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Your academic career is the foundation for your future career success. And we all know that we can't afford to make a mistake by rushing an essay the night before it is due by copying and pasting someone else's work off the Internet. This is plagiarism. It can also mean a fail and might even get you a one-way ticket out of your university. Plagiarism is just not worth it. Even if you justifiably copy something and forget to attribute the source, your professor could still deem it plagiarism. And now, universities are using technology to scan your essays, dissertations, and coursework to uncover any cheats. So be careful!

Well, the good news is that you can actually use technology yourself to make sure everything you did is original. There are all types of plagiarism software available online to check your work. However, many of these - especially the free ones - only offer a very superficial examination of your essay, report, or dissertation. What you need is powerful, proprietary software that employs powerful analytics to go deep with its comparison of existing work on the Internet and uncover any potential phrases, sentences, or sections that were lifted from another source and not attributed. This would give you peace of mind when you turn in your work, knowing that everything you did was original.

We have the technology for you! And, it's free. are partnering with to provide you with access to Viper, an awesome plagiarism checking webste. Completely free! Viper offers the following:

  • It scans over 10 billion resources.
  • It is user-friendly with a step-by-step process that walks you through no matter how technologically inept you may feel.
  • It clearly highlights where there might be a problem with plagiarism and includes a side-by-side comparison so you know just where the copied text came from.
  • It will scan against essays you have stored on your computer as well as those essays that have been published on the Internet.
  • It claims to be 100% accurate and has been tested repeatedly to prove that!

Free Online Plagiarism Checker

But by far the biggest benefit is that it is free.

It outweighs the other pricey scanning software firms like WriteCheck (a.k.a. TurnItIn): just look at the comparisons below:

  • Both scan over 10 billion resources.
  • Viper can scan an unlimited document length; the competition cannot.
  • Viper allows unlimited resubmitting to make sure the changes you make after catching the plagiarism will suffice; the competition denies you this ability.
  • Viper offers super easy comparison by using a side-by-side perspective; the competition is not so user friendly.
  • Viper connects you to the plagiarized content by providing you with links; the competition makes you search yourself.

The Viper team consists of a dedicated group of techies that are committed to constant improvements and tweaking so that something as useful as free plagiarism software only gets better and better. They are working hard to provide even more sources and useful features to keep your academic career safe.

Get started now by visiting the Viper Plagiarism Checker website! Good luck with your studies!

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