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Fact: Academic Proofreading And Editing Services Will Improve Your Grade

No matter how many times you double check your work, it’s always best to have a fresh pair of eyes to look at it. You could take a gamble by asking a friend to help, or you could take the sensible, reliable option and enlist the help of a professional writer. Our academic proofreading and editing services are performed by qualified proofreaders to make sure every word of your assignment is error-free, from your opening sentence to your conclusion.

How Can UniAssignment Help?

Have you started an assignment but are struggling to finish it? Do you have brilliant ideas but are struggling to organise them into concise and fluent paragraphs? Our academic proofreading and editing services will help improve your essays and assignments. That way, you achieve the grade you need and make sure your work is of the highest quality.
Whether your work requires a simple proofread or a major rewrite, we are able to help. Ivory Research employs a large team of professional writers with specialists in all disciplines, so you can be guaranteed that your writer will have the required expertise to help you achieve the grade.
Whether it’s a short essay or a full dissertation, our writers will also take the time to carefully read your work in order to ensure that any additions they make match your writing style and fit in seamlessly with the rest of your work.

What Do Our Academic Proofreading and Editing Services Include?

On the order form, you will be able to select from the following options:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, organisation and flow of work
  • Address your tutor’s comments
  • Add additional words/chapters to your work
  • Improve the standard of your work

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