Abortion This Time It Is Personal Philosophy Essay

Mais Shewaikani

ENGL 112 section 2

Dr. Ronnie Goodwin

Gulf University for Science & Technology

March 4, 2013

Nobody can deny that our female ancestors lived a harder life than ours. Especially when thinking of all the pain they had to face with unwanted and unexpected pregnancy. They had to deal with it and move on with life which should make us women very proud of the female gender before the 21st century; however, it is not the same anymore, The World O Meter states that "every year in the world an estimated 40-50 million women faced with an unplanned pregnancy decide to have an abortion. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day" ("Abortions in the world - sources and methods"). These statistics warn us about a coming disaster. Abortion is considered a woman’s right, as she is allowed to have control over her own body and determine whether she wants to have the baby or not. It is one of the most common ways for getting out of unwanted pregnancies. Back then breast cancer was not common and abundant. In addition to that, physical problems, depression and other Emotional problems were not as high as it is in today’s society; all the previous diseases and problems are quite recent among women today. Considering our society ethics and values, what harms us should not be allowed. Therefore, abortion should be outlawed because it is more of harm than a solution for a mistake.

A lot of women thought that getting rid of the unwanted fetus will make them feel good and satisfied about their lives. They did not put into consideration that killing what is in their stomachs would attack them with the feeling of remorse and sorrow. In addition to that, depression and mood changes are seen as a product of aborting even if it is an unplanned pregnancy. Although some of these cases might be seen as a solution when being raped, the same results still apply. In the face of that, abortion might be used as a solution for some pregnant ladies to protect their reputation especially if they were victims of rape. They think that with abortion they prevent depression and raise their self-confidence on account of that the community will not be talking about them in a satirical manner. The shock lies in the fact that what happens is exactly the opposite of their expectations. Abortion makes women more vulnerable to depression and other mental illness. The British Medical journal argues that women that abort their babies have higher rates of experiencing depression than those who decide to continue their pregnancies. They start regretting what they did and plenty of them feel guilty (2002). In addition to that, a huge percent of those women that aborts face risks of having anger disorders, suicidal tendencies, insomnia and less self-confidence than those who do not abort, not to mention that 35 percent of them become infertile ("The Emotional Effects of Abortion" 1999).

Most of the women that went through the process of getting rid of the fetus or the so-called abortion suffer huge pain during the operation. Despite that most of the hospitals and specialized centers use anesthetic drug to have a drugged body before they start the procedure , 97 percent of the women describes the pain as " unbearable " or " very unbearable " . Furthermore, researchers said that pain of aborting a child exceeds the pain of bone breaking and equivalent to cancer pain ("Take Time to Get the Facts"). In addition to the pain caused during the operation, there are other serious diseases and much more severe pain after it. Moira Gaul argues that physical complexities that "include cervical lacerations and injury, uterine perforations, bleeding, hemorrhage, serious infection, pain, and incomplete abortion" are expected after the abortion. She also states that the risk of facing those complexities is linked to the rate of "gestational age" (Gaul M., para.4)

Women all around the world are not taking the matter of death from the wrong way of abortion seriously. The decision of aborting an unwanted child is not worth risking the woman’s life. It is very unacceptable that the female gender try to get rid of a pregnancy whether it was unplanned or unexpected even though it is very dangerous. They have been using abortion as a solution even though it Endanger their lives. Carla abou Zahr stats that "Unsafe abortion" is one of the main causes for horrible diseases it also cause "hemorrhage, infection and death" principally when "there is poor access to hospital and medical care" (2003). In addition to that, supporters still use the word "rumor" whenever objectors mention the word "death" in an argument about abortion. Abortion – especially reckless unsafe abortion – is causing deaths around the word almost every day. In addition to the mentioned deaths, there is a large group of women that die daily because of an aborting operation are not mention to public or even listed in the civil records. That is because some beneficiaries are hiding the risk of death so they do not deteriorating their economy. We should not forget the huge amounts of money paid for every single abortion procedure. If awareness about the disadvantages and risk of aborting a child is rapidly raised between women, the economy of those people who profit from abortions will deteriorate.

According to Coleman & Reardon (2005),

On March 1, 1989, Erica Richardson, a 16-year-old Maryland resident, bled to death from a punctured uterus only hours after undergoing an abortion. During the next five months, two adult women, Gladys Estanislao and Debra Gray, also died from abortion complications. They too were residents of Maryland. Shockingly, none of these three women was even granted that smallest of recognitions becoming a statistic .The official statistics issued by Maryland public health officials showed that there were no deaths from abortion in 1989. Indeed, Maryland only reported a single abortion-related death for the entire decade of 1980 to 1989. There was actually a fourth maternal death related to a 1989 abortion in Maryland. Susanne Logan fell into a coma during her abortion and awoke four months later as a quadriplegic, unable to talk. She died in 1992, but since her death was not an immediate result of her abortion, it has not been counted in any of the official abortion mortality statistics.

We can conclude from what happened in Maryland that not only it could have happened in other villages but also in other cities and countries. Moreover, it increases people’s uncertainty whether abortion is the proper solution to unwanted pregnancies. It also confirms the risk of this procedure on pregnant women and emphasizes that the death caused by abortion is not a rumor, but is a real problem that should be avoided.

Regardless of the fact that abortion is a major cause of death, the survivor ratio suffers from diseases in particular, breast cancer. Abortion increases the rate of breast cancer between women a lot. There is no doubt that speaking about breast cancer and linking it to abortion bring out strong feelings in women especially that breast cancer is one of the most deadly cancers common between them. Some cancer experts states that the main cause of breast cancer is the change of hormone levels because it affects the normal growth of breast tissues which in turn may lead to the formation of cancer cells. What connects this to abortion is that a woman who aborts the fetus is exposed to abnormally high and sudden changes in hormone levels ("Is Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer?"). Moreover, abortion hinder the natural cycle of hormones in the body, leading to the production of cancerous cells in the woman’s breast which was in the case of processing to get ready to breast-feed a child.

Although some people are concerned about abortion or even sure that it is a bad solution , some others thinks that it is the perfect way to get rid of a pregnancy that they did not expect or plan for Some pro-abortion women consider abortion as a women right. They believe that they have the right to choose whether they are going to abort the baby or not. They still insist to abort the fetus regardless of the results or the risks they may put their selves or what they are carrying in. In addition to that, some women realize how bad abortions are and how dangerous it is to abort the fetus but still in favor of the process of aborting what they are carrying. They suggest that it is the optimal solution on the pretext that the women who is forced to have a baby from being raped for example, do not have any other solution to their problem but to turn to abortion to get rid of what they carry in their uterus. There are other situations where the cause of abortion lies in the prospects of a pregnant woman dying during childbirth. Therefor some doctors resort to abortion to protect the patient and keep her alive.

In the end, all these facts stated are where the secret of how dangerous abortion is lies. It puts women’s lives at risk of death. Additionally, it raises the risk of having breast cancer cells. Not to mention the mental disorders and physical illnesses that they become vulnerable to which prevents those women from completing their life naturally. In cases where solutions are the cause of new problems, they cannot be counted as solutions anymore. Therefore, abortion should be banned because it is more of harm than a solution for a mistake.