Challenges In Orthopedic Surgery Philosophy Essay

Orthopedic surgeons are well known for operating on people’s bones but most people would consider that all they do is fix broken bones. What they don’t know is how hard they work and all the different diseases they treat.

Orthopedic surgeons are surgeons who operate on bones and nerves there work is very hard and they have to be very precise in all their actions. "Orthopedic surgeons work 60-70 hours a week on average". (Opinions of orthopedic surgeons pg 3 line 2) Orthopedic surgeons do not only perform surgery but they also work in labs to find cures for different kind or diseases or bone tumors. According to Knowledge and opinions of orthopedic surgeons" a magazine "more orthopedic surgeons are needed nowadays" Orthopedic surgeons are also known for treating different kinds of diseases like Arthritis, Bursitis, Gout, Osteoporosis and brain tumors. Some of these diseases are life threatening and some are now but both are dangerous and orthopedic surgeons are responsible for treating these. The first disease is a disease that causes you to move slowly it usually happens to more elderly people. It is called Arthritis.          

When you see an old person on the street trying to cross the crossing section and you are wondering why they are going so slow; this is because of arthritis. "Arthritis is when the cartridge between your bones gets worn out and your bones begin to scrape on each other" (Us National Library of medicine pg 200 line 3) this can cause deformation to your bones. Some causes of arthritis are when you crack your knuckles or any other joint. When you hear the "pop" that is the movement of the cartridge between the joint. The scraping also causes your bones to begin and crack. "The symptoms for arthritis are swelling, severe joint pain and if there is a constant snapping"(US National library of medicine). There are two types of treatment for arthritis: Surgical and non surgical. Non surgical means just to rest whatever body part is aching and place ice on it and come to physical therapy. "If the case of arthritis is very serious it might need surgical treatment. Orthopedic surgeons will place arthoplasty"  paragraph#11 line#5. Arthoplasty is the replacement of a joint. So the surgeons will have to replace a whole new joint if this happens. Arthritis is not likely but it can happen to kids or young adults. "Some way to prevent getting arthritis at an early age are; taking in a sufficient amount of vitamin D and not cracking any of your joints." (US National Library Of Medicine) There is also another disease that happens if you are low on vitamin D it is a harsh disease called osteoporosis.

You might have not paid attention but do you know how strong your bones actually are? A normal human beings bone density is 1500 kg m-3 which is pretty strong every time you fall of your bike you don’t just break into pieces because your bones are protecting you. Well what if they weren’t what if they were weak and every time you slipped on water you broke your bones. This is what osteoporosis is. Don’t get confused of the big word it literally means when your bones get soft. Osteoporosis usually happens to old people or places with food scarcity. You might be wondering why so much bone diseases happen to old people, well it is because the vitamin D in their bodies are all used up and they have a scarcity. This causes there bones to be more vulnerable to diseases. "Osteoporosis causes your bones to be weak and very fragile. This also happened to third world nations" (US National library of medicine) (Which are places that live in poverty) also contain a lot of children that have osteoporosis. Another cause of osteoporosis is if you eat or drink a lot of unhealthy stuff for example like soda. Unlike other disease osteoporosis is a silent disease the only symptoms are if you begin to break you bones a lot but other than that there are not a lot of symptoms. Some ways orthopedic surgeons help cure this are by making them wear a brace on there specific bone. The other disease that we are going to talk about is one that limits your join movement. It can really be a big pain. It is called bursitis.

Imagine if every time you want to move your joints they either lock or slow down, well this is exactly what bursitis does to you. "The main places to get bursitis are in your shoulders, elbows , hips, knees, heel and your big toe"( U.S National Library of medicine)

Bursitis is usually not a very serious disease; it can usually be treated with a lot of rest and by placing ice on the injured area. "The ways that orthopedics treat it if it is serious is that they inject steroids to make it stronger" (US National magazine of medicine). Another way is by using an ultrasound and the last way is physical therapy. In this disease orthopedic surgeons are working very hard to find an easy cure for it but most orthopedics would suggest rest and ice. Bursitis is formed when a bursa is formed in one of your bones as you can see in figure 1-3. A bursa is a flat sac than contains a specific type of acid. The purpose of the bursa is to protect your joint but when the bursa is inflamed then it causes bursitis. Another disease that is almost like bursitis but instead of your bursa getting inflamed your tendons get inflamed.

Do you remember a time that you were caught up with a sport event whether it was soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming or anything else? Then you played so hard until your tendons began to hurt? Well this is a form of tendonitis. "Tendonitis is when you strain or pull a tendon" (Mayo Foundation for medical education and research tendontitis 1998-2010) although it is more venerable to old people it happens a lot to athletes who don’t worm up or stretch before performing physical activity. "Tendonitis is basically just the swelling of your tendon it is most common in the shoulder, elbows, wrists and heels" (Mayo foundation for medical education and research pg 45 line 3). Some symptoms of tendonitis are swelling, tenderness in the place you got hurt and pain. Most tendonitis usually forms from a previous injury. Orthopedic surgeons treat this disease by performing surgery in the imflamated area if it is serious. Most time tendonitis is not serious and all it needs and if you keep it protected and give it rest, ice compression and elevation then it can get better. Some ways to prevent this are by warming up before you begin an athletic activity or stretching this helps loosen out your tendons and when you are playing a sport don't overplay.

Gout... its really a funny word it kind of reminds me of a fish... well any ways the sound might be funny but the disease sure is not, unless you think having a severe form or arthritis attacks different parts of your body causing spasms is funny. Well basically gout is when uric acid in "your blood stream builds up it also happens if their is too much uric acid or to little uric acid either ways gout can still form" (US National library of medicine pg 53 line 3). Gout usually attacks your big toe. People get the gout by drinking to much alcohol of eating unhealthy so to prevent this you should not drink any alcohol and eat healthy. Some ways orthopedic surgeons treat this is by performing surgery if it is really serious if it is not, rest is recommended.

There is a disease that I think that I am going to get because of carrying my heavy backpack at school it is when your spine gets bent and deformed… it is called scoliosis. Scoliosis is the bending of the spine. Scoliosis is really easy to recognize when you see a person with a hunched back that is scoliosis. If you have realized scoliosis happens to older people instead of young people. Some symptoms of scoliosis are back aches. If you go see your orthopedic as soon as you think you get scoliosis it might not be serious but if you keep waiting until it is very sever than you might have to get spine surgery. What I mean by serious is if your spine is bent at a more than 40 degree angle than that is severe if it is between 20 and 40 degrees is moderate and if your back is less than 20 degrees that means you don’t have scoliosis. There are two different treatments if it is not serious then your orthopedic might give you a brace to wear in your sleep if the case of scoliosis is sever then you need immediate surgery or else bad stuff could happen.

Some orthopedic surgeons don’t just operate themselves; some of them actually help neurosurgeons in treating all different types of nervous diseases like brain tumors, nuerofibmotosis and many more but it this writing we will only talk about brain tumors and nuerofibmotosis.

Brain tumors are not a joke. This is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Brain tumors are what they sound like they are tumors in the brain. The thing that is serious is that the brain is one of the most serious parts in the human body. For example without a lung you could still be alive even nowadays there are artificial hearts that can keep you alive but if you lost your Brian then you don't have another choice you will die immediately. But some people would consider this brain death something that is it not. Brain tumors cause you to begin forgetting things. There are two forms of brain tumor cancerous and non cancerous. The problem with brain tumors is that they cannot be seen at their early stages so the neurosurgeons cannot begin to operate to remove the tumor. If a brain tumor is cancerous then it can cause death. Another problem with brain tumors is that nobody knows where brain tumors form from that is why the cant treats people who are most likely to get it because they don’t know who is going to get it. There are also different threats levels for brain tumors there are low and high threat level slow are no deadly but the high are indeed deadly. The only thing they do know about brain cancer is that is happens mostly to males 70 years of age and older and the race is mostly white people. Brain tumors are also genetic if one of your family members had a problem with their brain then you will have a higher risk than anybody also in getting a brain tumor also it comes to people who get a lot of head injuries in their lives.

Another nervous system disease is nuerofibmotosis which is a genetic disorder. Neurofibromatosis causes tumors to grow on nerves instead on any other place this can cause a lot of deformities to your skin and other body parts. Neurofibromatosis is a really dangerous disease because there is no cure for it. The only know treatment know to cure neurofibromatosis is to perform surgery and remove the tumor from the infected areas if they are really serious then surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The tumors can also affect feeling stuff and vision seeing stuff. The number one cause of this is cell mutation it is believed that 30%-50% is because of mutations. Once one gene is mutated then the rest of the generation will have this deadly disease.

As you can see orthopedic surgeons don’t just spend all their time fixing bones. They treat all different kinds of disease and they work extremely hard to make sure they have done there job to perfection. As you can see in my essay the diseases that orthopedic surgeons treat bone related diseases and help neurosurgeons treat nervous diseases like brain tumors and neurofibromatosis. And those are just two samples of what they do if I listed and talked about each one of the diseases that orthopedics treat it would look more like a novel other then an essay so this proves the point that I was trying to make this whole time in my essay that orthopedic surgeons do not just fix bones but they treat a wide variety of diseases form bone disease to helping neurosurgeons in treating nervous system related diseases.