent to the House of York who had lived in the Tower for most of his life.

But her cousin Charles V, the instrumental advisor to Mary, had already planned that she would marry his son Prince Philip of Spain. After long period time of thinking she agrees to marry him. This however did not please the public at all for they had a hatred for foreigner especially the Spaniards. Soon plot were beginning to form, planning a way to get rid of Mary and replace her with her sister Elizabeth and Edward Courtenay. Mary soon found out about these plans and over 100 rebellions where hanged though let go 400 others. She also had Lady Jane Grey and her husband hanged since she felt they were the next to lead yet another rebellion. Edward Courtenay was placed back in the Tower and so was her sister Elizabeth but soon was sent to Woodstock

On July 25 1554 Mary and Philip got married on the day of St. James, a patron saint of Spain. Around September Mary was announced to be pregnant, but she still continued to restore the Catholic faith and in January 1555 she had John Hooper, John Rogers and John Cardmaster burned on the stake. The public’s hatred of Mary I increased for she had majority of the Protestants burned. In total 275 people had killed and soon was included in John Foxe’s Acts and the Monuments of the English Martyrs. These actions are the reason as to why she received the title "Bloody Mary". Mary kept waiting for the day that her child was to be expected but when her due dates passed three times it soon became clear that Mary will not have a child.

In August Philips left England to do business for Spain in the Netherlands, his leaving made Mary very upset. The burnings still continued, Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley who were former Bishops were burnt at the stake and soon Thomas Cranmer, a former Archbishop was burned as well. In March 1557, Philips returned to England and soon declared war on France along. Philips led his soldiers into France and took over the town of St. Quentin, but France attacked back and too the city of City, having England loss the last land England controlled in France which England took in 1347.

Though the news was bad to hear, Mary at age 42 still believed she was pregnant but again her due dates passed and it was said again that she will not have a child. On October 1558 Mary soon became ill and since then she became worse, she but still refused to let Elizabeth become the next Queen as she wrote her will. Eventually she finally agreed to put her sister in the will stating that Elizabeth will in fact become next to the throne, she agreed to do this for she hoped that Elizabeth will preserve the Catholic faith. On November 16 1558 Mary Tudor died.

When Queen Elizabeth became Queen she gave her sister a royal burial and she was buried in Westminster Abby in the chapel built by her grandfather Henry VII. Soon when Queen Elizabeth passed away James I built a tomb for both sisters with a plaque on it written in Latin. "Partners both in throne and grave, here rest we two sisters, Elizabeth and Mary, in the hopes of one resurrection" (Eakin)

Mary Tudor known for the title Bloody Mary was labeled as one of history’s worst Queens. Growing up with a loving mother and horrible father caused her to be mentally unstapled. Killing those who are Protestant, corrupting the English economy by religious rebels reaching its climax also having England loss one of its last continental territory and becoming so absorbed with power. England has become stronger after they left the dark ages of Mary I and become powerful again by Queen Elizabeth I. It’s because of these events that majority of the English accept different types of religion and grown to respect one another, people have the right to chose who they wish to be. But of course England will never forget the day when the streets of England were covered in blood.