Are We Aliens To Some Other Race Philosophy Essay

How far a man thinks about this universe? How far he takes the possibilities of finding companions in the outer space :those who are not of our planet ,those may or may not be like us, those who can or cannot invade us, those who may or may not be stronger and complex like us and those who may or may not be visiting us since our existence. Universe in its vastness has stored millions and millions of galaxies, stars and solar systems around these stars. Study of these stars, galaxies and solar systems propose a lots of questions about worlds far away from us, possibilities of life in these worlds, type to life existing there, their appearances, complexities, strengths and nature, our reaction towards their appearance and nature, our existence to them, our strengths and weaknesses over them, And much more. No one knows what answers actually lies behind these questions but these questions make a thought inviting brain to think and propose their ideas about these questions and a number these ideas are interesting to know. Let’s have a look at these ideas and views we humans hold about these questions.

Possibility of alien’s existence is a diverse thought to speak on. Though no extraterrestrial life has actually been found but many claims are in the favor of their existence these claims arise because of the beliefs that Unidentified Objects are of some extraterrestrial origin.Many scientists believe planets other then Earth can bear Life of some sort in them which can range from microorganisms to a much more complex structural creatures then we humans are, both cases being aliens for us and we being aliens for them. Extraterrestrials can also be assumed to exist because we human mostly can’t expect our selves to be an all alone race in a wide spread universe .Most people believe that there are 99.99% chances that some favorable conditions will persist on some other planets in our solar system or other solar systems or galaxies that will allow life like humans to exist on them and some believe it does. There are also some people who are in favor of the quote "Seeing is believing", these kind of people do not believe that aliens exist because they haven’t seen any sign of them yet. Other people who don’t believe that aliens exist are those who are not interested in space studies and those who haven’t ever looked beyond their own small worlds. Though such sort of people a rare and a majority of people are in favor of alien’s existence. One can also say that no one knows what God could the planed this universe to like and also about what It can bear in it a different places there can and cannot be creatures like us but we feeling socially alone in this universe long to find companions of earth.

If all these possibilities, signs and concepts favoring alien’s existence are true then humans must consider themselves as aliens for the other races that exist in the universe visiting or not visiting us. Many astrobiologists believe that the first "seeds of life" we deposited on earth of space some 3,800 million years ago. Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe of Cardiff University suggests that life on earth have been started from outside .According to him each time a new planetary system is formed microbes surviving form other planets find their way to comets and in the same way microbes from outer space arrived on earth from comets and "multiplied and seeded " to form humans. He also suggests that we are a part of a chain that extents over large cosmos.

We Humans mostly think ourselves to be perfect creatures in appearance, intellectual and complexity but more often we think of aliens to be more complex creatures than humans, more intelligent than humans, having strong will power, controlled thoughts, and having a desire to invade mankind. Prof Simon Conway Morris at Cambridge University suggests that live on other planet or aliens are most likely to be like us and behave like us but they won’t be same in our foibles like greed, violence and tendencies to exploit others. Some people think that though they will be strange in appearance and other attributes but will be friendly, some people think they would be like us but with controlled thoughts and strong will power and an invading nature. The other sort of people think that if they are to be like us they would be friendly .No matter how will they be in looks but what matters is their nature that if they want to invade us or not. Many people have wanted to do different things if they encounter aliens to be like if they expected. Of those who think they would be complex than us and will want to invade us some people say that they will try to make aliens friendly and then would like to live with them, some will just want to find any solution beat them, and some rely on they to do better for them. Views of those people who think aliens to be friendly mostly say that they will try to know what they want form humans and will try to provide them what they want and will show them humans’ hospitality

It is not very interesting to know how aliens will sound to us and how will we react to them instead what’s going to interest you is how humans will sound to those for whom we will be some kind of extraterrestrials and what will be our reaction towards them in those situations. Most people can’t say for sure how will our look sound to them i.e. we can be strange, complex, simple or same like them in appearance, but they believe that those creatures will think of human to be complex creatures in thoughts with no possible nature of being invaders or friendly. If in this situation they thought of us as invader one thinks that we humans should make them feel that our complex thoughts won’t be that much hurting to them and should try to make them think we are a friendly sort of race. It would be quiet difficult to do but we be the most essential thing to do in that situation.

Aliens to us can be a lot stronger from us in intelligence, self control, technology and a lot more but humans as Aliens are much more stronger than any other race majorly because of the complexity of our thoughts and interconnections of our thoughts .Other planet’s peoples even if they be strong enough to read our minds won’t be able to overcome the complexity of our thoughts and they will have to study a lot about us but this will also take years and centuries to do that because thoughts in humans change from individual to individual .Another powerful weapon we have is our curiosity which drives us to think and see what lies inside or outside other things and mainly those things we are kept away from. For other races of the universe this would be a quite alarming attribute of ours as their secrets won’t be save to them. Other stronger attributes of Humans as compared to other races are our Faiths, Beliefs, and will powers because after complexity of brain and thoughts and curiosity these three things form the basics of our ethics and strengths. To talk about our weaknesses most people are of the view that our heartily desires, greed of money, material things and power can make our race a much weaker race than any of other race in this universe. One must have a view that our strengths as well as weaknesses have a strong impact on our lives and if we are the strongest in our Strengths the same we are the weakest in our weaknesses.

The fact is what so ever is out there in the universe and what so ever we be like to to aliens and they to us .If we actually want to find out the answers to these thought provoking questionas we should start finding their evidence in our surroundings and in our own space spans And then we should go farther and farther out towards our vast spread universe .We can do this by studying the miatries and the anolomies we find around us findins why these anomilies exist and why such confusion and trhoughts prevail .One can only understand such things when he starts tking things logicaly and thoroughly studying thing around him ,his planet his solar system and his galaxy.