Sexualized Insults Used To Discipline Sociology Essay

Sexualized insult is a sexual expression, behaviour or statement which is considered offensive, impolite and degrading. Sexualized insults are used to discipline masculinity and femininity through insults directed at sexual orientation and sexuality. Men relative to women have hostile attitudes regarding gay men, and they usually use sexual insults to ridicule one another (Danielle and Gail 230). However, several men who use sexual insults feel strongly negative concerning homosexuality. Homosexuals are often viewed as violating gender character norms, resulting in condemnation by others. Sexualized insults often originate from a person’s sexual identity such as masculinity and femininity. Sexual identity characterize the awareness of self an individual establishes through their sexual lives relative to the culturally self-identification. The conceptualization of sexual identity entails four components that include; biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and gender ideologies. Gender ideologies are the cultural expectation for feminine and masculine behaviours based on biological sex (Jacqueline 45).

Sexualized insults for masculinity conversations and discipline include terms such as gay or fag. These are acceptable as insults when their intention show negative and unacceptable traits. The sexualized insults, for instance, suggest that homosexuality is inherently negative. No matter what individuals intend through the usage of fag or gay, the final effect creates a world where homosexual boys and men are barraged with the regular messages that their identities are considered shameful and negative. The sexual insults create a situation involving; bigotry, hatred, ridicule, and intolerance. However, the unexplored reality is that non-literal use of insults such as fag and gay does not simply imply negative insults. It has specific and clear connotations. The consistent connotation is that whoever described is pathetic, cowardly, weak, malleable, frivolous or feminine. These sexualized insults draw a conclusion that connotations such weakness, passivity, cowardice, frivolity and artifice are considered as feminine characteristics (Danielle and Gail 230).

The common sexualized and discipline insults levied against men include fag, bitch, sissy, wimp, bastard and son of a bitch. Men are insulted by equating them to women, invalidating their masculinity, describing them as feminine or insulting the ladies close to them. This leads to conclusions that gender is the vital issue in sexualized insults. As a result, this suggests that a person’s dignity is quantified in their adherence to consigned sex. However, the common insults towards women lack the comparable, inverted pattern. Instead, the sexualized insults towards women include bitch, slut, cunt, whore or cow. Women are often sexually insulted by either downgrading them to sexual portions of their bodies, or through suggestion that they are undesirable or impure as women. The sexualized insults also show that women are not living up to women’s roles such as chaste, attractive, and passive and endlessly attending to men’s needs (Rudmann 169).

How do these insults differ with respect to different genders, and why?

The sexualized insults differ with respect to different genders. This often suggests that a person’s dignity is quantified in their adherence to consigned sex. The common sexualized insults levied against men include fag, bitch, sissy, wimp, bastard and son of a bitch. Insults that entail homosexuality are perceived by men as the nastiest type of insult. According to Jacqueline, homosexual insults are usually used in expressing sexual prejudice designating targets as outcasts (55). This is attributed to their relationship to gender role failure. As a result, sexual insults play a vital role in bullying and victimization of gays and heterosexual males. Female sexual insults place all ladies at risk of being placed outside of the female peer group and as a result, receive an outcast identity. The outcast identity to ladies may be illustrated using the faggot spectre. The faggot spectre occupies the figurative space outside the limits of femininity and serves in shaping and disciplining adolescent ladies. The faggot in men refers to men who are not only gay but removed from their masculinity. As a result, they are left defenceless amidst a world of powerful men who can dominate them. Men usually painstaking strive in avoiding this identity by transferring it to other people through sexual insults.

According to Danielle and Gail, men are more vulnerable to sexualized insults as compared to their women counterparts (221). As a result, the men have an increased need for defence against threats from sexualized insults. The sexualized insults differ with respect to different genders because femininity in men is often considered sexually unfavourable by both liberal and conservative heterosexual women. On the other hand, masculinity among men is regarded sexually desirable. Some sexual insults to men are interpreted as a response to culturally created pressures placed on men through gender ideologies. Consequently, this demonstrates masculinity with the goal of being sexually attractive to heterosexual women. In competing with other men, men should evoke as several masculine qualities in order to realize sexual ends (Rudmann 159).

Sexualized insults also differ with respect to men and women. Men often oversubscribe to masculine characters with the goal of proving their manhood (Rebecca 172). A male dominated society is the chief cause of sexualized insults directed towards women. In the society where insults against women are subtle and direct, women are forced to conform to their gendered roles. Men often consider themselves superior and they use the freedom to insult women. Sexualized insults affect women in some diverse ways. For instance, sexualized insults against women are usually extension of violence. The insults are often exploitative and discriminatory in the atmosphere of reprisal, threat and terror. Sexual insult of women is all about articulation of male authority over women. The sexual insults remind women about their subjugated status and vulnerability (Burn 8).

Rudmann notes that women are potential victims of sexual insults from men, and this often controls their movements (174). He further describes how sexual insults from men to girls control the girls’ behaviour. The ladies can deny their sexually availability and reject insults such as slag, slapper, slut, bitch or cow. However, they do not often reject the right of individuals to judge their reputations. The sexualized insults differ with respect to masculinity and feminism. Traditionally, masculine behaviours were regarded as the norm while feminine behaviours were regarded as a variation that required explanation (Burn 5). Men’s aggression, violence and sexuality are used in dominating women and other men. As a result, men learn not to display emotion and weakness due to sexualized insults. In conclusion, using sexual insults against women such as slag signify disapproval of female sexuality. However, male sexuality is often celebrated as a manner that demonstrates manhood. The supposed relationship between homosexuality and femininity is often used by men in insulting women and homosexual men. Accordingly, sexualized insults are effective when their intentions show negative and unacceptable traits (Danielle and Gail 232).