Believers Of Virtues And Followers Of Rules Philosophy Essay

The ISTJ is described as an introverted person, sensing, thinking and judging. He is named as a duty fulfiller. In management sciences, its really worth knowing the personality types as it helps a manager to take out the maximum out of the workers. Myers Briggs personality tests help identify and categorize people into sixteen categories, ISTJ the duty fulfiller is the first type. Such people are reserved and quiet, they are more into peaceful living and seek a sense of security. There is an internal urge and sense to perform their duties in the best possible way. This is their motivation to go through and complete the task that is assigned to them.

Believers Of Virtues And Followers Of Rules

According to a person who is ISTJ, loyalty, integrity, honesty and faithfulness are the most valuable and important virtues of all. Such people are regarded as dependable and "good citizens", because they are depended on for the best thing to do for families and communities. ISTJs are quite serious in their dealings and everyday life, but this business like behavior of these people is coupled with a reasonable humorous nature, that is, ISTJs have an appreciable sense of humor. They believe in the rule of law, legislation and traditions and want others to behave in the same way. They are not found breaking and going against the laws and rules. They are good followers of established plans and procedures.


Whenever an ISTJ promises something, they feel an utmost obligation to fulfil it. When it comes to commitment and promises, ISTJs are highly dependable. People depend on them for things and a lot of work gets piled up for an ISTJ. As mentioned earlier, these people have a powerful sense of commitment, so it is highly unlikely that they say "no" or refuse any work that is given to them even if things get difficult to be handled. So normally such people are seen working for long hours, are industrious and have developed a huge capacity to do the work. They are hard working, and work for long spans of time, but they are not negligent in filling the work experience with energy and enthusiasm, because for them, it is an essential ingredient to get the things done in a perfect way. They have a strong sense of utilizing this energy in a proper way, that is, they do not waste time and energy on anything that is non practical and senseless.

Emotions and feelings

ISTJs are perfectionists, and are seen taking their own accomplishments and efforts for granted. So they show the same behavior when it comes to other`s work. Patting on the back is something they should remind themselves off and on. This shows that they are poor at catching up the feelings and emotional needs as quickly as presented to them. They face difficulty when it comes to emotional expression.

ISTJs are excellent at defining, planning, organizing and implementing tasks till it is completed. They are hard working and know how to avoid and remove any obstacle that gets in their way.


A person who holds the ISTP personality has an internal focal point as a primary mode. This is where a person deals with different things logically and rationally. And in the secondary mode, which is external, this person takes on things through the five senses, which takes in things a concrete and literal fashion. Such people have remarkable analytical skills, they dig deep to know how things actually work, and use the understanding practically in different ways. A person who is an ISTP is not at all interested in concepts and theories, if they see no practical application of them. Reasoning ability is their unmatchable strength.

Adventurous spirit

ISTPs are known to have an adventurous and thrill loving nature. They associate themselves to airplanes, surfing, skydiving, motorcycles and racing. They are people in action and are fearless. They believe in their own will, and highly independent in making decisions for their future. There are no rules of thumb in their life, as they believe that rules and regulations prohibit and contain their capabilities. Their adventurous nature and thirst to remain in action makes them get bored of things quickly. An ISTP is sound believer of fairness and equity. When it comes to their own beliefs and causes, ISTPs are quite loyal. As discussed above, they do not like to follow the rules and laws of the system, so they make their own, to which they stick faithfully and do not break them at any cost.

Loners But Active

ISTPs like to spend time with themselves alone. In the lonely hours they tend to clarify and sort out things mentally and get a clear picture in their mind. They perform a lot of tasks when they are alone, such as absorbing impersonal facts, analyzing them and making judgements. These loners are active people, action oriented and believe in agility. They are not likely to do long term planning and sit behind the desk all day. They are spontaneous and adaptable.


As the name suggests, ISTPs are highly technical people and have strong technical and mechanical skills. They are excellent as technical leaders and focus on practical things and dig into the details. They are expedient and are quick in grasping the details that help them in taking immediate actions and taking effective and quick decisions.

Judgement And Emotions

ISTPs do not base their judgements on personal values. They take into account the facts only for making decisions and judgements. They ignore, distrust and avoid their own emotional sense and feelings because they face difficulty in differentiating between value judgments and emotional reactions. An over stressed ISTP is likely to show rash emotions and anger outbursts. They are excellent in facing crisis, they are athletic, optimistic generous and receptive people. Their school time is good, because they are introvert and are able to think logically. In normal circumstances ISTPs are patient people.

They feel happiness in action requiring tasks and have a lot of natural ability so they are good at many things.


Myers Briggs personality type list has the ISFJ type people on the fourth place. "The nurturer" as it is called, has life`s primary mode focused on internal five senses while the secondary mode deals with things based on feelings and is external. ISFJs are famous for being warm and kind hearted. They value cooperation, harmony and feelings. They are quite sensitive when it comes to other people`s sentiments and emotions.

Inner Rich World

People who possess the personality type of ISFJ, have an inner world that is both rich and usually not obvious. Such people take in the insights from situations and people that is important to them. All this information gets stored with them in the form of a database, and it is astonishingly accurate, which is because ISFJs have extraordinary memory. They usually remember precise details of the conversation and facial expressions if the situation or the interaction makes a significant impression on them.

Rules And Regulations

ISFJs are clear about how things should be, and they strive to get them. Kindness, security and respect of laws and traditions are valued by ISFJs. They are the followers of existing procedures and systems, because they believe that such procedure exists due to their functionality and practicality. So you will hardly find an ISFJ trying new things formulating their own ways to accomplish tasks.

These people are not found in areas of learning that are rich in conceptual analysis and theory application. They are believers of practical knowledge and application. They have a high speed learning by doing, and once they are done with learning, and the practical significance is understood, the "nurturer" will tirelessly and faithfully complete the task.

Beauty Receptors

ISFJs have polished sense of function, space and aesthetics. They are good receptors of beauty in their surroundings. They usually have beautifully decorated and furnished homes, as they are brilliant in interior decorations. With this crisp aesthetics, ISFJs are sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. Although they usually contain their feelings within themselves and are not good at expressing them. When it comes to negative feelings, ISFJs retain all the emotional outburst and this results in a firm judgement. Such judgements are difficult to be reverted.

ISFJs are not good at emotional expressions as mentioned above, so they do not let people know that they are aware of other`s emotional state. Although if ISFJs feel that other people require their help, they speak out and extend hands to help them.

Responsibility And Duty

ISFJs fulfil their duties with responsibility. They are quite dependable. When ISFJs commit to do a task, they are likely to accomplish them no matter what, so other rely on them. They usually become overburdened with work because they feel difficulty in refusing when they are asked to do a job. They have a strong feeling of dislike for conflicts. ISFJs get discouraged and depressed when face criticism. ISFJs are generous, warm and dependable. They should not be over critical of themselves.


An ISFP person deals with different things according to the feelings he has for them. They are tuned to the way different things taste, look, sound, smell and feel. As the name suggests, they have an obvious appreciation for art and have a remarkable aesthetics. Evidently they turn out to be artists in some way or the other. They are gifted with the creative abilities. They have a very powerful set of values that they follow throughout their lives. ISFP people need to feel that their lives are governed by them only, if not, they tend to rebel. They are not likely to be bounded by the rules and regulation or restrictions of the workplace. So they choose a career and occupation that grant them freedom of work.

It is hard to know ISFPs well, because they have a reserved personality and are not at all talkative. They reserve their opinions and avoid sharing thoughts except with those who are close to them. Artists as we generally observe are sensitive, gentle and kind in their everyday living and dealings. They are often seen contributing to mass welfare, well being and happiness and they do it will full energy and zeal.

When it comes to beauty and aesthetics, artists have a sound affinity. Natural beauty is quite close to their heart. Originality, independence and freedom are their dominant traits. ISFPs are very serious about life and are opposite to how people usually take them. They are constantly in search of information and getting the hidden meanings. Artists are "doers". They are action oriented. With an uncomfortable response to concepts and theories, their practicality tends to be dominant.

They are not fond of traditional methods of teaching, on the other hand they learn best in the hands on teaching method. Lectures and long speeches bore them and this gives birth to the abstract learning. Artists do not believe in making every decision based strictly on logic. They follow that decisions are to be evaluated subjectively, rather than evaluating against rules and laws that are objective.

ISFPs should not be considered as people who are not aware of others. They seek different information about people and try to attain a meaningful conclusion out of it. And what they perceive about other people is most of the time penetratingly accurate. Artists are sympathetic people. They are warm and genuinely concerned about the well being of others. They desire to please others. It does not mean that they also intend to control other people and their lives and actions. This is because they themselves don't like to be controlled and led by other people.

ISFPs are good at many things, there are a lot of tasks they are excellent at. But it is unusual that they give themselves enough credit for the good things they do. They are perfectionists and this leads them to more than necessary strictness while evaluating their own work. They serve others selflessly, are creative, and artistic. Things in life get difficult for most ISFPs but they make it a cherishing experience for those who are close to them.


People who possess the traits of INFJs are believed to be caring, gentle, and complex. They are highly intuitive people. Creativity is bestowed upon them. They are also considered as artists. Their world contains strange possibilities and hidden messages. It is considered to be the most rare type of the sixteen personality types, as only one percent of people hold this type of personality among the population.

Discipline and intuition

INFJs are people who emphasize a great deal on the orderliness of things. They put everything in a systematic way. They focus on doing things in a best possible way and spend a lot of energy to this goal. They are often found redefining their priorities in life. Another trait INFJs have with them is that, they are quite intuitive. Many times they know things that they cannot figure out how and why. And usually they are right. Due to this, they have a sound faith in their gut feelings and instincts. This tendency might cause some disarray. Some INFJs do report that they are psychic. For example, an INFJ might be having a strong feeling that any of their loved one is in some kind of a problem, and later discovers that someone close to them was in a car accident. INFJs don't share much with people. Mostly these people are quite private, deep and complex individuals. Hence they are difficult to understand.

Warmth of INFJs

INFJs are complex individuals as described earlier. With that it is also a fact that they are genuinely warm. People who are close to them have a special space for INFJs in their hearts. It is a very rare event that INFJ hurt anyone. They are very sensitive towards other people and regard and respect the other`s sentiments. INFJs remain at a distance from conflicts.

Believe in their own instincts

As discussed above that INFJs are extremely good at instincts and intuitions. That is the reason they believe in them a lot. They trust their own instincts. This firm belief on one`s own intuitions might lead to stubbornness and rejection of other people`s ideas and opinions. They have an utmost faith in themselves and always consider their own opinion to be right. But they are perfectionists too. They are in a constant struggle of improvement and are rarely at peace. They are in a process of constant growth and want to spend their lives according to what they think is right.

INFJs are basically devoted, protective and patient. They turn out to be very loving towards their children and develop a very strong bond with them. The expectation bar is quite high for their kids and they encourage them a lot to be the best. Although INFJs are stubborn in nature but they become sincere and devoted parents and give them deep care. Creativity is an integral part of an INFJ`s personality. They want an independent and creative environment at work. They can be good artists and are good at science. They have quite the capability of personal achievement.


What is my purpose of life? This is the question an INFP often asks himself. Self discovery, leading to make yourself a better and productive contributor to the world is an INFP`s focal point. They constantly search the meaning of their life and struggle to make this world a better place to live and prosper. They ask themselves that in what way they can be more useful and meaningful to the society. They intend to serve the people. They are perfectionists and are rightly pronounced as "idealists". When they define their goal, they push themselves hard to achieve it.

Intuitive ability

INFPs are people who rely on the instinctive abilities a lot. They are quite intuitive about other people. They make use of this ability to guide them in their life, and make use of their findings for value searching in life. They are investigating about the underlying meaning. They are seen on a constant mission of truth hunting. Every piece of information gets evaluated so know whether it puts in any contribution in refining or defining the path of life. The path leads to the person`s goal which for obvious reasons remain same for all INFPs, that is, to make this planet a better place.

INFPs with other people

INFPs are generally considerate and thoughtful people. They are believed to be good listeners and for this reason people get along with them very fine. INFPs are reserved when it comes to expressing sentiments and emotions. But that does not mean they don't care. On the contrary, they are quite empathetic caring people, who are ready to understand the problems of others. They are sincere people and get to know this quality of INFPs quite well hence making them fairly valued friends.

When it comes to conflicts with people, INFPs are very reluctant. They try to their strengths to avoid them and if it becomes inevitable, they face it with the view of their feelings. In such situations they really don't bother about who is right or who is wrong. They just follow their feelings about the situation.

The value system

INFPs are laid back and flexible, until anything happens that violates their values. If INFP finds any threats to their values, they react aggressively. Whenever an INFP assign themselves a job, a task or a project, they convert it into a cause. Detail orientation is not a trait of INFPs. They are usually found covering them when they work for the cause they have stepped into.

Hard with logic and facts

INFPs are not good in dealing with hard logics and facts. Their main focus are sentiments, human conditions and feelings and this makes it quite difficult to handle and make impersonal judgments. They also don't consider impersonal judgments valid.


The "idealists" are considered to be perfectionists. They are always holding high standards for almost everything and this makes them hard with not only others, whom they are evaluating, but with themselves too. They are misers in giving credit to themselves. They can face problems when they are asked to work in a group, because they expect much higher standards of work than the rest of the team.


The world of strategic planning and ideas is inhabited by the INTJs, also known as the scientists. They value knowledge, intelligence and competence, and in this regard they have quite high standards that they strive to accomplish. They also have similar higher expectations from others but not to a greater extent.

Innovation and ideas

INTJs focus their energies and resources in observing people around them and of course the world, that helps them generate new possibilities and new ideas. They are incredibly insightful and efficient learners of new things and new ideas. Here it is important to note that INTJs are more interested in applying the ideas practically rather than just understanding them. Thus they want a useful utilization of new ideas and concepts.

They are the scientists

INTJs are brilliant at not only generation of new things and ideas, but they aim at making them highly useful for the society at large. The internal insights, images, thoughts and abstractions are very difficult to be explained and expressed. Such internal thoughts are individualized. They can hardly be translated into an understandable form. INTJs respect knowledge, wisdom and intelligence and this leads them to put efforts in making those people understand their thoughts and abstractions who really deserve them.


God has bestowed upon the INTJs the precious trait of leadership. They are leaders naturally. Although INTJs stay in the background unless there is a real need identified for them to take the lead. They make very effective leaders because of their quality to see the real situation objectively. They are also capable of changing things that do not work well. They are ultimate strategists, who are busy scanning different ideas and plans and evaluating them against the current strategies.

Interests in society

INTJs are most of the time preoccupied with the thoughts, abstractions and images that revolve inside their head. They are found least interested in the thoughts and feelings of other people. They are unable to present intimacy to people unless they try to develop a feeling side in them. But yes, INTJs are interested in people to make decisions and express judgements about them. They have intuitions and consider them right. INTJs are also quick in expressing their judgements. They need to couple their intuitive insights with expression to avoid themselves being misunderstood.

Skills and qualities

INTJs are self confident, ambitious, long term thinkers and deliberate. They are mostly seen in the fields of engineering and accomplishing scientific pursuits. Some of INTJs are also seen in the world of business where they make strategic plans. Anything that is unclear, vague or muddled in disliked by INTJs. They also abhor inefficiency and messiness. Efficiency and clarity are considered to be of great value to them. And they are found spending time and enormous amount of energy in giving their insights a structured form.

INTJs have an ability to conquer great things. They have the ability to visualize and see the big picture of anything. In personal life, successful INTJs are powerful and rich and are found leading a rewarding life


INTPs are people who live on the planet of theoretical possibilities. They are constantly in the thinking of how anything can be improved and what can we turn them into. They mostly live in their own world, in their own mind where they analyze different problems and difficult situations, and try to get a logical explanation. They do not appreciate a vague argument and fogginess but they want clarity and are driven to create knowledge. We can call them the "absent minded teachers or professors". They value intelligence and the skill to apply different logics to concepts and theories to get a meaningful solution. They are mostly found living in their own heads and minds, with little attention to the external world.

Value knowledge

INTPs are those people for whom knowledge is the most precious thing of all. Their brains are all the time working to produce new ideas, theories and concepts. Similarly there is a constant process running in their minds to disapprove or approve theories that already exist. INTP`s approach to different theories and problems is with skepticism and enthusiasm, where they are likely to neglect existing opinions and rules. These people define their own rules to approach the problem. The "Thinkers" are extremely bright people and in their analysis, they turn out to be objectively critical.

INTPs with other people

INTPs are not much interested in controlling or leading other people. They are found to be flexible and tolerant in many situations. They take a rigid stance only when they see that their beliefs or rules are being challenged or violated. "Thinkers" are quite shy and reserved when they meet people for the first time. But with people whom they know quite well, INTPs are gregarious and self confident.

Decision making

When it comes to decision making, INTPs do not take into account any emotional considerations. They are the believers of logic, and thus they employ logical considerations in order to achieve logical conclusions and results to problems. They do not find any emotional relevance in the decision making process. Because of this behavior, INTPs are not likely to understand other`s emotions and feelings. And are not tuned and naturally capable to fulfil the emotional needs of people.

As they have a poorly developed emotional side of their personality, they are found to be sarcastic and overly critical with others. Sometimes they become cynical and negative. They are usually unaware of the surroundings and things happening around them.

INTPs in short

INTPs are usually unconventional and independent and are original personalities. They do not care much about popularity and security. Similarly for them, traditional goals are of no value. They have complex personalities and are temperamental and restless. Their thinking pattern is unconventional and this enables them to analyze different ideas in contemporary ways. They need an independent atmosphere where there exists a full chance to nourish the creativity and innovative mindset. They have got the credit of generating new thoughts and ideas and for various scientific breakthroughs known to the world.


People who reside in the world of action or with the personality type ESTP are called the "doers". These people are straight shooting sort of people, and are outgoing, excitable and enthusiastic. They are also blunt and risk takers. These people are the ones who are always willing to jump into the situation with rolled sleeves and get hands greased and dirty. They do not give any value to theories and introspection. When facing any situation they decide in no time, take action and forward to the next step.

They are blessed with an exceptional ability to know people`s motivations and attitudes. They are sharp in picking up minor cues that go unnoticed by other types of people. Such cues include body language and facial expressions. They are usually found ahead of those whom they interact with. So this actually makes them take out the desired outcome of the situation.

ESTPs are also incorporated with an extraordinary ability to do what they have planned. Once they decide to do something, then rules and regulations can stop them from achieving that goal. They have their own set of rules and their own criteria that shows them the right path. And ESTPs stick to their beliefs. Rules of the system and the establishment are of little importance and value to ESTPs.

ESTPs are found to have a special flair for style and drama. They have a relatively fast pace when it comes talking and moving, and they appreciate and place importance on fine and minor things in life. They are brilliant in improvising and story telling. They are fun loving people and like to be around those people who are also fun loving. They generally are careless in their speech and do not bother that their words might hurt someone, so they usually hurt people and remain unaware of this. They do care about people but their decision making process eliminates any factor that is based on emotions and sentiments. Logic and facts become the basis of their decision making process. They have an uncanny ability to start things up. They are not good followers of things rather they are excellent beginners. They are also found leaving the task to other people after getting started with it.

ESTPs are brilliant students, but they face hard time in school. This is because of their non matching personality with theory learning. They are intelligent but concepts and theories bore them. They are comfortable with careers that keeps them moving and does not contain or restrict them. In sales and marketing, ESTPs do extremely well. They have a natural well of enthusiasm and energy and they are born entrepreneurs. ESTPs get really excited about things and they can easily transfer their spirit of motivation and excitement to other people. They are practical, fun loving, observant, spontaneous, innovative and risk takers. They are a great company and motivation for others. If ESTPs exploit their talents correctly, they are capable of accomplishing exciting things in life.


ESTJs also known as the "guardians" are people who live in the world of concrete needs, logical explanations and facts. Such people live in the moment. They love the life at present and constantly scan things around them, their environment and their atmosphere ensure that everything is going smoothly and running systematically. Such people have a deep respect for laws and honor traditions. They follow a clear set of beliefs and standards and observe them strictly. They do not tolerate any violation of system and for those who do not value the system, ESTJs show no patience. They want quick results and value efficiency and competence.

Leadership role

ESTJs are often found taking charge of people. They have a natural tendency to step forward and assume the role of a leader. This is because they posses a quality to clearly envision different ways in which things could be done. ESTJs are aggressive and self confident in nature. They are brilliant planners and are genius in devising systems. They can see clearly what needs to be done in order to bring a task to completion. ESTJs can be critical and highly demanding because of their strong affinity to the systems and beliefs. And if they see anyone violating them, ESTJs do not hesitate to exclaim disapproval. That is why they are regarded as honest and straight forward.

Pillar of the society

ESTJs are considered to be the model citizens as they act as pillars of the society. Once they get into a commitment, they make it sure that the promise is fulfilled. They have very good communication skills and they are found enjoying their interactions with others. ESTJs are fun loving and turn out to be very boisterous at social events.

ESTJs can be rigid

ESTJs usually become overly rigid and detail oriented which they need to watch out. As mentioned earlier, they have a sound grip on their own beliefs and opinions. But they should not forget to value the beliefs, opinions and inputs of other people. They should not neglect the feeling side of their personality in order to avoid problems for intimacy. In situations that require some emotional sensitivity, ESTJs may hurt people by applying logic. It is important for the ESTJs to remind themselves regularly about the importance of emotional bonding and the significance of feelings

Most of the time, ESTJs are good at expressions, but at the time of stress, they often feel that they are misunderstood by others, as they are poor at expressing feelings and emotions which makes them feel isolated. They have a special value for social order and security, and for the promotion of these two, they feel obligated to put as much effort as they can. They are practical, conscientious, dependable and realistic. They put a lot of effort into the things that are required to be done in their marriage, job and society. They might not harness their energy to the things that seem impractical to them.


The world of an ESFP revolves round people. They love to have new experiences and the company of other people. They have a special liking to be the center of attention. They are evidently fun loving, lively and energetic people. They have drama, excitement and motion in their lives. They master the interpersonal skills. They have a dominant trait of feelings and emotions, so whenever they have to make a decision, they take into account personal values. They are concerned about the well being of people and are quite sympathetic. They are warm and generous. They have a keen observation and have the ability to detect any problem with others before someone else does. They have a warm response and present a solution to people facing some practical need. ESFPs are bad in theory and conceptual learning, they are good at practical work. They might not be good advisors and they also dislike future planning.

ESFPs are optimistic people and they are spontaneous as well. They are fun loving individuals. They abstain from peeking into the long term outcomes of their actions. They believe that the whole world is a stage. They feel pleased to seek attention of everyone and give performances. They are mostly found entertaining other people. They are brilliant in stimulating the senses of other people. They want that their life should be a continuous party.

People are quite fond of the ESFPs. And in return ESFPs also love other people. General social acceptance is a gift that is bestowed upon ESFPs by God. They are enthusiastic and upbeat. Their friends find them quite generous and warm. ESFPs have a lot of friends, rather it's better to say that ESFPs treat almost everyone as good friends. But ESFPs are likely to have a deep dislike for anyone who has tried to cross them.

ESFPs are generally very optimistic people. They are never seen indulged in negative thinking. In times of stress they try to get over with the situation by producing some global or simple statement in an effort to resolve the problem. ESFPs are the people who generally hate routine and structure, but with that they are highly practical. They trust in their quality to improvise and this enables them to " go with the flow". They are quick learners with hand on experiences. While when they study from books, they are quite slow and non productive. They are poor with theories but highly effective in interacting with people and communication.

It is important to mention here that ESFPs have a well developed sense for detecting and appreciating beauty and nature. They have brilliant aesthetics and sense of function and space. They are found living in aesthetically furnished homes. ESFPs are likely to have a lot of beautiful possessions provided the source to buy them. They enjoy beauty and art. They as sophisticated and appreciate the fine things in life. ESFPs are good team players. Working in a team, they generate a fun environment which is fuss and problem free and helps the task to be done in the best possible way.


ESFJs are those people who love others. They have developed a loving and warm interest in other people. They have a special desire to like other people and they bring out the best in others for which they posses a special skill. ESFJs are very good readers of others and are good at understanding other`s viewpoints. They have a firm desire to be liked by others. They turn out to be highly supportive of others. People feel comfortable to be around ESFJs, because they make others feel good about their own selves. For that, people love to be in the company of ESFJs.

Responsible And Dependable

ESFJs are those people who are found taking responsibilities quite seriously. They are dependable. They focus on minute details of life and value stability and security. They have an uncanny ability to see things before others and they get things done no matter what. They feel excited about such task and enjoy doing them.

Warm And Energetic

It is less likely possibility to find an ESFJ who is cold and clumsy. ESFJs are quite energetic and warm. They seek other people`s approval and this makes them feel good. They are unable to understand unkindness and indifference hurts them. ESFJs are such people who find their happiness in the smiles of others. Making others happy earns them personal satisfaction. They want others to like them the way they are. They have a sensitive heart for others. They are so much caring that when they face a bitter truth about a close person, they get deeply hurt.

Extraversion And Value System

ESFJs are extroverted people. They are found reading other people`s behavior and responses. They love to be liked by others. It is a fact that ESFJs change their behaviors in order to please the one whom they are currently accompanying. ESFJs hold a firm moral code, which is defined by the society. ESFJs posses a quality of selflessness and this is pure and genuine. They weigh their value system against the external system rather than the internal one.

Controlling Nature

ESFJs have a need in them that motivates them to control their surroundings. They feel uncomfortable with unstructured environment. They do not enjoy things that involve theoretical concepts, abstractions and impersonal analysis. They have a skill that helps them create structure and order. They should be very careful when they try to practice their controlling nature because some people do not prefer being controlled.

They have a sound belief in the rule of law. They always like to do things in a traditional and established way. They accept policies and stick to them. This sometimes makes them accept rules, policies and authorities blindly. It is commonly observed that female ESFJs are very feminine, similarly male ESFJs are quite masculine in nature.

ESFJs are sympathetic, warm, helpful, cooperative, down to earth, tasteful, practical, consistent, thorough, organized, energetic and enthusiastic. They enjoy the security and tradition. They want a life which is filled with family, friends and other contacts.


Such people are warm and enthusiastic. Mostly they have potential and are very bright. Most of the time ENFP get excited about many things and get passionate. ENFP has an abundance of enthusiasm which makes other people get inspired by an ENFP person. Such people motivate others, they love life and value it as a special gift and want to enjoy it.

ENFPs have a rich stock of talents and skills. There are a lot of things in which ENFPs are good at and they have an interest in the same. It is often seen in this category of people that they go through different careers and professional life experiences. You might think that ENFPs are directionless and wonder all their life but in reality, they are quite consistent. They have values which they hold to for the rest of their lives. They are in a quest all the time in which they strive to achieve inner peace. Excitement is an important part of their life, they are most intense people and posses evolved values.

It is really important for ENFPs to keep their focus when they are moving through any project. It can be really a problem for some people who are ENFPs. It is not usually a trait of a person who is extrovert, but ENFPs spend some time alone and make sure that they are progressing in the right direction. Being centered is a requirement for ENFPs to gain success in their life. ENFPs are mostly good with people`s skills. They are mostly warm people who want to know and socialize with other people. That is the reason relationships with other people are very important for ENFPs. They mostly make efforts to be liked by other people. They are blessed with an intuitive ability which enables them to know about other people even after a short encounter. With all this intuitive ability, it is also a fact that ENFPs make wrong judgements about other people.

It is no doubt a fun experience to have an ENFP parent, but at the same time, it is also tough to face the judging and sensing tendencies of such parents. Children of such people usually find their parents as difficult to understand and inconsistent. Kids face fluctuation in the roles that is played by such parents. They become friends at times, but at another time they become authoritative.

Basically ENFPs are happy in nature, they are not pleased to face deadlines and restricted schedules. They are able to put a lot of efforts on tasks where they are given flexible timings and schedule, and where they can work with ideas and other people. If an ENFP is excited about the work he or she is doing, they are productive and do not require much supervision. They are charming, risk takers, people oriented, ingenious and sensitive individuals. They are gifted with a lot of skills and talents. They have a broad range of capabilities which enable them to achieve great things in life.


This category of people has the more refined people skills than any other Myers Brigg personality type. They are fond of interacting with other people and are capable to take out the best in them. Their life focuses primarily on giving support and love to other people and making the time spent together as good as possible. They center their attention on encouraging, supporting and understanding other people. The best way for them to get personal satisfaction is through doing thing for others.

They are extraordinary when we talk about people skills. They have a born talent for making other people do what they have actually desired for themselves. They can easily get under your skin and make you do what you have actually desired from yourself. But this is important to note here that their motives are not selfish. But there are few cases who are found manipulating other people using their powerful tool of people skill. The main focus of ENFJ is external, so it becomes mandatory for them to spend some time with them alone. But this is a difficult task for ENFJs because their thoughts turn to the dark side when they are alone and they prefer filling their lives with people and interactive activities.

ENFJs are most of the time unaware of their own needs and have set their priorities in line with other people`s desires. But ENFJs should never neglect their own needs and priorities even when their personality type does not allow them to do so. They are also reserved type people who avoid exposing their thoughts and insights like other extroverted people. Their main interest is to assume the role of a catalyst in the "change" causing reaction that takes place in other people`s lives. They have strong and sound beliefs and opinions which they can express succinctly and clearly.

ENFJs have a lonely feeling even when they are standing in a crowd. People are crazy about ENFJs, this is because they are fun loving and understanding. They are honest but straightforward. Mostly they are energetic, bright, fast paced and full of potential. They like organized things and strive to maintain orderliness and structure. Jobs that require interpersonal skills are best suited for ENFJs. They are extremely brilliant in sales and marketing. They do not like to deal with facts and logic with no connection with an emotional element. They enjoy other people`s achievements less and their plans more. They get excited about the future plans.

ENFJs who have not devised a worthy place in life may become sensitive to any criticism on them. In general, such people are warm, charming, gracious, diverse and creative individuals. They are valued people, this is because of their extraordinary ability to see potential in other people and a strong desire to help them achieve what they want to achieve, which is a rare combination for sure. But they should not forget to give value to their own needs and priorities, in order to maintain their own self.


The primary interest of an ENTP is to understand and get to know the world they are living in. All the time they observe and absorb different images and ideas about different situations they get into. They have a sound intuitive ability which helps them process the information they have gathered. After ENFP, ENTP is the type of person who has the greater understanding of the surrounding environment. Their intuitive ability is a distinguishing feature in ENTPs. This is the reason they are able to understand things quickly and deeply. Their personality is also flexible and adaptable to a broad range of tasks and situations.

Decision Making Based On Logics And Facts

These are idea people and are able to see several possibilities almost everywhere. Enthusiasm is their trait and they are able to transfer this zeal into other people. They are in a strange habit of not finishing anything they have once started. Their decision making is quite rational and is driven by their introverted thinking pattern. They are more interesting in absorbing situational information, and their decisions are largely based on logic and facts. An ENTP who has a well developed personality, is inventive, visionary and enterprising.

ENTPs The Lawyer Types

They are eloquent speakers, mentally quick, good at communication and enjoy conversations. They are very much fond of debates and sometimes like to switch sides for the sake of debating. This type of personality is also regarded as the "lawyer" types. They have the lawyer like ability to understand and analyze a situation quickly and their reaction is logical. If their client has actually committed a crime, they will seek out a quirk in the law which will enable their client to get off the hook. The innocence or the guilt of the client is rendered irrelevant. Their logical capabilities to handle the situation and decisions making gives them purpose and strength, but at the same time it also ruins the emotional side of their personality.

Feeling and Sensing Arena Of The Personality

Their sensing and feeling area of the personality is the least developed portion. The neglection of the sensing side makes them not care about the little details in life and the feeling side when neglected makes them not value the opinions and inputs of other people. This is when ENTPs behave harshly with people and can become very aggressive. When ENTPs get stressed, they lose their intuitive powers and an obsession about minute details in life emerges in them. And at that point such minute details are of great importance to ENTPs.

ENTPs The Unbeatable Visionaries

They are unbeatable visionaries. They have a high value for knowledge and wisdom and spend a larger part of their lives in the struggle to gain a higher understanding. Difficulties, challenges and concepts to make them excited. They are quick in devising a creative solution and improvise when presented with a problem. They are clever, creative, theoretical and curious. They have a wide variety of possibilities.


Some people are born with leadership qualities. They make no effort yet they act and behave in a way which tends to lead and consequently people follow them willingly. They are the residents of the world where they want to surmount every challenge that stands in their way. They have an ability to quickly understand complex situations and take in a lot of impersonal information. Wherever they go, they are likely to take charge of the situation.

Such people are correctly called "the executives"as they have a natural tendency to fit in the corporate world. They have a habit of scanning their surrounding environment to find out problems which they can resolve. They are able to see a broader prospect of things, and are also able to devise a plan that suits to solve the problem being faced. They are highly successful in the world of business. They are industrious and work tirelessly. They are capable of visualizing the direction of the organization towards which it is heading.

ENTJs have no room for errors. They dislike mistakes especially when they are made repeatedly. ENTJs abhor inefficiency and they show no patience for it. Their response might become harsh when their patience is tested in this respect. This is because ENTJs do not possess a natural tendency to deal with emotions and feelings of other people. And they are not in the favor of tailoring decisions and judgments according to how others feel about it. They do not show patience to those people whose thinking pattern is in contrast to the ENTJs and they should work on it so that they start to value other`s opinions and inputs. In the absence of the efforts for developing a sensitive part, ENTJs become overbearing, forceful and intimidating.

ENTJs have a big amount of presence and personal power. This is quite useful in accomplishing tasks and achieving goals. But this power can be the cause of self aggrandizement and alienation, which should be avoided by ENTJs. They are very decisive and forceful individuals. They are quick in decision making and verbalize their decisions and opinions to the world within no time.

ENTJs are not tuned to the emotions and feelings of others, although they sometimes get sentimental streaks. But most of the time, ENTJs hide these emotional streaks in the veil of knowledge and consider them as a weakness. ENTJs are extrovert people and they are fond of interacting and meeting others. They are quite energized and primarily function externally. A challenging and lively conversations give them immense pleasure. They have a special respect for those people who stand up in conversation and argue to persuade. ENTJs are gifted personalities, with a lot of natural abilities and skills. They can be innovative, assertive, and they think for a long range. They are excellent in making strategies and plans based on theories and concepts. They are remarkably forceful personalities. They are well equipped by nature to accomplish any goal set forth. They are usually seen occupying top positions in organizations.