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A lot of questions that we're asked about our service are really common, as such we've created this page to answer a lot of these common questions. Please look down the list below to find the question that you want answering. Once you have found the question, click it and the answer will be revealed. If you have any questions that aren't answered then get in touch.

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You submit your order to us by simply going to our order page, completing the order form and making your payment. We then contact our researchers and assign your work appropriately. This process usually takes less than one working day, but we endeavour to be quicker for more urgent orders (we have a three hour service for really urgent cases!). Very rarely, it may take slightly longer to find an expert. Once we have found an expert we will inform you, and the time for the delivery of your essay then begins to run. Please keep this in mind when ordering. You are then sent your completed essay, before midnight, on the delivery date.
We must put your question to our experts first. We can't always guarantee that we can do all essays/dissertations, but we do undertake the vast majority of projects - even those that are particularly difficult or from unusual subject areas. If we cannot find a researcher after three working days of trying, we will e-mail you to let you know and refund any payments you have made to us. You are welcome to telephone our dedicated customer support team to check on the progress of your order at any time.

General Enquiries: +357 22767633 - Mon - Thur 9am-5:30pm and Fri 9am-2:30pm (Cyprus Time)

Discuss your order: +357 22007715 - Mon - Fri 9am-7pm and Sat 10:00am-6pm (UK Time)

You must use our work for honest research purposes only - it cannot be handed in as your own. If in doubt you should consult your institution's guidelines on how to go about using a piece of copyrighted work to help you. For further information on how to use our service please view our fair use policy.
All work is undertaken by qualified, experienced English writers and is checked by our Quality Control Team to ensure that it meets our standards and your instructions. As a safeguard, however, you also have a complete satisfaction guarantee - if your work does not meet our promises or your specific instructions we will amend it for you free of charge, as long as you tell us within 7 days. Moreover, all of our writers have a 2:1 degree or higher - and most are post graduates with professional experience. If you would like a writer with a particular level of qualification, please let us know when you order. All have provided us with proof of their academic credentials, identity, and writing skills. To ensure ongoing quality standards, we monitor all researchers to ensure that they continue to produce the level of work that we expect.
You may specify any number of variables: from obvious requests such as specifying the exact title to be answered, the referencing style to be used, the standard and word count for your order, to requests on style, exact structure and specific sources you would like our researchers to utilise. Please see our order form for more details.
Uni Assignment Centre is contactable by phone

General Enquiries: (00) 357 22768633 - Mon - Thur 9am-5:30pm and Fri 9am-2:30pm (Cyprus Time) or email (

Discuss your order: +357 22007715 - Mon - Fri 9am-7pm and Sat 10:00am-6pm (UK Time)

As the true innovators of the essays market in Cyprus, Uni Assignment Centre is the first to implement the service you see before you. We continue to refine our product to give you more than any other service. With our service, you can be truly confident that you will always be in safe hands.
In addition to the above, we promise you that we will never publish your work or place it in an essay bank. Many of our competitors cannot truthfully say the same. Other services have tried to copy our guarantees, but we relish the competition because we can confidently say we act on every single one. Our guarantees are not just empty promises -- they are part of our terms and conditions, and we are liable to ensure they are upheld under UK law.

Our guarantees are not just empty promises -- they are part of our terms and conditions, and are designed to ensure – that you can be confident you are in safe hands. Place your confidence in us today by entrusting us to write you a 100% original answer to your assignment.
Anything and everything that you can study - at university, college, school or at any other learning institution. We are constantly recruiting for academic talent, which means our pool of researchers is growing every day - and with it the different subjects we can tackle. We can confidently say that there are practically no subject areas that we know of, that we have not helped students with in the past.
Yes, we can write these just like we would write a complete order.
We do offer a marking service - we can proofread (only), or proofread, critique and mark your work. We cannot encourage students to hand in work that is not fully their own.
We currently are not able to offer this service. Due to the copyright rules of the Company, we believe that handing in a piece of work that is both ours and yours would be plagiarism.
Put simply, yes! The service that we provide is a legitimate research service, that offers wholly custom written work to help students with their studies. You are simply buying a piece of copyrighted material from the authorities - it's just like buying a book - except you decide what's written! Unlike some fringe essay providers we will not advocate or support cheating or plagiarism.
Yes. We fully respect your integrity and all details will be kept wholly confidential throughout the process.
No - all work is fully custom written, is scanned using our confidential in-house plagiarism software, and is not resold to any other customer -- even if they submit the same question on the same day as you.
No, we do not send our work out to any external database - universities or otherwise. We do not, and will not, use Turnitin.
We guarantee 3 aspects of our service.
Please refer to our guarantees page for full details of these.
We guarantee that your work will be completed on time or you will get your money back. Better still - we will still deliver your essay to you.
You agree that if we can prove to you that the work was completed on time, that the money back guarantee does not apply. Unavoidable technical errors may prevent you receiving your work or opening it properly - these circumstances are therefore outside of our control and guarantees. However, we promise that if we cannot prove that the work was completed on time you'll get a full refund and the essay for free - if you ever don't get your work on time just try us at 9am the next morning after you should have received your work - genuine technical problems are easily remediable.
Our in-house Q. C. team. It is then up to you to verify the standard and contact us within 7 days if you are not happy.
Then simply contact us within 7 days (not including Sundays) of receiving it, and tell us why - if we agree (which we most often will as we want you to be happy!) then we will amend it for you free of charge. Full instructions of who to contact are included in the messages sent to you with your work.
If you are not satisfied that we have met our promises for whatever reason, you can return to us within the 7 days amendments period and ask for your work to be changed, without any charge. In practice, if you're unhappy but the 7 days allowed for amendments requests has passed, we'll usually want to help you anyway.
You must assure us that you will use our work as an educational research tool only. The work remains our copyright and is not yours to hand in. It is there to inspire your final piece. If we believe any other motive exists for purchasing our work then we will not supply you.
Of course not! All work is our copyright, so cannot be handed in as your own. Not only would this be cheating but it would be a breach of the copyright of our work. Legally, if we wanted, we could sell you the copyright on the work too - but that would of course be encouraging cheating, and that's the opposite of what we aim to achieve. We advocate the supply of our experts' knowledge and experience to students.  We believe that a student with a guideline on how to answer any work is likely to understand the question and topic more than one without. This, we believe, can only improve educational standards.
This is something that you must make your own mind up about by looking at the guidelines of your university in particular. Bear in mind that the work is not going to be published for anyone to check or see. Again, we cannot accept responsibility for your decision to either cite us or not cite us.
Plagiarism is always difficult to detect. Like any educational tool our essay writing service is of course open to abuse and it is up to you to be honest and assure us that you won't pass the work off as your own, by handing in some, or all of it. The threat of plagiarism occurring has never stopped anyone from writing a book, an article, lecture notes or publishing an educational website, and we won't allow it to stop our service and the provision of our services to the honest majority.
We offer no advice on such queries, as all universities maintain different regulations. It is for you to satisfy yourself as to your own institutions rules and if and how you can use our services.  We would suggest that in the absence of any specific guidelines, the work will be used legitimately if you use it in exactly the same way that you would use a book or journal that you found on the same topic.
You cannot hand in our work to your supervisor under the impression it is yours -- to do so is passing off our work as your own and is a breach of copyright as well as cheating. We do however allow you to show third parties if you assure them that the work that you are showing them is ours, and we will take their feedback into consideration.
You simply submit your essay to us via our online order form and make your payment. We then contact all researchers who are qualified and experienced in your subject area and assign your work appropriately. This usually takes a couple of hours at most, and is quicker for urgent orders. We will then contact you to let you know that a researcher has been assigned and work has begun.
9 out of 10 times yes, but there is of course the rare occasion when we cannot take on your order - we will email you if we have not found a researcher after 3 working days. You are always welcome to call us to check the progress of your order. If we cannot proceed with your order then we will provide you with a full refund.
Like all orders for goods and services payment must be taken before the order is begun. You will be asked to make your payment once you have completed our order form. In some cases, such as particularly complicated work or subjects, we may not ask for payment until we have found you a suitable researcher. This will be indicated at the point of ordering. Payments can be taken through a deposit into our bank account, or through our website using all major credit cards and debit cards. We regret that we can no longer accept payment after delivery due to situations where our work has been received and then payment has not been made.
All payments to us go through either PayPal or JCC.
If your work is late you will get it for free. Accordingly, we are not in the habit of sending out work late to our customers!
Don't forget that we are a legitimate company with a Cyprus trading address and a Cyprus landline number. As well as being registered as a Cyprus company (registration no.HE285267) you are protected under Cyprus consumer law. Unlike other companies that comprise of simply a website and an e-mail address, we have real people to speak to at a verifiable Cyprus location. We are dedicated to our clients and strive to provide first class customer service at all times.
When you place your order, it creates an online account to manage the order. You can log in to your online account by clicking the 'My Account' button in the top right hand corner of the website. Once the work is ready you can download it from this online control panel.
The order should be with you by 11pm on the day you requested
General Enquiries: +357 22767633 - Mon - Thur 9am-5:30pm and Fri 9am-2:30pm (Cyprus Time) or email (
Discuss your order: +357 22007715 - Mon - Fri 9am-7pm and Sat 10:00am-6pm (UK Time)
Mon - Thur 9am-5:30pm and Fri 9am-2:30pm (Cyprus Office)
Mon-Fri 9am-9pm and Sat and Sun 10am-6pm, including all Bank Holidays, even on Christmas Day. (UK Office)
Our customer service email address is:
Please use: Uni Assignment Centre, Charalambous Tower, 32 Stasikratous Street, Flat M2, 1065 Nicosia. This will reach our customer service team.