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This paper discusses about career management plan and concepts of career management plan. It also describes that in what ways this course changed the thinking of human being in the case of career plans. This paper details that what obstacles and challenges are anticipated for the execution of career management plan. It also explains that what support is needed from CTU career services in order to reach the goals of human being. This paper examines that what external support is also required to the execution of plan. It also provides that what human being can do in the next to take action on some aspects of plan. This paper concludes with this topic by providing the essential supporting points to this career management plan.

Career Management Plan

The career management plan was the combination of structured planning and also it was the active management choice of professional career of human being. The outcome of the career management plan included the goal achievement, personal fulfillment, financial security, work or life balance. This process begins with setting the objectives of human being and this goal of objective must be formulated for the achievement of life time targets. This process was also based upon the establishment of defined goals as well as objectives.

Ways for enhancement of career plans

This course was the innovative one in the case of developing the career plans as well as life time targets to me. This course contributed to modify my thinking about career plans by means of implementing several ways. The first way was that this course identified the skills, values and motivations in order to make the modifications about career plans. This way was the better way to make the changes for me about their career plans. The identification of strength and weakness can enhance my career plans for bright future (Gerard A. Callanan, 2009).

The second way was that this course made the rich source of contact to me in order to make the modifications about their career plans. This way can increase the knowledge, capacity to make good decisions and source opportunities and by means of this way I can make the modifications about their career plans. The work experience, term time jobs as well as voluntary work can also make the modifications or enhancement about their career plans. Hence this way implemented the graduate positions to me in making their career plans.

The third way was that this course provided the career tools for achieving my career plans. This career assessment tool provided the better ideas to make the attitudes and interest for me. In this way, I can learn more about different jobs, career as well as career exploration that will be used to achieve my life time targets. This way also provided the long term and short term career planning to me in order to determine my careers. This course also involved in the case of communications, listening, decision making, project management, life learning in order to enhance my career planning.

Obstacles and challenges for career management plan

Human beings were anticipated some obstacles and challenges before the execution of career management plan. Age, knowledge, experience and politics were the obstacles and challenges before executing the career management planning. The age was the obstacle in order to bring the knowledge and experience and the career plans were affected by this age in the case of getting health insurance in organizations. For example, the older workers were getting more benefits than younger workers in the organization and because of experience. In this way, I anticipated obstacle and challenge before executing my career plans.

Knowledge was also the obstacle for human being before achieving the career plans and this knowledge included education, experience, training and education. For example, the knowledge was the tool for the creation of professional network to make the career plan. I anticipated this obstacle in this way for mitigating the lack of knowledge before executing my career plans. Hence the knowledge was the obstacle for human being while making the career management plan successfully and because the knowledge can make professions to human being.

The political conflicts were also the obstacle while making the career management plans successfully. The political conflicts made the potential enemies to affect the career plans and skills. The politics was the unnecessary one when the execution of career plans for building the professional network. The avoidance of politics was the big challenge for me before achieving my career plans. The experience was also the challenge before achieving the career management plans and this experience decide the capability of human being in all department. This challenge also decided the professional thinking of human being and by means of getting experience human being will be promoted in order to achieve the career plan. I also anticipated this experience as the challenge before achieving my career plans (Carolyn Boyes, 2010).

CTU Career Services

I need the support from CTU career services in order to reach my life time goals and the supports of CTU career services were effective for the achievement. I need the technological position from CTU career services that will be implemented by career plans. The technological position can provided the value and attitude to human being and from that I can satisfy my life time expectations in order to reach my goals. This technology position can make the better innovations to me in the case of achieving both life and business goals.

I need the essential resources in order to achieve my life time goals and objectives from CTU career services. The career resources included interests, values and abilities that can make me to reach the career goals. The resources of CTU career services can make the unique strength to me. This resource combined the self-assessment, career exploration and decision making in order to reach the goals.

I need the pre-professional planning method from CTU career services in order to reach the goals. This pre-professional planning can help me to prepare for the better transition in the case of health, law, architecture, business and communication. This method also improved the access an quality in order to satisfy the life time goals and this method also increased the awareness and higher levels access to me in order to satisfy my goals. The CTU career plans were needed to enjoy active and productive working, improve overall workforce participation in order to reach the goals of objectives.

External support for plans

I need the external support in order to implementing my career plans and goals. American Planning Association was the supporting organization from which I need support in order to reduce the negative influences while the implementation of career plans. This association played a vital role by advocating excellence in community planning, promoting education, citizen empowerment and providing the tools for mitigating the challenges in implementing the career plans. I need the support of this organization in order to mitigating the challenges in career plans.

If the challenges were mitigated by this organization, then I will achieve my career plans without any trouble. The negative influence and challenge was the major problem when the implementation of career plans. These effects will lead to the failure of career objects and plans. Hence I need the support of American Planning Association and this association can provide the promotion of education, citizen empowerment and community planning in order to achieve my life time targets.

I need this organizational support and because of this organization provided the technical management assistance, training and information resources in order to implement my careers. This organizational support also delivered the ethical education and training, economic development, technology in order to make the enhancement for my life. The outcome of this organizational support for me will be effectively implemented the career plans and goals. My life will get the innovation from this external organizational support in the case of fulfilling my career plans.

Actions for career plans

I can take the effective action in order to fulfilling my aspects of career plan in the next month. I can spend several minutes in order to make the better planning for my career plans and I will concentrate to these positive actions in order to make my life perfect by achieving my career objects in the next month. I can set goals that start with focusing on my dreams. Start with focusing on my dream can touch with my inspiration that will give me the energy to reach my career plan (Patrick Forsyth, 2002).

I can also making the goals that are aligned with my values in the next month. This action can be aligned with my value in order to decide that what is important in order to achieve the career plans and goals in my life. This action was also significant for me in order to set my goals and objectives without any conflicts and pressure. I can concentrate in the next month to make this action in order to enhance my value to the goal or career plans achievement.

The visualization was the one that can provide me the subconscious in order to focusing my career plans and completing my tasks. Hence I can visualize my tasks in the next month for the assessment of goals in my life. The visualization was also the intention for my action in order to achieve my life time targets. I can review my plan in the next month in order to developing my career goals and plans. This reviewing of my plan will be the flexible one for me and it will made my circumstances positively and also I will adopt the new approach in order to taking the action positively in the next month. I also based upon this reviewing my career plan and because of it was the massive action on some aspects of my plan.


The career management plan and the concept of career management plan were studied. The ways to make the better career plans as well as modification of thinking about career plans were also detailed. The anticipation of obstacles and challenges in order to execute the career management plans were described. The supporting elements from CTU career services to reach the goals were explained. The external supporting to execute the plan was examined and actions for aspects of plan were concluded.