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How to properly make use of our services

When placing a custom writing order it would be all to easy to simply submit it directly to your university. However, we recommend that you take the work we provide and use it to produce your own original work. This ensures that you learn the content of your assignment and succeed not only in your coursework but also your final examinations. This fair use policy applies to all of our services.

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The Ethics of Our Services

Although it may be tempting to hand in work you have purchased from Uniassignment, this isn’t how our service should be used. The best way to use our products is to take the model answer you have purchased and use the knowledge you gain from the model answer to create your own, more informed, work.

At Uniassignment we’re passionate about education! We hope you get the most out of our services, as well as your university education. However, we cannot allow any sort of plagiarism of the work we provide, as it would be a disservice to you and all our customers. It may also prevent you from picking up the knowledge you may need when it comes to exams.

Guidance - What does our fair use policy mean to you?

How should I use the work?

When you receive your order from us:

  • Read through the work we have provided so that you gain a better understanding of the question and information you should include.
  • Try to develop your own opinion and insights into the subject area and question.
  • Look up any sources or materials your writer has used. Using this information, can you find more sources for your work?
  • Use the model answer as a guide – it may help with how to structure your essay, or give you a good idea of how much weight to place in each section.
  • Make sure your final work is completely original and was created based on your own ideas and opinions.

This may sound like a lot more work than just handing the work in directly, but it means that you’ll know your subject area inside-out and will be well prepared for your examinations.

Will I get caught if I hand in the work?

Everything we produce is completely original and written to your exact instructions. Our work will never be uploaded to the web – meaning that nothing we create will end up being flagged by plagiarism scanners. This also means that if you were to hand your work directly into a university then there is no way they could know that you have used our services.

Remember though, your tutor could recognise the fact that your style of writing may have changed between pieces of work, or that you have used sources which you wouldn’t have access to or the required subject knowledge to find. Finally your tutor may even ask you to explain your work back to them, which would prove difficult if you were to just hand the work in directly.

Handing in work we’ve produced without changing it is plagiarism, simply because you are trying to ‘pass off somebody else’s work as your own’. Even if you rearrange certain sentences and paragraphs – this would still count as plagiarism according to the definition and university guidelines. If you comply with this fair use policy and use the service as intended you’ll get so much more out of our service; you’ll improve your grade, write a great essay and feel a sense of satisfaction for having done a good job.

So why would I buy a model answer?

Many students spend a huge amount of time sorting through massive amounts of research material, course notes or even official university documentation. Much of this effort is wasted as there is always the chance that material you are reading may or may not contain relevant information. It can be difficult to work out which parts of a source you want to reference, and working quotes into an essay can also be tricky as researcher material can be presented in a different style to an academic essay. While many tutors will sometimes give valuable advice on essay writing, many will not provide past work for their students to learn from.

We know that one of the best ways of learning is through looking at examples, and practically all of our knowledge is acquired this way. This is why we think that our custom, model answers are the most powerful research tools available to students worldwide. Our model answers provide concise analysis, deep levels of research, as well as opinions that you are free to agree, or disagree with! We hope that at the very least our model answers will help students think of a different point of view when tackling their work.

If you have any further questions about our fair use policy, or terms and conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly Customer Experience team.