Should Homosexuals Be Allowed To Marry Legally Philosophy Essay

I have been giving up on watching the news in Southern California, right now the biggest news is propation 8 which is all wrapped around gat marriage. With me being a very proud lesbian, I sit on the side of why not? And who is it bothering on who marries who. I really don’t understand why it bothers so many people. Marriage is a union between two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

I feel there are more important things to worry about such as teen pregnancy, children making it to the twelfth grade with only 51 credits way below the amount to graduate, or unemployment, and homelessness this list can go on for days. But instead of thinking about things like that, a lot of effort, money and time are being spent on whether or not homosexuals should marry.

Most of the arguments against gay marriage are drummed up to scare people, just like when whites wanted to marry blacks, there was such a big issue with that but in reality it didn’t bother nobody. If everyone minded their own business things would be a lot different. I like the one that says that if gay marriage passes they will have to teach gay marriage in school. I have done my own research on that every kid I know has not learned about marriage in school gay or straight. It’s something that has been made up and people believe it. I didn’t learn about it in school. Marriage or what is defined about marriage is taught at home.

Homosexuals being able to marry legally will not hurt or damage society or the world. We deserve the same rights and privileges as everyone else; we pay taxes, fight in wars, teach children and pay our dues to society. Instead of us being treated as the Americans we are we are treated worse than immigrants, or black sheep’s. How do people see that letting a man marry another man or a woman marry another woman is going to damage what people see as a normal marriage. Did you know that most homosexual relationships last for 5 years or more compared to straight couples? We live in the land of the free and home of the brave. I don’t feel like I am free but I think I have the brave part down packed. This is a way for right wing people who feel like they control the world to make it seem like anything that they might not feel is right is just not right.

Its completely unfair and a form of hatred. No one can give a real strong justified reason on why gays should not marry, we have children, families, jobs and live our lives the same way everyone else does one day at a time. Someone wanting to marry someone of the same sex is the same as someone only liking tall people to date, or red heads. But there is nothing wrong with that. I feel like no one can judge how you should live your life if it not hurting anyone or affecting the way anyone else chooses to live theirs.

A lot of people against same sex marriage are against it for religious reasons, but why is it okay for a straight man or woman to get a divorce or cheat on their mates. When statatics show that most heterosexual couples who marry only stay together for a couple of years the divorce rate is 40% which is probably higher by now. Most gay relationships last a lot longer than straight relationship. All an all it is a right for all to be with someone they love no matter their sex, race, religion or anything that may bother people.


I may not believe some of things I’m going to here but I’m going to show that I can be biases. Most people are against gay marriage because it undermines the true meaning of marriage, in 1996 there was an amendment added to the consituan stating that marriage is now defined as a union between a man and woman. In doing some of my research for this part of my paper I have found that the deepest fear of gays marrying is that marriage is an ancient institution that has always been defined as the union f one man and one woman. (Bismack Tribune.). The thought of it being changed in the scary. All of lives we have been showed or told on what is expected or respected in our society and homosexual marriage was not one of them. It is considered unnatural and not normal. What someone does in their life is their business until they make it everyone else’s, the critic and critisism that are attached. More effort is being put in to fighting it than to see what the true issue at hand is that marriage is not a right it is a way of life.


Now that I am back on the right side. Marriage is not a right; it is something that was created by government to make people have a social status. In reality we are not looking for gay marriage to pass we just want the same opportunities that everyone else has. There is suppose to be a separation between church and state but in all the arguments against gay marriage there is something being said about God and the Bible. But, no one can actually say that someone being gay is against the word of God. If we can work and fight wars, become stars and everything else we should also have the right to live the way we want to, that is the right of freedom. Freedom to be who we are, freedom to be a full fledge American with all the bells and whistles without someone standing in your way.

There isn’t much you can say on why gays should be able to marry it really is just what it is a want. I have made up my mind that I can’t get married legally to the woman I love in the land that I was born in, than I will go to Canada and do it. I think that’s what everyone else should do, why pay money to get married in a country that will not recognize it. It reality if homosexuals cannot be respected as human beings and provided the same things as everyone else. Than we shouldn’t have to do the things that everyone’s does. Letting homosexuals get married will not hurt anyone, it’s something we need to start our families like heterosexuals have started there. We are mother, fathers, daughters and sons. We cook your food to heal you when you’re sick.

Not letting someone marry someone that they love is just a form of hatred. Racism in a third degree. We have more things to worry about than homosexuals getting married. Time need to be focused on those things so much energy and hate poured into who someone wants to be with. One day everyone will see the light and trust everyone as an equal.