Authority Gives Birth To The Most Corrupt People Philosophy Essay

Sarah khan



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1.Introduction :

Corruption is something like being unjust and unfair to one’s profession or doing something illegal for personal benefit.

2. The Different Scales Of Corruption :

a. Petty Corruption.

b. Grand Corruption.

c. Systematic Corruption.

3. The Different Sectors Or Fields Where Corruption Is Common:

a. Legislative i.e. Politics.

b. Executive i.e. Police.

c. Judiciary i.e. Judges and people having high authorities.

4. The Different Forms Of Corruption And Their Major Reasons:

a. Favoritism e.g. discrimination, distribution etc.

b. Tribute e.g. bribing, tapping etc.

c. Competence e.g. cheating, theft etc.

d. Authority e.g. harassment, privilege etc.

5.How Can We Eliminate Corruption From Our Society?



The world is getting more and more advanced as the time is passing by. Villages are transforming into big cities with all kinds of basic life facilities and cities are changing into huge fantasy worlds where every real-life story seems a fantasy and every wish seems to come out true. But have we ever thought that how we are fulfilling our dreams in this fantasy world and why? The answer to this question is a simple never. Because we seem to have no time for such a boring thing and because, because we are so much busy in our tasks of fulfilling our wishes that it seems almost impossible for us to sit down for a minute and ponder on this point. But when we think about all this for just a minute, we come to know that we are not doing all this in a fair manner rather we are following an unfair path as a road to the completion of our greatest desires. And that unfair path gives us no other suitable name other than corrupt. Thus, we come to know that the main reason which always lets us go wrong way in order to get or possess something is corruption.

Basically, corruption is defined as an act of being dishonest or unjust in one’s profession for the sake of personal or private gain. It may be done in a person’s profession but it can also be done in the fields of life other than one’s profession. But the consequences of it, most of the times, are the worst and a very few times it proves to be very beneficial and useful. Even at times, when corruption favors us a lot, something bad does happen to realize us of our mistakes. This fact clearly describes nature’s hatred for corruption and tries to convince us on the fact that corruption really is a bad thing that should be eliminated from the society.

Corruption is corruption, whether it is being done on a large scale or a small scale. It does not matter what kind of corruption is being adopted by a person or on what scale that kind of corruption is done, it is always referred as a bad thing. But still, to keep a difference among the frequencies of different kinds of corruption, it has been divided into three main scales i.e. Petty Corruption, Grand Corruption and Systematic Corruption.

By petty corruption, we mean to mention the kinds or forms of corruption which are being adopted by the people to do small favors on a small scale in the small areas of the society which includes bribery and favouritism.Petty corruption is done on a small scale but it may harm the victims really badly and on a huge rate.For example,bribery does not hurt the giver and the reciever but it does hurt the third person who is being harmed by it.

The corruption which is being done on a higher scale and on a higher level is known as grand corruption. This mainly involves the political departments. The political departments make new policies and rules in a way which benefits them.Money is the major factor which leads to this corruption.This corruption only gives advantages to the ruler or the elite class and the others remain entangled in between these policies.

Another scale of corruption is systematic corruption which is mainly due to the weaknesses of an organization or a process. The factors like low pays of employees ,discriminition and conflicting ideas o different people encourage it. It is the main cause of upheavel of the discriminition and the feeling of being inferior than the ruling class among the average people.

Now-a-days corruption can be seen everywhere. But the government sector seems to be the most corrupted as no government department is taking no action against corruption. Rather, they are just taking it as easy as they can. And sometimes it looks like they may are enjoying it for most of the times they act in a way that encourages it. And our leaders and our defenders i.e.police show no response against it,too. Thus, we come to the conclusion that the police and the political department is the most corrupted.Corruption in these departments is of the commonest type which includes bribery, discriminition, harassmant, cheating etc. which we will be discussing later.

Corruption is not of a single kind rather there are many kinds or forms of corruption.And there are different reasons behind different forms of corruption.Four of the main forms of corruption are favoritism, tribute, competence and authority.

Favoritism is a form of corruption in which a person who is corrupted favors someone or something which is beneficial to him.There are different reasons behind this.One the sub-forms of favouritism is nepotism.Nepotism means doing something in somebody’s favour with or without any reason.It may be due to the financial pressure or due to other kinds of pressure exerted by somebody through blackmailing.It results are always the adverse that hurt everyone.Discrimination is another sub-form of favouritism.Discrimination mainly exists among the people because of the thought that somebody is superior over another on the basis of colour,religion,race,cast or anything like that.It takes birth due the sole reason that is that equality is not given importance.Discrimination hurts the people more than any other form of favouritism does .Discrimination spoils each and every law of human equality so far introduced.So the effects of this form of corruption i.e. favoritism hurts the human race very badly.

Tribute leads to one of the worst forms of corruption as it mainly involves the the curse like bribery and extortion.Bribery is the commonest form of corruption as it is seen everywhere that people pay bribes to the ones having a high rank or any kind of authority in order to get their problems solved or to get some personal or private advantage.This is a kind of cheating as because of bribing, the rights of the innocent are robbed.Extortion or black mailing is also creating big problems because when a person is being black mailed, he is willing to do anything whether it is right or wrong in order to keep his secrets or keep his good image.And such kind of corruption has the worst consequences.

Competence is an act we adopt to compete with others.It is mostly common in the poor or the middle class people because as they see the glittering gold and styles of the rich people their eyes become blinded by the glitter of the gold and they get jealous or greedy.And in order to get all these things they can do anything which means they become corrupted to such an extent that we can hardly imagine.

Authority gives birth to the most corrupt people in the society.This is because the authority holder thinks of himself as a king and others like his property.So he does whatever he wants to his people and does not care about their feelings.And his this thought leads him towards embezzlement, abuse and harassment and it seems that he has become a psycho.So the authority gives the society the most painful results .

Corruption can be eliminated from the society by the joint effort of the government and the public. The government should create new anti-corruption organisations which should teach people about the basic things needed to eliminate corruption.

In the end, all of us should join hands to hands to eliminate corruption.Because it is one of those things which are helping our country to become more and more illeterate.