Global Warming Is It Fact Or Fiction Philosophy Essay

Numerous studies have been conducted of various facets of global warming, focusing on is global warming fact or fiction? If indeed that it is determined to be fact, what are the main causes of global warming? Is it due to man? Or is it mother nature? Or is it both? There are a lot of scientist on both sides of the fence in this matter. Some say that global warming is a hoax and does not exist, others say that it does exist, but it is not the fault of man, and yet others say that it is both man and mother nature. However contradictory results happen because some researchers believe that just because some area’s have not seen a rise in temperature or that the rise only happens at certain time of the day this leads them to believe that global warming is fiction. Other researchers take in the whole earth and study the effects that are happening on a global scale, which is the right thing to do. One cannot merely look at one small portion of the earth and make a sound judgment based on that little area. We are going to look at both nature and man made problems to global warming. We are going to take a look at the following area’s which are the biggest contributors to this growing problem: The lose of our forests, the burning of fossil fuels, the release of methane gas into the air, and the cycles of earth such as volcanic eruptions, and sun spots. We will look at what we can do to stop and maybe turn around the effects of global warming.

First off to answer the question is global warming fact or fiction? The answer is that global warming is a fact. There is way too much data collected to dispute this argument. Consider that 13 of the hottest temperatures ever recorded has happened in the last 15 years. This is hard data, you can twist it or turn it, but the fact remains that it is hard evidence that points to a warming climate. (


One of the contributors to global warming is the fact that we as a people are destroying our forests. There are two types of forest, temperate like we have in the United States and tropical like you will find in South America. The problem with the temperate forest is we use the lumber and wood for too many modern connivances without thinking about the future. We cut the trees down for lumber to build, to make paper for writing on, typing on, to use in printers and copiers, we also use the paper for things such as toilet paper, paper towels, and numerous other products. We are so consumed with making life easier, faster, shiner, that we don’t stop to think what we are doing to our future and the future of our children. Another huge problem when it comes to temperate forest is the constant threat of forest fires. When the weather gets very hot, and there is a lack of moister in the ground a forest fire could happen just by the carelessness of someone throwing their cigarette out the window. Not only can it cause a forest fire, but it is also not a good habit, because it takes the filter from a cigarette a very long time to disincarnate, unlike natural products.

The main problem with us destroying the tropical forest is we are turning the land into grazing ranges for cattle to help keep up with the demand of beef. We have gotten so use to the idea of buying a hamburger for a dollar that we don’t even consider what is being down to our world as a result of bad policies when it comes to mother nature. With the threat of logging and making use of the land for farming we have no true idea of what will happen in the future if we do not stop this raping of our land. The trees help turn CO2 into oxygen for us a people to survive. With out the trees and green plant life we would soon run out of oxygen and died as a result. Not only would humans die, but the animals that we depend on for food and labor would also die. (Wright, Richard T. (2008).


One of the biggest problems I believe as I have study this subject is the burning of fossil fuels. We burn fossil fuels at an extraordinary rate to produce electricity to run our homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and much more. The primary source is coal, which when it is burned gives off CO2 emissions, and once it is burned up, you have ashes to discard which also pollutes the land. The biggest problem I feel is from burning fuel in our cars, gasoline, diesel, and other mixtures of fuel that is used for airplanes, helicopters, and ships. Think about all the massive vehicles that are in use at any one given time. People flying to visit family or go on vacation, people driving for the same reason, people going to work, school, to run errands, etc. Then there is all of the government vehicles in use such as the military, home land security, the FBI, the DEA, ect. That is an massive amount of fuel consumption every single day. An all the time the vehicles are running they are polluting our world. (

Another problem not talk about as much from my study of this subject is the release of methane gas into the air. The main why in which it is released is from mining operations such as for coal, drilling for oil; but a secondary cause is from the artic tundra, wet lands, and from animals as they decompose. There is not much we can do about the last part, but if we would find a cleaner source of energy we could help out a great deal, two fold, one not using fossil fuels or not as much, and two, but not needing coal and oil as much we would do less mining and drilling which would also cause a reduction in the amount of methane gas released into the air. (Houghton, John (1997).

The last thing to mention in this report is how the cycles that mother nature goes through helps in the production of global warming. The earth is made up of many layers and is thousands of years old. The earth rotates on its axis at the two poles, but it is not a perfect rotation, it wobbles a little as it rotates. Sometimes this causes sun spots to occur that get through the ozone layer causing weird weather affects such as el’nemo. The cycles have been known to cause severe flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe thunder storms. With all of the above comes the turning up of the land, which also causes methane gas to leak up out the ground and in the oceans. These systems also help cause forest fires by lighting striking a tree or some dried brush that is already lying on the ground. There is not much that we can do to prevent these events from occurring, but we help by making fire breaks along the forest to help prevent the fire from spreading to wide over an area. Other things that we can do is making man made lakes in area’s that do not have an immediate abundant supply of water, we would do this in order to help fight the fire once started. (Newton, David E. (1993).

One last thing to mention about mother nature is the fact that we also have volcanic eruption that release CO2 into the air and help pollute the air by the massive amount of soot and ash that is released. A volcanic eruption has the power of an atomic bomb, and is very deadly if one is close enough to blast itself. Just like the sun spots, there is not much we can do about what mother earth does, but by learning more of the warning signs, we can help minimize the effect that it has.

This is our planet and we need to take an active role in helping make sure that it will be here for not just our future, but the future of man-kind, such as our children, our grandchildren, and the children of the future.